Many users are thrilled to have a special instrument for entering notes and pauses that imitates a piano keyboard. Virtual Piano present in all commercial MagicScore products including versions for MS Word. MagicScore Virtual Piano is perfect for kids and adults, offering the easiest work and the simplest learning curve. Miracle by Super Junior Free Piano Sheet Music Download Online, Pieces notes tabs scores scale pdf. Apologize by One Republic Free Piano Sheet Music Download Online, Pieces notes tabs scores scale pdf.
Poker Face by Lady Gaga Free Piano Sheet Music Download Online, Pieces notes tabs scores scale pdf.
Notes and pauses are added in the current location of the staff by clicking on the virtual piano keys.

Enjoy music improvisations, have hours of fun and impress your friends with beautiful piano music. MagicScore Virtual Piano helps you become a composer, allowing you to improvise, pick out the notes or add lyrics to a popular tune or your very own composition. The free virtual piano keyboard covers all the basics that are required to compose music, play back using a variety of timbers, type and print music, and save your work into project files you can use with the entire range of MagicScore notation products. With free virtual piano keyboard, you can enter notes with a mouse or type them with your computer keyboard.
The built-in MagicScore Online plugin allows you to publish your compositions right on your Web site by embedding live playable and printable scores into the Web page.
Whether you are a music enthusiast or a parent who wants to teach the kids music, the free virtual piano keyboard can be just a perfect tool for you. If you ever outgrow the free virtual piano keyboard and demand more powerful features, play a different musical instrument, or need a higher level of customization, MagicScore offers a wide range of tools for typing, editing, playing or recognizing scanned sheet music, saving music notation files or MIDI sequences.

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With certain products, you’ll even be able to type notes and compose music in Microsoft Word directly!
You can determine the current note duration by looking at the scale or at the cursor shape. It’s here to help kids and adults develop creativity and music abilities by delivering a virtual piano keyboard free of charge.

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