This is also the reason why Departure (?????,???) won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscar. The main actor in the movie, Masahiro Motoki (????) is a former cellist who then switched his profession by chance.
I can barely recognize Kristen Stewart although I knew that she was the child actor in Panic Room years ago. This musical score is literally easy for everyone because there’s not so much of flying notes and chords. Frankly speaking, I’ve considered transcribing this song before but backed off when I noticed that there are so much Jazz in it. With regards to the overwhelming requests for this piano sheet, Ah Doe chose this song which is from The Little Nyonya drama again.

One of the main soundtrack is Memory, with cello as the leading instrument and accompanied by piano which is composed by Joe Hisaishi (???), who is best known for his work in Hayao Miyazaki’s (???) animated feature films. As for Robert Pattinson, I have to agree that this cute little guy is so stylish that I bet even aunties will scream for him! Make sure you don’t watch this spoof video before you see the real Twilight movie ok? To elaborate further, Jazz comprises of hell lot of semitones and rhythmic bass, which is not an easy task. I simplified the chords and make the whole piece sounds cleaner than my usual style, hoping that this could accommodate more younger players. Those who have watched this drama would surely know that this is the theme song of Yueniang and Chenxi which represents their sad ending.

Watching this film is like riding a roller coaster in short, at one point you can’t stop laughing and while you are still unprepared for what happens next, the movie reminds you of reality. Now I can foresee the fight between him, Zac Efron from High Musical and Shia LaBeouf from Transformers to becoming the next hottest star.

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