After purchase, you can download your MP3 from your Sheet Music Plus Digital Library - no software installation is necessary! After purchase, you can download your Smart Music from your Sheet Music Plus Digital Library - no software installation is necessary! Make a wish list for gifts, suggest standard repertoire, let students know which books to buy, boast about pieces you've mastered: Music Lists are as unique as the musician! Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP Video Tutorials Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP Video TutorialsSoftware Tutorial covering Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and more. RuneScape Typer Automated Text Typing in RuneScape or in any other Application can now be done easily. We do not use or store email addresses from this form for any other purpose than sending your share email. Yes whether you are using Windows, Macintosh or even a Linux based Computer, you can design your own Runescape Typer and auto type text you want. This post provides three different application, one for each Operating System including Windows, Mac and Linux variant like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.
The Software Utilities presented here are really configurable and provide a generic purpose of automating text typing. Once you download your digital sheet music, you can view and print it at home, school, or anywhere you want to make music, and you dona€™t have to be connected to the internet. The word Automation is often used to describe repetitive tasks done by software utilities or bot.
Feel free to recommend similar pieces if you liked this piece, or alternatives if you didn't. In order to play Runescape you can either play it using a java based web application or download Runescape on your windows computer and play it as and when you want.
Either way you play Runescape or any other game which requires you to type in text message multiple times, you can take the help of a Windows Automation Software. Avoid disclosing contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), or including URLs, time-sensitive material or alternative ordering information.
The Auto Talker for Windows can be used as a simple, configurable and easy to use Runescape Typer. Runescape requires you to press the Enter Key on keyboard in order to type in text messages to be visible with your character in Runescape.
All submitted reviews become the licensed property of Sheet Music Plus and are subject to all laws pertaining thereto.
In case the game or application you are using does not requires requires you to press the Enter Key before typing the text message, you can uncheck the checkbox and the Enter Key will be pressed only as and when configured.
If you believe that any review contained on our site infringes upon your copyright, please email us. Software Application to Auto Type text messages in Runescape is also available for download. The above screenshot displays the default settings of a text message configured in the Runescape typer and works with a configurable keyboard shortcut, configurable delay and configurable order of text messages to be auto typed onto the Runescape Message list. Runescape plays as an applet in any browser on Linux based Operating System like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.
The Application presented here can be used as a Runescape Typer to automatically type text onto the active window and even do mouse clicking. Yes the Linux Automation Application presented here can be a really powerful Runescape Typer and Mouse Clicker depending on how you configure it.
Screenshots of the software application are presented in this post captured on Windows 7 and a Video Tutorial is also presented in this Post. The Video Tutorial Displays how to quickly setup the Auto Talker and then use it whenever you want.
You can use this Auto Talker wherever you need to type in specified text multiple times and save yourself the efforts. Configurable Keyboard Shortcut in this Auto Talker allows you to start and stop automatic text typing.
You can even configure the Auto Talker Bot to stop typing automatically after pre-defined number of times.Auto Talker for WindowsThe above screenshot displays the main screen of the Auto Talker. There is another screen in this software which allows you to enter text message and configure the delay before typing the configured text automatically which will be presented later in this post.
As the main screen of the Auto Talker above displays, you can add text sentences using the Add New Message and as you add new Text Sentences, they are added to the list and are displayed in order. Note the List of Messages also displays a Delay which is basically the time delay before the Auto Talker types the message onto active application window. The Delay in auto typing of text can be specified in terms of Seconds and Minutes as the screenshot given below displays.Configure Delay and Text Sentence of Auto TalkerThe above screen in the Auto Talker is displayed when adding new Text Sentences or while editing any existing text message. Yes you can even Delete any existing message from the list of messages to be automatically typed whenever the configured global keyboard shortcut key is pressed.
As displayed in the main window of the Auto Talker, any Keyboard Key can be configured and in the screenshot above the function key F6 is configured to start and stop automatic typing of text sentences. In case an error happens the Auto Talker will stop typing of text messages and will display an information message about the error. The Auto talker also understand lots of special key combinations like Enter Key, Tab Key, Ctrl Key, Shift Key, etc as outlined in the Auto Typer. Multiple ways are described in this post which all together provides you ways in which you can block unwanted Keyboard Key Press and Mouse Movement or Clicks to your Windows Computer. Have a look at the software screenshots provided and all the ways described here needs you to download and install software as Microsoft Windows does not provides you  a way to block keyboard and mouse input to a Windows computer using some sort of registry tweak or utility. The Software Application presented above can be configured and use to block Mouse Cursor onto a single monitor in a Multiple Monitor Windows Computer or in a rectangular area defined by Screen Co-Ordinates as displayed above. The Mouse Locker Utility presented above allows you to configure a Global Keyboard Shortcut or HotKey to Enable and Disable Locking of Mouse Cursor.
