The place wasn't sold out, but the crowd was big (around 10,000), loud and appreciative, although it endured a sound mix that was bad at its worst, tolerable at its best.
Keys is something rare these days: She sings, she writes songs and she plays several instruments.
Alicia, I hope you or your people are reading this, and not put other shows through what we went through last night. This is the part, over and above it all, and is the most disappointing, {feeling let down with her performance}. Um, I mentioned the bad sound twice, once at the beginning of the review and again at the middle. I loved every bit of the concert and was glad I was there I like my music with the big bass sound. Oh course you wouldn't Geordan, she can actually carry a tune and some of her music is catchy and has a melody. Hey my man Timothy Finn, with reading all these comments, could we all be wrong here, with how terrible this who show was, or what. The sound systems used at Sprint Center by touring acts are contracted by the artists for their entire tour.
I saw Alicia Keys at Madison Square Garden June 18th and it was the worse sound system I have ever heard in my life. PS: Spoke to a friend who saw Alicia June 17th in Newark and she said the exact same thing about a lousy sound system. NEXT POSTTonight's Neal McCoy show canceled Not much info is available on the Beaumont show. PREVIOUS POSTThe Roots are coming back I'm not crazy about their brand-new album (yet), but this is more good news. When Alicia Keys sang about love during her concert last night at the Prudential Center in Newark, it wasn't just any kind of love.
Not surprisingly for an artist who has given her albums names like "The Diary of Alicia Keys" and "As I Am," she made sure the show came across like an autobiography. She opened the show with a short film that depicted her as "Little Alicia Keys," in church, before the start of her career. After a grand entrance -- the lights went out, and when they were turned on again, she had magically materialized at her piano -- she sang the reggae-flavored "Ghetto Life," alluding to her struggling pre-stardom days ("Big dreams in my head, empty my tummy"). Sparks, who won season six of "American Idol," clearly has the voice and the stage presence for a long-term career. From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need!
In the years of her activity, she has used her high social status to change the life of others. 1 – She adopted her signature braids at 13, when she discovered that it got her through humid New York City summers. Bianca is a senior at Florida A&M University, majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Magazine Production. What You'll Find HereResources for college advice, tips on college life and everything you need when going to college.
She has also learned that being a gifted musician doesn't necessarily make someone a  great entertainer, so she has developed and honed some skills that add polish and energy to her live shows. Even though she is beautifully talented and yes, is very gifted with all the difference things she has the ability to do as an artist, I was so very disappointed. I just don't get it, why would Alicia Keys sound any different than what has made her a great artist, to date. This is such a let down, from where I had this artist professionally, as a singer, to where I have her now.

