Piano notes are named after the first seven letters of the alphabet. When learning to play the piano the first note that is normally learned is C.
What we’ve talked about above is really a simplified approach to looking at piano notes.
The piano diagram below shows the various piano notes that piano keys usually correspond to. Sometimes a piano note can be called a double flat or double sharp, or even a triple sharp or flat. In this lesson you will learn the notes which correspond to the white piano keys as well as the black ones. Learn how to read notes here.

They are named after the first seven letters of the alphabet as well except for the fact that they can be either sharp or flat. Two black keys followed by three black keys, followed by two black keys, followed by three black keys and so on. Middle C is also the note halfway between the bass clef (left hand) and the treble clef (right hand). E can be called F flat (Fb) since it is one half step lower than F. Learn more about half steps, whole steps, tones, semitones, sharps and flats here.
Then we move to F sharp (F#) or G flat (Gb), G sharp (G#) or A flat (Ab) and lastly A sharp (A#) or B flat (Bb).

They are the same key on the piano keyboard but can have different note names depending on the key signature.

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