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And here’s our favourite feature – after you’ve got your pictures down pat, you can seamlessly share your photos with everyone, via the all-new One Time Share feature.
Tokyo, January 7, 2008 - CASIO Europe GmbH and its parent company, CASIO Computer Co., Ltd, announced plans today to introduce an entirely new lineup of EXILIM® digital cameras just in time for Spring. One of the new models is a high speed digital camera featuring a revolutionary improvement in burst shooting speed that is expected to create entirely new markets. With this model, CASIO sought to produce a camera with a high resolution CCD and a very bright Super Clear LCD featuring a high contrast ratio and a wide field of view. In addition to providing functionality that makes it easy for users to take photos and shoot movies, with this camera CASIO pursued a design that enables people to use it almost like a fashion accessory. With their newly developed lenses, these cameras give users the freedom to enjoy a range of different photo styles, from wide angle to telephoto. All four new stylish models also feature the Auto Shutter function, which enables users to take the picture just at the moment of a lovely smile or at the instant that hand shake ceases. Furthermore, to make it easy to enjoy recording H.264 movies, all models have a Movie Button that lets users record video at the touch of a single button.
By constantly pursuing new applications for the latest technologies and functionality, CASIO has been able to offer its customers beauty, enjoyment and convenience in digital camera-based photography that was not previously possible.
The EXILIM Pro EX-F1 incorporates a new high speed CMOS sensor and high speed LSI processor. Continuously recording at up to 60 images per second, a maximum of 60 images can be saved in the camera's own buffer memory even before the shutter button is depressed. Users can take photographs while, in the monitor, the momentary action that is before their eyes is displayed in slow motion. It is possible while using flash to take up to 20 continuous shots at a speed of up to 7 frames per second, so even in low light, no more missed shots. The EXILIM Pro EX-F1 can record high speed movie footage of motion too fast for the human eye, for ultra slow motion playback. DNG file format is one type of RAW image file, and it is recommended by Adobe Systems for use as a standard image file format. CASIO's EXILIM series was born with the appearance in 2002 of a "wearable card camera" - a digital camera with a very slim form. Using motion blur detection technology, the camera can automatically take a photo at the instant when hand shake or subject movement ceases. These cameras utilize the H.264 video standard, which lets users record beautiful movies with the latest high compression technology. The EXILIM Zoom EX-Z80 is a digital camera that features a very compact, tightly formed design which offers the functionality needed to easily take photos and shoot movies, yet also offers a design feel conducive to carrying it around almost like a fashion accessory. This camera's smart form, with height kept to a minimum, makes it compact enough to be cradled in the palm of the hand.
In addition to the usual rectangular focusing frame found on the LCD monitor, users can also choose other playful design, such as a heart shape, for the focusing frame.. If the faces of the people who users want to be in sharpest focus are prerecorded, the camera can use face detection technology to simultaneously detect up to ten faces. The high resolution, 10.1 megapixel EXILIM Zoom EX-Z200 and EXILIM Zoom EX-Z100 models feature an EXILIM series first - a 4x optical zoom lens that can shoot as wide as 28 mm (equivalent).
These cameras allow zoom photography between 28 mm and 112 mm (35 mm film camera equivalent). The EX-Z200 employs an anti shake function that compensates for blur by moving the imaging element. These cameras can automatically analyze the scene to be captured and choose an appropriate shooting mode. Casio announces the new Exilim EX-Z1200, thereby following the manufacturer megapixel madness set-in with the Sharp12Mp CCD image sensor announcement and the Sony W-200 and the Foxconn DS-C350 compact digital camera. Featuring a slim, stylish look packed with superior functions like auto-tracking AF with motion analysis technology and a CCD-shift anti-shake mechanism CASIO announced the release of the newest model in the stylish series of EXILIM digital cameras, the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z1200.
Casio has introduced yet another brilliant compact digital camera to its collection – this time with a host of brand new features guaranteed to make your selfie-taking even more hassle-free. For starters, there’s Casio’s original Makeup Mode Technology, which enhances your complexion instantly by smoothening the skin and adding a fresh, rosy glow.
Aside from the Bluetooth-enabled camera-to-phone transferring you’re used to, the One Time Share feature is perfect for group photos – anyone can instantly transfer images just by scanning the QR code generated, as long as they have a QR code scanner on their phones. The new lineup will include five new convenient, user-intuitive models which make the most of CASIO's newest technologies to enable entirely new forms of digital photography.
