My first electronic music 'keyboard' was the Yamaha SHS-10 in 1988 with FM sound and Midi-out. With its unmistakably unique exterior and its inimitable sound, the microKORG set the standard for analog modeling synthesizers. Komplete Kontrol S-Series ?ProofreadThis is probably the best MIDI keyboard controller for EDM.Native Instruments has listened to its customers and in October 2014 they released their new powerful MIDI controller. Native Map™ technology automatically maps all key parameters for each KOMPLETE Instrument to the touch-sensitive controller knobs – all clearly visible on the keyboards’ Clear View™ display. 2011 I bought the hughe Roland E-80 V2 Music WorkStation Arranger keyboard (2nd-hand): There are so many changes and new things to explore now! The year 2008 saw the introduction of the microKORG XL, which inherited the microKORG's fat and powerful sounds, while adding keyboard staples such as electric piano and CX-3 organ.
QuNexus works with all of your music software out of the box, connecting to your tablet or computer instantly, while also offering you room to grow – as your skills advance you can explore the touch sensitive keys to add effects and expression to your music.
Quality FATAR keyboard supplemented, simple operation and maximum integration with Komplete instruments package (read here what is new) makes Komplete Kontrol S-series invaluable tool for all types of music production.

The knobs on the Native Instruments KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards are mapped to the source you are using and the small screens below each controller give feedback about what will happen when you tweak the control.
Actually it is basically a combination of the Akai LPK25 and Akai LPD8, smashed in one universal versatile product.Good for any creative composer, who is often on the go and is always ready to lay down some tracks with ultimate production control. Designed with pure portability in mind, this uber stylish keyboard delivers a great playing experience, complete with polyphonic aftertouch, that can fit in an iPad carrying case! AKAI MPK261 comes with a new super sensitive MPC pads with RGB backlit  and with much better and quality keyboard mechanic. And now, 2014 is the next evolutionary step, the microKORG XL+ delivers a fresh update to the sounds and look of the microKORG XL, making it an ideal compact keyboard. My knowledge and interests into midi became more intense and in 1996 I bought the Roland E-66, which was also my first midi music keyboard with normal sized keys.
It is certainly the most versatile and magnificent Midi Music Arranger keyboard I got sofar. KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards also offer Smart Play™ - best described as an arpeggiator on steroids.

With a PCMCIA memorycard adaptor for SD- or CF memory there is also plenty of external memorystorage. Buy MIDI controller with a lot of knobs, faders, pads with the small midi keyboard you can easily fit it in your laptop computer bag. It can offer both basic arp tricks but also offers complex chord patterns, which are smart too, so they make sure you don’t do weird chords. Now with a used Roland SRX-06 Complete Orchestra expansion board, adding 449 HQ SRX-sounds and 5 extra rhythm sets to this keyboard. The 2nd E-80 expansion slot is now also filled with a (2nd-hand) Roland SR-G01 special G-70 expansion board, adding 76 HQ SRX-sounds, 6 extra rhythm sets and comes with 30 new accompaniment styles.

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