Keys set, and my wife said that she had never seen so many people leaving in the middle of concert as she did last night. They had Cedric the entertainer who is from St Louis and she talked about her life and total music experience. What in heck are we going to do, with the kind of money KC has put into this Sprint Center, can't we get a better sound system.
The bass was too loud and made the type of sound my car speaker makes when I blow the speakers.
If they told the truth then maybe Alicia would hear it and she would replace her sound technician with one who is not deaf. They'll be at the VooDoo Lounge on July 3, the same place they put on one of the best shows of 2007. A preacher, played by Cedric the Entertainer, sent her on her way, warning her about the evils of the music business and advising her to find the "starmaker." At the end of the concert, Cedric (as the preacher) reappeared in another film segment, revealing that there really is no starmaker, but that we are all stars. Next came "Waiting For Your Love," where she showcased her keyboard virtuosity with some expert salsa riffs. Major hits like "Fallin'" (which closed her set) and "If I Ain't Got You" (the second and final encore, performed on a piano on the mid-arena mini-stage) added an unwelcome touch of bombast, but one suspects that Keys had simply been on stage for a long time at that point (nearly two hours), and was trying a little too hard to top what she had done previously.
Ne-Yo's a solid soul singer and a smooth dancer, and constructed his set cleverly, using his songs to depict the arc of a love affair.
But she needs to find more striking, distinctive songs than the assembly-line material that filled her set.
Growing in every album that she releases, she earned her record sales by exemplifying the true passion behind the creation of music and allowing it not to define her. She is actively involved in campus publications like The Famuan Daily and Journey Magazine. A resource for advice, tips and solutions to everything you'll encounter when going to college. Information on college relationships, student loans and college admissions to student credit cards and grants. Thursday night, she rolled into town, just ahead of the monstrous thunder, wind and light show, and whipped up a storm of her own inside Sprint Center. She's not a great dancer, but she can hang with the boys and girls around her.She has also figured out how to stoke the mood between songs, without talking too much. She moved back and forth between the piano and keyboards to high-energy dance routines with her young dancers.
I can't believe that Alicia Keys was satisfied last night with the sound system throughout the arena.
After going back and re-reading your column, yes I stand correctly, you did mention {mildly} some bad sound system. Good luck getting Sprint to make any changes in response to concertgoers' criticisms, too. Later, she showed her ranged with songs like the hard-rocking "Heartburn" and the dance-oriented "I Need You," though most of the show was devoted to smoldering piano ballads and catchy mid-tempo R&B songs.
But there was an off-puttingly slick element to his act -- every dance move, every vocal tick seemed planned out in advance. In an interview she had, Oprah said that Alicia Keys is one of the few people who didn’t let fame change her. A couple weeks ago, in the fight to fundraise $1 million, Alicia Keys along with several other celebrities digitally killed themselves. She also brought a stage set loaded with video screens that broadcast the show to the fans sitting farthest from the stage.
Because your report was weak and not accurate, and you failed as a reporter, with not mentioning any of these things I am talking about now.

I don't know much about much, but what I do know is, if everyone complains enough and boycotts these events, just maybe the big dogs just might do something. It takes six phone calls and three hours on hold just to get any customer service from Sprint.
Meaning, they were to stay away from all means of social media (Facebook, twitter, blogging, etc) until the public raised $1 million. Regardless if it be through writing, art, music, or speaking - she expresses herself throughly and without regret. The sights were bright and flashy; the vocal mix, however, was thick and muddy in several spots around the arena. Just because your ticket is free, and you probably love your job, shouldn't you be accurate and truthful with what you report.
I speak for many, many others, as I know you are doing this gig, with this column all by yourself.
At Kemper when they held church services and people were all quiet you could hear without a mic.
She has sold more than 25 million albums, worldwide, and has established herself as, arguably, the most talented all-around pop performer of her generation -- a singer, songwriter and pianist of substance, as well as an increasingly assured concert performer. A powerful message that crossed the nations because in 7 days, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Swizz Beats, Usher and many more were brought back to life. Bianca hopes to work for Hearst Magazines and eventually build enough relationships to create her own publication, because nothing is out of reach.
The bass was so high at times, I couldn't make out a word she was saying and the bass felt like it was going right thru my chest, it was so loud. I just found your article way toooo nice this morning, and felt I needed to correct you in many areas, with really expressing and communicating on, what I and others not just saw, but more importantly heard.
That want be true at the Sprint center.If you think this was over powering just wait til tina gets here with her bass jumpin . Your column was a walk in the park, and your words were not expressing what the real deal was here. Alica has been use to out door stadium preformances, maybe she is to big for little Kansas City.
At first I thought the sound was simply a function of the emphasis on bass that is common to R&B. I by no way want to correct you, on how to work your column, but I could only hope that your used more expression when describing something, that needed to be said.
Granted, this is apples and oranges, but I saw George Clinton several years ago at Sandstone and the sound was terrific - it even complemented the driving bass.
It wasn't like this at all with Ne-Yo, his musical back ground was absolutely great, and his words were clear. Ne-Yo's set was almost indecipherable because of the poor acoustics or poor sound engineering or some combination of both. Alicia Keys is a GREAT artist, why did she need the constant blast of bass, and other instruments to take us away from hearing her words, when she was singing. Keys has an opportunity to listen to a video of some sort, to show her how bad her sound system really was last night.
When it was so bad, within 30 minutes of her coming on stage, I wanted to leave, it just wasn't fun anymore.

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