NCDA Dance Team encourages individual achievement in the art of dance and inspires dancers to work hard, accomplish their fullest performance level, and achieve their goals, all while being held to high standards. End Result- Dancers gain understanding, respect and discipline through performing and learn to appreciate the fun in working hard toward your goals and knowing you've given it your all! The NCDA Dance Team is selected through an audition process, which is usually held in the Spring. Heather began her dance training at the age of three from the New Castle Dance Academy, under the tutelage of Valerie Gooding, and Koresh Dance Center in Philadelphia, PA. For NCDMA along with Directing the Competitive Team, Executive Choreographer, Teacher Advisor and Costume Coordinator. Heathera€™s Professional Dance Career started as a backup dancer for two upcoming vocal artists in the mid 90a€™s. As a young dancer she was picked out of hundreds of students for her perfect turn out, she was selected for The Nutcracker with multiple roles, and was Captain of her Cheerleading Team.
It is a 7-page notes piece that was initially written for piano but later on transcribed and rearranged for Backup Vocals and Vocals in range of F3-C5.

She has taken master classes from Pamela Bowling, Ray Leeper, Karen Hebert, Nan Giordano, Charles Kelly, Al Gilbert, Frank Hatchett, Gus Giordano, Tatjainna Smith, and Steve Sirico Raymond Lukens to name a few. Her dance team started off with just 9 dancers back in 2000 and has blossomed into 40 dancers, boys and girls! She collaborates with Robert Moses on Choreography and her students are consistently picked for elite workshops to work with outstanding Master Teachers across the country. It taught her leadership, discipline and brought her confidence that is with her to this day. The song has also been transposed into +9 G Major, +7 F Major, +5 Eb Major, +4 D Major, +2 C Major and -1A Major. She has had students accepted in to Point Park, Rockettes Summer Intensive, Jaffrey Ballet, Winners of Pageants, such as Miss Delaware, Eagles Cheerleaders, College Scholarships, Division 1 College dance team acceptance, and Back-up Dancers for film. NCDA Competition Team is recognized for their style, disciple, creatively, choreography, and respect for other dancers with a positive attitude.
The tempo of the song is slow, only 50 beats per minute, which makes it quite easy even for a beginner piano player to learn sheet music by Christina Perri.

Her impeccable style and drive to be a€?YOURa€? best gives her students the confidence and willingness to get selected for greatness. Directors from Competitions come up to her often and comment on her choreography and her dancers get standing ovations from judges!
Dancers will be inspired to accomplish their fullest performance level, work hard, and achieve their goals. Heather Pate has been the team director for 15 years with many recognized accomplishments to include the lifetime TV network choreography award & the 2013 entertainment award over 1,141 other entries.
Five of her students, in which she has taught since the age of three, were also selected to be in the movie.

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