Our thinnest, lightest Keyboard Folio provides an incredibly fast, fluid and comfortable typing experience.
Protect your iPad mini from accidental bumps, scratches and spills with this textured high-performance fabric cover. The Ultrathin Keyboard Folio doubles as a dual-view stand that holds iPad mini in two ideal positions. The keyboard has an instant on-off feature -- your iPad Mini automatically wakes up when you open the cover and switches to standby when you close it -- and Logitech says the keyboard has a three-month battery life based on usage of 2 hours per day. 3 Monate lang soll die Tastatur bei Volladung durchhalten konnen und kann mittels USB aufgeladen werden. Tipps fur uns?Dann schreibe deinen Tipp oder sogar einen ganzen Beitrag, den wir dann als Gastbeitrag veroffentlichen.

Mit einem Kauf bei Amazon uber diesen Button unterstutzt du unsere Seite - die Preise erhohen sich dadurch ubrigens nicht. Deskmodder-App fur Windows PhoneUnsere App bringt die neuesten News direkt auf dein Smartphone - komplett ohne Werbung!
If you're used to using Apple's Bluetooth keyboard, it's not quite as good as that, but it's got a much better feel to it than keyboards with soft, rubberized keys.
Compared to other Mini keyboards, this Logitech is quite good and ranks among the best out there. Weiterhin wird beim Zuklappen das iPad mit Tastatur automatisch in den Standby Modus versetzt und beim Aufklappen wieder aktiviert. While slightly cramped, the keyboard has a good layout and several shortcut buttons for your iPad.

True, you can find similar options from lesser-known brands like MiniSuit and Sharkk for significantly cheaper, but this model appears to be a step up. It has a nice design, is relatively lightweight, and is a good match for the Mini -- cosmetically, anyway. It's smaller than the letter keys, but it's there, which is important (with the Belkin you have to hit the function key to make an apostrophe or quote).

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