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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style.
The Yamaha PSR3000 61-Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard is only limited by your imagination. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. Yamaha has carefully designed the PSR-E223 keyboard to make playing and learning music the way it should bea€?fun and easy.
A 61-key portable keyboard with 102 songs and other educational tools to help hone your skills. Players looking for authentic Arabic and Oriental instrument voices and styles will appreciate the comprehensive capabilities and dynamic sound of the PSR-A300.
The Oriental Scales feature lets you simply and easily raise or lower the pitches of specific notes and create your own scales.
Gerne beraten wir Sie uber Alternativen! Mit einer verbluffenden Vielfalt an Klangfarben und Begleit-Styles offnet Ihnen das PSR-E343 die Pforten zu musikalischem Spielspa?.
With over 100MB of ROM, 128-note polyphony, and a huge array of Sweet, Cool, and Mega Voices, this is a creativity tool with practically no limitations.
The included Interactive Yamaha Education Suite has 5 lessons, a chord dictionary, metronome, and over 100 songs to learn and improve your basic skills. It features convenient learning and practice features along with simple recording functions in a high-quality, touch-sensitive instrument.
With sounds including Arabic, Maghreb, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish and Greek styles, the PSR-A2000 can also be expanded to offer a variety of new Voices and Styles. Computer connectivity and voice expansion is easy with USB hosting, a MIDI connector, and SmartMedia slot. The PSR-E223 keyboard has 375 voices, including the amazing Portable Grand with which you can let your inner talent shine.

Use the Scale Setting feature to create and instantly call up authentic tunings for whatever music style you play. Full-blown scale tuning functions support any type of tuning, including authentic scales from around the world that lend realism to your performance.
Verbinden Sie einfach eine beliebige Audio-Quelle mit Line Out Ausgang mit ihrem Keyboard und spielen Sie mit all ihren Lieblingsinterpreten.
The Yamaha PSR-E223 keyboard gives you 32-note polyphony, with 9 digital reverb effects including a new chorus. These superb sonic capabilities are matched by intuitive joystick-based pitch and modulation control for a truly dynamic performance.
Jetzt wird das Tempo des ausgewahlten Songs kontinuierlich an das Tempo des Spielers angepasst.
I also own a motif es and can safely say that I enjoy playing the psr3K more than the motif. Simply connect The Yamaha PSR-E223 to your computer and enjoy the extra benefits.The PSR-E223 can be powered by the optional Yamaha PA-130 AC adapter power supply (sku#336005) or six AA batteries (not included). Other features include organ modeling with virtual drawbars plus 240 styles, each with 3 intros, 3 endings, 4 variations, and 4 fill-ins per style. Arabic expansion, for instance, fills the PSR-A2000s built-in 64 megabyte FlashROM with Arabic voices and styles that may be combined with onboard voices for an impressive 128 megabytes of ethnic sounds. Yamaha has incorporated scale tuning functions into the PSR-A2000 to allow composing in exotic tunings including custom scale tuning and a scale set button.
This instrument is for the electronic musician who does not need to bang his fingers on weighted keys for different effects. I am confused about the product, because the features and sound lead me to believe it was a professional product, the construction on the other hand is secserely sub-par.
Guitars and pianos are also good but in my opinion you have to tweak and add effects to them in order to achieve a more solid sound.
There are plenty of options to do this and more, this machine will keep you busy and give you many hours of interesting playing around.

Most of the styles are good but again, what saves the day is the ability to change and personalize them. Even so I have not found a way to use my personalized sounds on an edited style (a minor detail). The usb in accepts any usb memory so you can easily store and retrive any song, style, etc. I use it for one man shows all the time and people say it sounds like a whole band playing.
At less than $100 I had my doubts, but also figured if I didn't like it I could either return it or just hang on to it if I didn't want to pay the return shipping. Its a high quality product, especially for its tiny price, and thus represents an excellent value for someone interested in learning the keys. This board reproduces the Hammond very well and the rotory speaker sound imitates my 122's slowing down speed to winding up to fast speed. The organs are much better than my Yamaha S08 and S03 synths, but not quite as good as our Hammond XK-2, but close enough. The grand-piano sound is amazing, in keeping with Yamaha tradition - truly amazing through good amps.I want a single keyboard with great synth, organ, and piano sounds, and this is the closest I have seen. So much can be customized and the style accompanyment is a very helpful tool in creating new ideas. Only two problems I've found so far: Sometimes when you delete a recorded track it doesn't delete properly and leaves some kind of noise. The other is the pre-set style accompanyment: Compared to the earlier models the pre-sets are rather boring.

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