The Locked Mouse Cursor becomes free to roam when the application is closed.Disable Mouse Click and Mouse MovementIn case you would like to only block Specific Mouse Click(s) on your Windows Computer, you can download the Mouse Disabler Utility which allows you to Disable any or combination of Left Button Click, Right Button Click, Middle Button Click, Mouse Movements or even Mouse Wheel input to your Windows Computer. The Above Mouse Disabler Utility can be used on any Windows Desktop or Laptop Computer and can be really handy to prevent accidental input of Mouse Clicks to the Computer.
Download Mouse Disabler and prevent unwanted Mouse Click to your Desktop, Browser or any other Application running on your Windows Computer. The Mouse Disabler post describes more about this nifty utility to block mouse input to your Windows Computer.
Yes you can even block Keyboard Keys from reaching to your Windows Computer with this Software Download.Keyboard Key Disabler SoftwareThe Software Download presented above is different from other software applications presented until now.
The Software presented here allows you to disable specific keyboard keys on your Windows Computer. In order to disable keyboard keys using this Keyboard Disabler, all you need to do is download the software, select the Keyboard Keys you want to disable and click on OK.
You do not need to run this software in your System Tray unlike other Mouse Disabler Software Downloads presented in this post.
This Keyboard Disabler is a Free Windows Application and stores the Keys to be disabled in the Windows Registry. The software application presented here provides you a single and quick way to block both Mouse and Keyboard to your Windows Computer. In order to Un Block Keyboard and Mouse , you would need to press Ctrl + Alt + Del and then press the Esc button to close the Lock Screen. Read and Download this Keyboard and Mouse Blocker to your Windows Computer and use it as and when you want.All the Software Downloads presented above work on all version of Windows XP onwards including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and other Windows Versions.
The Software Applications presented above have been designed to make sure that you can unblock access to Mouse and Keyboard in a well informed way.
Few of the above software applications are provided as Freeware and others are provided as Shareware. You can always navigate in Software Applications using Tab key and the Keyboard Shortcut Alt + F4 closes Windows Application. The Number and Sequence of Keyboard Keys you can press simultaneously depends on your Keyboard. Now a days there are lots of Games which require you to press multiple keys on keyboard and gaming keyboards allow you to press multiple keys on keyboard.
Normal Keyboards are limited due to their design and hence they pose a limitation in the number of keys you can press at any given time.

The Multiple Key Presser Utility presented in this post allows you to press upto 10 Keyboard Keys at the same time. Given below Screenshot displays the main window of Multiple Key Presser Utility in default mode.Multiple Key PresserThis Software Solution for pressing Multiple Keys at the same time is now available for download.
Yes now you do not need to buy a Gaming Keyboard only because your Desktop or Laptop Keyboard cannot handle simultaneous multiple keys press at the same time. Download this Multiple Key Presser Software Utility on your Windows Computer and give it a try right now in your favorite Game or Application and press upto 10 keyboard keys easily without actually using 10 gingers of your hand.How to Press Multiple Keys on Keyboard with Multiple Key PresserOnce you have installed the Multiple Key Presser, you are ready to setup the software and automate multiple key presses with a single Keyboard Shortcut. The Above screenshot displays how to use the Multiple Key Presser utility with simple configuration of the software. In the above example, 3 keyboard keys have been configured to be pressed simultaneously whenever the Global Keyboard Shortcut F7 is pressed. Once you have configured the Multiple Key Presser, you can either Minimize it to the Taskbar or Hide it to System Tray with the button provided on the main screen of the software.System Tray Menu of Multiple Key PresserThe System Tray Icon or Notification Icon as it is called in Windows 7, Windows 8 and other Microsoft Operating Systems provides you a quick access to configure the Multiple Key Presser with a Popup Menu as displayed in the screenshot above. You can even double click the Notification Area Icon to launch the main screen of the Key Presser Software.
