This is a guest post by Ramanatha Sastry.D, Coordinator, Curriculum Research and Development Center at Podar institutions. An alternative to this might be using social bookmarking tool like Diigo, to annotate and add a note specific to a video with options to tag them, and share them in the learning network. To add few interactive MCQs to the video instead of passive watching this site allows creator to stop video at any point and add a question with 4 choices.
Now a days students are equipped with smartphones, they can be encouraged to take pictures and to create their own story and narrate it. Few alternative tools for storytelling would be using tools like Xtranormal to integrate animation aspects, or use these free animation tools available online. The interactive site for education contains a good collection on different subjects for students practice.
However at this stage, I would like to add my point of view to a general question: ‘There are so many tools, but when do we have to use them’.
East Park Primary School provides a wide range of electronic resources that children can use at school, at home on their computers or online wherever they are! East Park Primary School provides a Learning Platform where children can learn, share work and communicate in a safe online environment.
Children will have home access to amazing online resources such as Phonics play, Education City, Linguascope for Spanish and Iboard+.
It allows students to make notes from the video or any questions to be noted down for further clarifications.

By adding questions at different stages, it makes the video watching more meaningful to get the required learning outcomes. Students can take few pictures for a specific idea, narrate it in their own voice, edit it and present to the class. To avoid carrying pen drives or uploading and downloading from emails, these free drives are of great use to avoid situation like forgetting important documents at home. This is where professional development and training supported by decision makers in the educational insitutions with the help of edtech professionals plays an important role.
The school has a history of excellence for the e-learning that it provides, having received special recognition in the award for E Learning Foundation Home Access School of the year. Only children who attend the school will have access to this site and the content that it provides.
To access these sites please log on to the learning platform by clicking on the following icon. Teachers will use it to make points to be observed in the video for emphasising learning outcomes. Whenever necessary it is possible to mix different videos with required learning content instead of watching them separately.
Enabling and encouraging their imaginations as a part of learning process makes a great sense of achievement. Stories can be created in two ways: One way is to create a story and select suitable pictures from huge collection already present in the site by category.

We can store files in these drives and use them and modify them at any place and they are all synchronised, as the data is in sync in the cloud.
We all realize the paradigm shift from teacher centric to student centric education and with support of technology we can implement many of these needs. Each class has it’s own web page where they can share pictures, music and videos, write blogs, upload their work and research their topics.
If your child has forgotten their username or password please speak to your child's teacher as this information will not be given by phone. Previously to take notes users practiced moving from ‘Youtube’ to ‘Word’ or some other text files.
They can be shared with different users and when needed allow others to modify or add their points.
What is important to keep in mind is that the impact of technology on learning outcomes will take time, and it is not possible overnight.
This a good site for teachers to plan a suitable assignment to improve imagination and natural story telling skills of students not only in language areas but in all subjects. As well as the saved video along with notes can be shared and allow user to add their points.

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