The other four models, while naturally offering significant enhancements in function and performance, focus on style with a new body shape that keeps height to a minimum and exudes a sense of premium design quality. With this model, CASIO has achieved an ultra-high speed 60 frames per second (fps) burst rate for still images, together with 1,200 fps high speed movie recording that captures movement faster than the eye can see for ultra-slow motion replay. Both the picture taking and image viewing capabilities of this camera have been improved, and its design presence has been enhanced by keeping it as slim as possible. They include highly visible Super Clear LCD as well as CASIO's AUTO ®BEST SHOT scene recognition function that automatically chooses an appropriate shooting mode. With the release of this new lineup of EXILIM digital cameras, which are extremely user friendly and can be used in many new ways, CASIO hopes that many more customers will have even more enjoyable experiences with its cameras. After building in 6.0 million effective pixels and a 12X optical zoom, the developers focused on achieving a burst shooting speed capability that was hitherto unheard of.

In burst mode, the frame rate can also be varied from between 1 and 60 frames per second while shooting. Even if users press the shutter a little late, they will still be able to catch that vital moment. Also, the internal LED light allows high speed burst shooting at between 10 and 60 frames per second. Users can record beautiful movies at a screen size of 1920x1080 pixels, at a rate of 60 fields per second. The new EXILIM Card EX-S10 maintains all of the powerful functionality of the cameras that were later developed in that line (high pixel count, zoom functionality, LCD monitor, photo functions, etc.) but it also embodies a return to a stylish thin form and a strong design presence. It is finished according to two design requirements - a high quality feel created by the stainless steel body, and a unique beauty derived from its coloring. Its high resolution images can be used to create beautiful prints even when enlarged or when the image is cropped.
This produces extremely sharp and vivid images, thanks to its high contrast ratio and its 230,160 dot high resolution.
Users can also automatically capture the moment of a smile, the instant when subject movement due to panning ceases, or the moment when their own face fills the frame as they point the camera towards themselves.
It is available in six body colors - pale pink, vivid pink, green, blue, black, and silver. The body features a finely brushed finish, and the contrast with the mirror finish on the ring surrounding the lens accentuates the camera's scintillating presence. When the subject is crisply in focus a clear heart shape is displayed, but when the image is not in focus the heart shape breaks up. When it recognizes any of the prerecorded faces, it prioritizes them when determining correct focus and exposure. Also, in addition to the usual recognition technologies, the intelligence of these cameras has been enhanced. This increases photographic enjoyment, from wide angle photography suitable for capturing large subjects or shooting up close in small spaces, right through to telephoto work. Their high resolution images can be used to create beautiful prints even when enlarged or when the image is cropped. Of course, both models incorporate Anti Shake DSP, which reduces blur by raising the camera's sensitivity and therefore increasing shutter speeds.
The six scenes that can be distinguished are: people, scenery, night scenes, night scenes with people, close-ups, and moving subjects. This newest high-resolution member of the EXILIM family delivers an effective 7.2 megapixels.
The EX-Z1200 features CCD-shift image stabilization and auto-tracking AF that combines face detection and motion analysis. The Casio Exilim EX Z750 is a seven-megapixel digital camera that’s small enough to be dropped in a shirt pocket and tough enough to go just about anywhere.
You can also choose the all-new Selfie Art mode, which comprises five artistic effects to filter your self-portraits before you even take them – Elegant, Foggy, Fairy, Nostalgic, and Vivid prep your pics with a natural effect before you even pop them into VSCOcam.
No more nagging your friends for the hi-res pictures to upload onto Facebook; you’ve literally got everything in your hands now.
Using the camera's ultra-high speed burst shooting for still images or its high speed movie recording mode, users can capture a split second's movement with greater detail than before, allowing them to catch each decisive moment, and even motion that the human eye cannot ordinarily perceive. Up to 60 shots at can be taken at once, so 60 shots per second for one second, or 5 shots per second for 12 seconds, are possible. Users can unhurriedly observe the motion of the subject as they press the shutter, ensuring that they never miss that crucial moment. There is also a Movie Button that lets users quickly start movie recording without first switching from still image mode. The camera can be connected to an HD compatible television with a separately available HDMI cable to enjoy viewing movies. The display can be viewed easily from above, below, left or right thanks to its wide viewing angle, and it is extremely bright, making it easy to see even in daylight. This feature can be useful when ordinary face detection technology would have trouble focusing as desired, such as when a number of people are lined up for a portrait and the picture-taker's family members are at the rear of the group.
They incorporate automatic scene differentiation and allow the shutter to be released automatically, thanks to CASIO's commitment to keep improving the convenience offered by digital cameras.
The display can be viewed easily from above, below, left or right thanks to its wide viewing angle and it is extremely bright, making it easy to see even in daylight. These cameras were also designed to be very user-friendly, and it is easy to quicly change to another shooting mode associated with the scene type that the camera recognizes.
To find out more about the cookies we use and how to delete them, see our privacy policy.I accept cookies from this site. It has only been a year since CASIO released the revolutionary EXILIM Zoom EX-Z1000, the first digital camera in the world to deliver 10.1 megapixel resolution in a size that fits easily in the palm of the hand. It’s very fast (across the board), has better battery life than the Energizer bunny, and is almost infinitely tweakable.