The Global Keyboard Shortcut (F7 as configured in the second screen above ) is a Keyboard Key which can be pressed any time to tell the Multiple Key Presser to Start or Stop Pressing Multiple Keys on the Keyboard. You need to remember that the Multiple Keys will be sent to the Application or Game with Focus and hence before pressing the Global Keyboard Shortcut to Start Sending Multiple Keys to the Non Full Screen Game or Application, you must ensure that the Target Application or Game has Focus.Desktop Shortcut of Multiple Key PresserThis Multiple Key Presser Software Application can be launched from Desktop Shortcut or Start Menu. This Windows Utility to automate keyboard keys does not adds itself to Windows Startup and hence you would need to start the Multiple Key Presser Utility manually in order to automate multiple key press on your Desktop or Laptop Computer. As this Keyboard Automation Utility does not interacts with Physical Keyboard, it is not limited in the number of Multiple Keys which can be pressed at the same time.Another related Auto Keyboard Utility might be useful for you in case you want to press and release a specific keyboard key a fixed number of times. This Multiple Key Presser works in a different way by simulating key press and release as any human would do.
There are lots of Keyboard and Mouse Automation Utilities presented on this blog which are all free to try and inexpensive to buy. Whether you are running 32 bit version or 64 bit version of Windows 7, the procedure to Uninstall a Software in Windows 7 is the same. This post also describes how you can manually delete the files which might be left out by a Software Uninstaller.
Software Setup is also a software designed to do lots of tasks like copying of files, creating Start Menu Icons and optionally Desktop Icons, creating Registry Entries and much more. There are Registry Cleaner Software Applications available which try to remove unused registry entries and trying to speed up your computer.
The generic way to uninstall a software from a Windows 7 computer is to uninstall the software from control panel.Control Panel to Uninstall Software on Windows 7There are multiple ways in which you can open up Control Panel and the above screenshot displays a quick way to open Windows 7 Control Panel from the Windows 7 Start Menu. Once you have opened up Windows 7 Control Panel, look for an icon labelled as Programs and Features. This way of uninstalling software from Windows 7 needs to be learnt only once and anytime you want to uninstall any other software, you can follow the same procedure and uninstall a software from your Windows 7 PC within minutes depending on the size of the software application you are looking to uninstall.Programs and Features to Uninstall Software on Windows 7The above screenshot displays the icon of Programs and Features in Windows 7 Control Panel and the tooltip of icon displays what all you can do with the Programs and Features icon of Windows 7 Control Panel. You can even change Windows 7 features from this Programs and Features functionality of Windows 7. This post talks only about uninstalling a software application installed from Windows 7 computer.
Depending on the number of Software Applications installed on your Windows 7 computer, your list of software applications installed will be different as compared to displayed in the screenshot below.Start Software Uninstall in Windows 7 from Programs and FeaturesOnce you have reached at the Programs and Features List, all you need to do is locate the Software by Name, Publisher and other attributes and click on the Uninstall button. You can even do a right click and click on the Uninstall Menu Item to start the software uninstaller. Once you click on either of the Uninstall option a confirmation box of some kind will appear asking your final decision to uninstall the software. Different Setup Applications display different kind of confirmation and hence be very much sure of what you are doing and only then uninstall a software from your Windows 7 computer.Software Uninstall Confirmation of a Software on Windows 7Uninstalling Software takes time depending on the size of the software application you are uninstalling from your Windows 7 Computer. Small Applications take very less time for the complete software uninstall, however large applications take more time for completing the uninstall. Some Uninstallers allow you to modify the features of the software whereas some uninstall applications allow you to repair any corrupt software install. Some applications even allow you to uninstall software application from the Start Menu itself and saving you time and efforts for navigating to Programs and Features of Windows 7 Control Panel as displayed below.Uninstall Software from Windows 7 Start MenuFor Uninstalling a Software from Windows 7, you would need admin access to your computer and it is always best to ensure that the application you want to uninstall is not running currently. Some Software Applications when uninstalled from Windows 7, require you to Reboot your Windows 7 and hence it is always best idea to make sure that you do not have any unsaved data. In case a software application is starting automatically at System Startup and you only need to disable it so that it does not starts automatically at Windows 7 Startup, you can remove the application from Windows 7 Startup using msconfig as displayed in this Video Tutorial or you can locate the file on your hard disk by looking at the properties of the shortcut to the application as displayed in the screenshot below.Open File Location of a Software on Windows 7Once you know where an application file is located on your Windows 7 Computer, you can even manually delete it.
