With a grandfather who played 1st violin in the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, a mother who taught classes of music and rhythm appreciation to children and a father who played tenor guitar for the award-winning Canadian folk band The Couriers, Josh’s love of music comes from deep within his roots. Paul has been part of the Canadian folk music scene for over thirty years.  He has produced over 130 albums working with artists like Stan Rogers, Sharon, Lois and Bram, Ron Hynes and, of course, Sarah Burnell!  He is a founding partner of Borealis Records and operates his own recording studio, “The Millstream”. D’Arcy performs on a wide variety of percussion instruments, and enjoys playing in all genres of musical expression. A native of Ottawa, Ontario, Greg first played with Sarah in the Ottawa Junior Youth Orchestra!  They met up again at Canterbury High School, in its prestigious strings programme, years later! Jim is well known around the Ottawa Valley, where he performs with several fiddlers and ensembles.  He is very involved in the traditional music scene, and is on the executive of both the Ottawa Traditional Fiddle and Folk Art Society, and the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Association. Neil brings to the band the authentic Cape Breton touch since he was born and raised in Margaree Forks!
Curtis has been experimenting on the six-string since the age of ten, when he saw his dad pick out Neil Young in the living room. Sarah has enjoyed introducing Greg to the celtic repertoire, and they have been delving into the traditional role of the cello as the partner of celtic fiddle.  Greg has studied cello since the age of 7, and is currently studying with Kirk Starkey.
Starting out playing celtic tunes at the Halifax Farmers’ Market on saturday mornings, she has since become involved in performing with orchestras, operas, musicals, pop groups, choirs and in other varied projects both at home in Halifax and in Montreal. Now on the cusp of graduating from the music program at Carleton University, he has enjoyed a steadily rising profile as an enthusiastic teacher, original composer, and reliable accompanist. Years later Josh took the advice of his grade 10 music teacher and switched to bass…and hasn’t put it down since!
In his other musical life, Greg is exploring contemporary composition and electronic music.

In his professional life, Jim is a distinguished geophysicist, travelling around Canada and the world on behalf of the Geological Survey of Canada.   His experiences in far-flung corners of the planet make for interesting dinner conversations and exciting bar demonstrations! She is currently a music student at McGill with Sarah and Greg, studying classical harp with Jennifer Swartz. There are also highland pipers in the family…but we won’t hold that against him!
Besides strumming for the SBB and teaching budding musicians, he is currently finishing a five-song cycle dedicated to the memory of Glenn Gould. She has also studied with Karen Rokos, Elizabeth Jane Baldry, and Cheryl Reid-O’Hagan.
Neil’s earliest musical memory was hearing his sister play a busted-up antique pump organ, which he eventually learned to play too. While recently kept busy practicing pedal harp at McGill, she is very happy to have the chance to finally play her celtic harp again with Sarah and the band!
Since then Josh has gone on to play in numerous different bands over the last number years, covering a wide variety of genres and styles. University after high school was a huge experience and opened his musical perspective to a wide range of styles.

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