I use Dvorak keyboard system all the time, I find it significantly easier on my fingers than QWERTY when doing a lot of typing. It took me about three months to get my typing speed on Dvorak the same as on QWERTY, and I've been using it for several years now - it was worth the effort.
Besturingssysteem en appsEen besturingssysteem of operating system (OS) is een programma (meestal een geheel van samenwerkende programma's) dat na het opstarten van een computer in het geheugen geladen wordt en de hardware aanstuurt. Los van het toestel en of  besturingssysteem waarmee je werkt, bieden Apple en Google een synchronisatie-oplossing aan.

Op je verschillende toestellen moet er software of apps geïnstalleerd worden, die er voor zorgt dat je contactpersonen op alle toestellen gebruikt kunnen worden. Unlike software solutions which require configuration and fail to function during the login process, the Dvorak Keyboard is plug and play and provides instant access to the QWERTY or DVORAK layout with the simple press of a large toggle button at the top of the keyboard which indicates whether you are in DVORAK mode (toggle is backlit white) or QWERTY mode (toggle key turns blue in color).
In English some letters are used a lot more than others, most of the vowels are used a lot for instance. He also distributed the letters so that both hands on average do the same amount of typing, which isn't so on QWERTY.

The DVORAK legending is in the default position (bottom left of each keycap) and is in white, and the QWERTY legending is in the alternate position (upper right of each keycap) and is in light blue. For instance putting all the vowels on the left hand home keys, and the most used constanants on the right hand home keys contributes to this a great deal.

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