This manual deletion of software applications is not the best way to uninstall a software from Windows 7, however it might be the only way in case the software uninstaller fails to uninstall the software application or even leaves some files from the uninstall.
This Advanced Auto Clicker offers lots of ways in which you can Automate Mouse clicking on your Windows Computer.
Yes this Advanced Clicker works on Windows 8 and on other Microsoft Windows versions such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. This post provides few screenshots of the Advanced Auto Clicker Software which is a really sophisticated and yet easy to use Mouse Automation Software for Windows. Lots of Video Tutorials are built right into the software and with little efforts you can use this Advanced Auto Clicker to do simple and complex tasks. Whether you wish you mouse cursor to automatically click at a fixed position, random position anywhere on the screen or even in a rectangular defined area or even relative distance, this Advanced Auto Mouse Clicker can do everything and learning the software is really easy.Types of Mouse Clicks with Advanced Auto ClickerThe above screenshot displays the types of Mouse Clicks you can automate on your Windows Computer.
Note the drop-down in the above screenshot displaying Left and Right Mouse Clicks with Single or Double Click variants. Yes you can even automate Mouse dragging with this advanced and yet easy to use Mouse Automation Software. Have a look again at the above screenshot and note that there are three check-boxes allowing to press System Keyboard Keys (Ctrl Key, Alt Key and Shift Key) along with selected Mouse Click. The above screenshot allows you to pick the screen location using the Pick X,Y button and it can also read the title or caption of the window beneath and store it as comment provided the Auto Populate Comment option is selected.
The Screen displayed above allows you to specify whether you wish to do a mouse click on fixed screen location or relative screen location and finally you can specify whether you wish to automate this click one or multiple times. Yes this small screen provides you lots of features and making this software really advanced and yet easy to use.Mouse Click Recorder with Automatic Screenshot Capture in Advanced Auto ClickerThis Advanced Auto Clicker has a inbuilt Mouse Click Recorder.
The most unique feature about the Mouse Click Recorder built into this Advanced Mouse Automation Software is the screenshot capturing functionality.
Mouse Clicking is done by this software by remembering the screen co-ordinates and comment helps you to identify each mouse click. However when recording the Mouse Clicks, it is not practical to enter comment every-time you record mouse click and hence this Mouse Click recorder captures screenshot of the window on which you do a mouse click.
Once the Mouse Clicks are recorded and the recorder is stopped, a small preview window displays the screenshot captured for every mouse click.
Recording of Mouse Dragging is not currently supported by this Mouse Click Recorder of Advanced Auto Clicker, however you can add Mouse Dragging Commands using the Mouse Click Script Editor of the Advanced Mouse Clicker Software.Keyboard Shortcuts for Mouse Clicking Scripts in Advanced Auto ClickerOnce you have either recorded or manually created the Mouse Clicking Script, you can assign keyboard Shortcut to launch the script and start Mouse Click Automation. You can even run Multiple Mouse Clicking Scripts at any given time and every running Mouse Clicking Script creates an icon in System Tray to indicate that Automatic Mouse Clicking is being performed. You can even Pause or Stop the execution of Mouse Clicking Scripts with configurable keyboard shortcuts as displayed in the screenshot below.
There are other configurable parameters available in the above displayed screen providing you finer control over how the software must work. You can even control the delay in time between Mouse Down and Mouse Up Events and also control the time delay between Double Mouse Clicks.
Other configurable parameters allow you to specify Keyboard Shortcuts to Add New Mouse Click, Add Click by finding Color on Screen and to Execute One Mouse Click Record at a time while in the Advanced Auto Clicker Editor.Mouse Clicking and other functionality offered by Advanced Auto Mouse ClickerThe above screenshot displays extra features of this Advanced Auto Mouse Clicker Software.
The Menu displayed in the above screenshot can be launched by doing a right click in the Mouse Click Editor. As this software follows Windows guidelines, all you need to learn this software is basic Windows Application Navigation.
The Inbuilt Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Status Bar and Right Click Menu allows you the access of all the basic and advanced features of the software. Few of the extra features offered by this Advanced Auto Clicker includes automatic keyboard typing, converting text to audio, clicking mouse cursor by finding specific color on the screen, capturing screenshot and much more.Mouse Click Information Provider in Advanced Auto ClickerIn case you are not currently aware of Screen Co-Ordinates, you can use the inbuilt Mouse Click Information provider in Advanced Auto Clicker.
