Welcome to Orlando Music Institute, a classical-based music school that serves the children & youth of Central Florida and beyond.
The guitar program at Orlando Music Institute is tailored towards children and youth interested in learning how to play and perform with a guitar. The piano program at Orlando Music Institute prepares children and youth for a life of music. Paying for a Formal Music EducationPaying for a Formal Music Education isn't always easy to do. Providing Music Education in Orlando (Baldwin Park), Winter Park, Windermere, Winter Garden, Lake Nona, and Celebration, Florida. After graduating from Iona High School, Huntley started to play keyboard in various hotel bands and piano bars in Jamaica. Huntley's music ministry has taken him all over the world, with TV, radio, and concert appearances in Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, China, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Grenada, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Palestine, South Korea, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, St. In the United States, he has performed from coast to coast with ministry opportunities at churches of every size and denomination from the Crystal Cathedral to Living Word Christian Center to Willow Creek Community Church to Big Rock Baptist Church. In the past few years, God has opened the door for Huntley to add a new facet to his ministry, teaching and offering seminars on music and worship.
Huntley's electrifying playing earned him the Top Caribbean Gospel Instrumentalist Award for 2005 and 2006. Huntley's other interests include basketball (as he likes to say, "I can't shoot, but I can dunk!") and Hapkido, one of the martial arts in which he holds a black belt. Whether you're a prospective student, current student, alumnus, donor, or friend of RTS, we would love to hear from you.
Our guitar program will challenge your child to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the guitar and all its capabilities. Piano is one of the best instruments to learn as it develops a foundation for anyone who has musical interest.

Many of our students take lead roles in musical theater productions, and are well-prepared for auditions. His parents, Myrtle and Alpheus Brown, taught him what it means to be a Christian, and at an early age he accepted Christ. It was great money for a teenager, and he tried to justify being a Christian while playing in the clubs, but he couldn't--the atmosphere of the clubs and his Christian ideals didn't match up. Huntley was the artist in residence for the Total Living Network in Chicago with hosts Jerry & Shirley Rose for many years. He often travels with the international school of evangelism team of the Graham Association, for whom he lectured and performed at the Amsterdam 2000 world conference on evangelism. In 2009 he was appointed musical ambassador for CTS TV Station in Seoul, Korea, and in 2010 he was inducted into the Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame and is the youngest person to be inducted into the hall of fame.
He was ordained in 2007 by the Evangelical Church Alliance International and now serves on the board. Many times he uses his martial arts skills to demonstrate spiritual truths to high school students. Our piano program prepares your child to appreciate the arts, performances and competitions, and college. Our vocal students receive the necessary training to sing and perform in all types of situations and scenarios. Huntley was also a lecturer and performer at the First International Gospel Music Festival in Italy. Huntley is currently chairman of the board of Covenant Christian School in Aurora Ill., and also serves as the girls basketball team coach.
People are not only impressed with his incredible technique; they are touched by his deep love for Jesus. This is a ministry based on prayer, and Huntley realizes that to be effective as a musical ambassador for Christ, his spiritual life is more significant than his keyboard skills.

His father, who played the accordion and a little piano, gave Huntley some basic instructions, and he also received instruction from Paul Tucker, a family friend. This decision led him to the United States, where he enrolled at Judson University in Elgin, Illinois. He is now the pianist for Ruth Graham and Friends Ministries and also ministers with the Franklin Graham team. He also regularly returns to his undergraduate alma mater Judson University where he serves as a guest lecturer in the Worship Arts program. As one friend has said, "Huntley plays as if God is whispering in his ears." Huntley's ministry extends from churches to auditoriums to colleges to opera houses to gang-infested urban high schools--where, in one case, a student body was allowed to assemble, under police guard, for the first time in four years to hear Huntley, and responded with rapt attention and wild appreciation, including a deafening, heart-rending standing ovation.
Just as he has to practice piano every day, he has to spend time daily in the Word and in prayer. Here he offers his insights and experiences to students who will someday soon be leading the Body of Christ in worship all around the world. He then went on to Northern Illinois University, where he earned a master's degree in piano performance and pedagogy. So proud of Huntley is Judson University that its alumni association named him Alumnus of the Year in 2003. His continual prayer is that the glory of God will shine through the notes, and the Holy Spirit will send the music straight to the heart, drawing people to the abundance of life in Christ.
While at NIU, Huntley met the lovely Annette Chestnut, a fellow Caribbean student from Barbados, and following graduation, he and Annette were married. They now reside in Aurora, Illinois (just outside of Chicago), along with their four daughters, Natalie, Natasha, Nicole and Nadia.

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