Plus, a Selfie Timer means all you have to do to activate the timer is press the front shutter button to choose your preferred time interval (2-5s), before the camera does all the work. And once you’ve transferred all your favourite images, the Geo-location tagging function means you get to sort everything out into an interactive visual map – just like on Instagram. The EX-Z1000 won acclaim for making it simpler than ever to capture images at a remarkably high resolution, and its trend-setting performance put it at the forefront of the market.

HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. Now, going one step beyond the EX-Z1000, the new flagship EX-Z1200 offers 12.1 megapixel resolution - the highest available in any compact digital camera.
Any other company or product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of those companies. At this amazing level of detail, photos print crystal-clear even in large sizes or when trimmed to show just one part of the image. Tiny feature rich digicams are as common as budget deficits these days, so why should consumers purchase the Z750 rather than the nifty little Canon Powershot SD500?
It incorporates CCD-shift image stabilization and the latest EXILIM Engine 2.0 image processing module with motion analysis technology. These innovative features work together to help prevent blurry shots due to shaky hands, subject movement or poor focus when photographing moving subjects such as children or pets. In addition, the auto-tracking AF system now combines both face detection and motion analysis technologies. It is remarkably well designed and user friendly, surprisingly versatile, and capable of consistently impressive results. As with all digital cameras in the EXILIM Series, the EXILIM CARD features Casio’s EXILIM Engine, an image processing module that makes for high quality images, quick operation, and low power consumption that has made EXILIM the camera of choice for many users. With this revolutionary new system, once the focus is locked in, it follows a moving subject's face, maintaining both sharp focus and correct exposure. The latest version of the EXILIM Engine features the Anti Shake DSP, which reduces blurring caused by shaking hands or moving subjects, while the Auto Macro and Quick Shutter functions ensure that photos are properly focused. There’s no diopter correction for eyeglasses wearers and the offset between the optical viewfinder and the lens means that up to about 8-10 feet the viewfinder sees a substantially different view than the lens.
Comparable in size and weight with most cell phones, the EX-S500 is conveniently portable, taking high quality pictures and movies anywhere, anytime. Casio’s new eBay Best Shot mode is a simpler, faster way to size and optimize images for use on eBay, for email transfer or for use anywhere else on the Web. The zoom retracts into the body when the camera is powered down and a built-in lens cover closes over the front element. Casio claims the maximum range is about 10 feet, but realistically anything beyond 6 feet (unless there’s lots of ambient light and the background is white) is going to end up being fairly dark. In dim lighting users can engage the Flash assist feature, which automatically brightens up underexposed areas in-camera. Casio claims the battery is good for up to 325 exposures, but keep in mind that battery life is actually dependent on a variety of random environmental and personal use factors (not a lab test or best case scenarios) so accurate power depth predictions are as rare as honest politicians.
My personal shooting style (full time LCD use, regular flash use, constant review, delete, and re-shoot) uses up power profligately, but I never once ran out of juice over the two weeks that I used the Z750. The Casio Exilim EX Z750 manages power so well that most (typical) users won’t need to buy a back-up battery.
This tiny digicam provides users with tons of useful features and a raft load of Record, Play, and Exposure options.
Casio’s engineers managed to keep Caucasian skin tones fairly accurate, somehow avoiding most of the ruddy look that usually goes hand in hand with oversaturated colors. ISO 50 images look like Velvia slides — sharp as a tack with very bright and highly saturated colors and hard contrast. ISO 100 images are still very good, with sharp resolution, bright colors, and lots of snap.
ISO 200 images are pretty good, but grain is starting to show and colors look more like print film than slide film. Results at ISO 400 are pretty flat and detail is starting to go, but noise is very well controlled (better than most of the Z750’s competition).
I didn’t see the dreaded purple edge in anything I shot, even in high contrast color transition areas. Indoors, the Z750 (based on my very limited indoor use) does a somewhat better than average job. My Z750 images showed consistently excellent resolution, (slightly too) vibrant color, great highlight and shadow detail, and a very nice dynamic range. Shooters who insist on constantly tweaking their images will love the Z750’s ability to produce photos that truly reflect the personality and creative vision of the individual behind the camera.
This is an insurmountable problem (despite the red-eye reduction flash setting) because it is not possible (with tiny cameras) to physically separate the flash and the lens sufficiently to avoid, in essence, having them on the same plane. Photographers who shoot lots of portraits may want to consider investing in a larger digital camera. As the icing on the cake, the Z750 will still be going after the SD500 runs out of juice and it costs less than it’s chief rival, too.
I really liked the Canon Powershot SD500, but when push comes to shove I like this little Casio better.

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