As the above screenshot displays, this Mouse Click Information provider window displays screen co-ordinates along with the name of Mouse Click type. You can launch the above displayed screen from either menu bar or Toolbar of the Advanced Auto Clicker and this Window remains at the top of all other Windows providing you quick information about the mouse event you perform manually or with the automated mouse clicking script.

All you need to use this really useful and user friendly software is to store the repetitive text in the Mac Auto Typer Software and assign Keyboard Shortcut to it.Mac Auto Typer in ApplicationsJust like other Applications on a Mac, the icon for the Mac Auto Typer can be located in the Applications Folder of the Finder. In order to start the application, double click on the Auto Typer Icon in the Applications of Finder to view the main screen of the software.
Note there are 5 blank text fields and 5 different Keyboard Shortcut boxes to the right hand side of every text field. You can even minimize the main window of this Keyboard Automation Software using the Minimize icon at the top left corner window of the software. Whenever you press the Quit button, all the text specified in the text fields is stored automatically so that you do not need to enter the text to type automatically, the next time you start the software.
Once you quit the application, the keyboard shortcuts defined to auto type text will not work.Mac Auto Typer with Keyboard Shortcuts of Macintosh KeyboardHave a look at the above Screenshot which displays the Mac Auto Typer filled with Text to be Automatically Typed along with Keyboard Shortcuts. A Closer inspection of Keyboard Shortcuts reveals that the Keyboard Shortcuts can be of any type including Function Keys, Control Key, Shift Key, Option Key, along with Characters and Numbers.
Depending on your System Settings, you might have to allow applications not downloaded from Mac OS X Store in order to run this Keyboard Automation Utility. This Linux Tool does not requires you to learn any sort of scripting language and works easily with GUI controls. Yes in order to learn how to simulate Mouse Clicking and Keyboard Typing with this Linux Automation Tool, all you need to do is have a look at the screenshots provided below. This Linux Auto Clicker can perform Mouse Clicks of various types, it can even move mouse cursor without doing the actual click. The Automatic Clicking can be done at fixed screen locations or wherever the mouse cursor is present at the time of script playback.
Have a look at the given below screenshot of this Linux Automation Software and find out what all types of Mouse Actions it can perform.Linux Auto Clicker and TyperInitial version of this Linux Automation Tool had only few mouse clicking features. Now as the screenshot above displays there are total of 7 different types of Mouse Actions that this Linux Automation Software can perform. This website published a post titled Linux Auto Clicker when this Linux Automation Software offered only Mouse Actions to be automated.
Now this software has improved a lot and yes it does still has room for improvement and developers are working on it.Linux Auto Clicker and Typer Settings to Control Keyboard ShortcutsThe Linux Auto Clicker and Typer Software application presented here offers configurable Global Keyboard Shortcuts.
The Settings screen of this Linux Automation Software is as displayed above and required you to manually type in the shortcut key in the edit box provided. The above screenshot displays the default settings of the software and the keyboard shortcuts are displayed in the main screen of the software as well. As the above screenshot displays there are 3 different types of global keyboard shortcuts supported by the software.The first keyboard shortcut is to get the Mouse Cursor co-ordinates in X and Y edit boxes in the main screen.
By default the function key F11 is assigned to get the mouse cursor position co-ordinates in the main screen.Another configurable Keyboard Shortcut is available in this Linux Automation Software to add Mouse Click to the Script record by automatically getting the mouse cursor position and adding a new script record to the macro script being created. When the script playback is started, the Start Button on the main screen of the software allows you to to stop the Script Execution. However when you are using this Linux Automation Software to do automatic Mouse Clicking and Movement, you might not be able to manually click on the Stop button and hence the keyboard shortcut to start the script execution works to stop the script execution.Linux Auto Clicker at Current Mouse Cursor LocationThis Linux Automation Software allows you to dynamically get the mouse cursor position during the script playback by adding a mouse click at special location with X co-ordinate at 999 and Y Co-ordinate value at -999. Apart from this special location, all other X and Y Co-ordinates are used as it is and no other special processing is done.
While specifying the X and Y C0-ordinates, you must be careful in specifying the X and Y Screen Locations as in this version of the Linux Automation Software, there is no validation on changed screen resolution or for change in display resolution.Partial Automatic Typing is also supported by this version of the Linux Automation Software and hence the label for this post has been assigned as Linux Auto Clicker and Typer. Have a look at the first screenshot in this post again and note that the last script record added to the software says Type Comment.
