About UsGitaloha Music is a music school, delivering all kinds of guitars and ukuleles services to our customers. In addition to upholding traditional techniques the school offers creative programmes designed to teach children and adults to appreciate and to learn music in a happy and fun way. We believe that children are born with music in the souls, with rhythm and melody in their natural enthusiasm.
We run our music studio more as an extended family, a family of music lovers who wish to share and spread their skills and we hope that you and you children will be able to join us.

It is played by slapping the front face with your hand and it’s perfect for unplugged sessions because it could substitute a whole drumset. Allegro Music is a professional music studio, located in Ampang Point which is committed to teaching quality music to students of all ages from toddler groups to individual adults. With caring attention and professional guidance this natural potential can be developed to each child's advantage. We would be delighted to answer any questions that you might have and please feel free to email us, give us a call or drop in and see us at Ampang Point.

It is this that Allegro Music provides in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where children can feel free to enjoy and express themselves reaping the many benefits that an early introduction to music can bring.

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