When this Keyboard Typing Command will be executed, the text in the comment field specified will be typed onto active application window. As of this version only ASCII characters in lower case are supported by the Auto Typer of this Linux Automation Software. Special Keyboard Characters and Uppercase Characters are converted into lower case and non special characters when actual keyboard typing is performed.Overall this Linux Automation Software can be a good Auto Clicker to automate repetitive tasks to save time and add accuracy to the repetitive task.
Regarding Automatic Typing, the Auto Typer feature of this Linux Software needs improvement.
All the screenshots above have been captured on Linux Mint Version 13 and yes the software has been tested on Linux Min 14 & Fedora as well. The first Software allows you to store sentence you wish to be automatically typed along with a Keyboard Shortcut.
Effectively whenever you press the keyboard shortcut, the text sentence stored in the software would be typed onto active application.
Look closely and note that the keyboard shortcut F6 is specified in the software to automatically type the long sentence containing characters and other special characters. Once you have setup the Mac Auto Typer with sentence you wish to type automatically and associated keyboard shortcut, you can minimize the application. Now whenever you want the software to type the sentence on any text based application on your Mac, all you need to do is press the stored keyboard shortcut and the Auto Typer for Macintosh will type the stored sentence automatically.
Download this Auto Typer on your Macintosh and let the software do the repetitive typing on your Game, Text Editor or any other application running on Mac which needs text to be typed in.The Second Auto Typer presented below for Macintosh allows you to add Keyboard Typing in a Macro.
The word Macro referred to here specifies a group of actions which can be started with a keyboard shortcut.
The given below Mac Auto Typer allows you to add single or multiple text sentences in a macro and then whenever you need the Macro to type the stored text sentence(s), all you need to do is press the configured keyboard shortcut.
The keyboard shortcut F7 is configured in the given below screenshot to start the Macro which will do Automatic Keyboard Typing apart from other Mouse Clicking actions.Mac Auto Typer in a Macro ScriptThis Single Screen Software for Macintosh Users is basically a Macro Software which allows you to add multiple actions to the script and then play the macro with the keyboard shortcut.
The best part about this Mac Auto Typer Utility is that you can edit the macro script without spending time on learning complex programming skills.
You do not need to have any type of programming knowledge in order to use this Macintosh Automation Software. The scripts execute from top to bottom in steps with configured delay in between the steps.
The Text to be typed in is stored in the comment field and whenever you click on the script record, the associated text to be typed will be displayed by the software. Just have a close look at this intuitive Macintosh Software and you have learned all the features of this software.The Download links provided above are basically software installers. As these software applications are distributed outside of the Apple Macintosh store, you might need to allow installation of software applications on Macintosh 10.8 from non signed publishers.
One the installation is complete for either of the Mac Auto Typer, a webpage is displayed containing video tutorial of the software. In order to type text onto active application, all you need to decide is what text you want to type and with which Mouse Click you want to Type. Once you have decided the text and Mouse Click type, just configure the MurGee Mouse Mapper as displayed below and Hide to System Tray. Use a Mouse Click Type, which you normally do not use like Middle Mouse Click and configure the software with text to be typed onto active window automatically.Type on Keyboard with Mouse ClickDownload and try out this Mouse to Keyboard Typing Mapping Software Utility for Windows. As displayed in the above figure, there are other ways offered by the software to map your Mouse Clicks to other tasks. Firstly as displayed in the screenshot above, you can open or launch any application whenever a Mouse Click is Done. In Automated Typing done by the Software, you can add special key combinations like Enter, esc, Tab , etc. For information on more special key combinations supported by the software, do visit the Auto Typer page which lists other key combinations.This Windows Utility works on Windows 8, Windows 7 and other Windows Operating Systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 2000, etc. The download link provided above is the Application Setup which provides a quick way to launch and install this Mouse Click to Keyboard Typing Software. Yes this software works on 32 bit and 64 bit versions.Mouse Clicks done on the Application Window are ignored and will not simulate typing or opening of other applications. You can also close the application by pressing Alt + F4 Key Combination while the application is still active. The Software Downloads are really cheap, work on Windows 8, Windows 7, XP Vista, XP and other Windows offered in a free to try basis.

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