First & Last Name*Telephone Number*We require a telephone number in case our response ends up in your spam folder. Many adults have unpleasant memories of taking piano lessons as a child, and this has often turned them away from piano instruction as adults.
Taking London piano lessons with Piano Courses For Adults will help you fulfill your musical dreams. Enjoy a a peaceful, quiet, creative retreat to turn to from time-to-time by taking London Piano Lessons in the City of London! Electric Bass – Private Lessons are available for Beginner to Intermediate skills to learn the basic scales and melody lines. Harmonica – Beginner lessons age 6 and up, on the diatonic, ten hole harmonica in the key of C. Guitar Basics – Designed to create a strong foundation for guitar players, this class introduces all the basics to playing guitar including tuning, how to read chord chards, notation and TAB.
Piano Class – This fun class will not only teach basic piano concepts, but also how to use the functions of the keyboard. Musical Directions (Glee Club) – A group singing class for ages 6 and up to not only learn to sing great songs but also the fundamentals of singing which includes proper techniques for breath support and articulation while building confidence!
String Class – This class is for beginners and will introduce the basic theory, technique and musicianship through fun and comprehensive group lessons. Music Explorers – Your little one will explore music in this fun group utilizing various percussion instruments, moving to music, singing, and other techniques to help your child age 3-5 grow musically and explore the diversity of music.  Come Explore with us! To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Playing a musical instrument relieves stress & remains active eventually helping to sharpen the memory. Learn to play the piano or keyboard, from beginner to advanced, classical, jazz & modern styles. Without excellent technical piano instruction (from a master teacher), you will definitely struggle to make fast progress! Do you believe in receiving top-notch instruction with a master piano teacher who genuinely cares for your piano success?
Do you like the idea of attending private and exclusive music events with like-minded friends of music in a formidable and prestigious setting? If this resonates with you, then you’ve just discovered the perfect private piano learning establishment dedicated to you! It’s the ultimate stress reliever, helping you get rid of your frustrations and workload. You can now study classical piano, jazz piano, blues piano, popular piano and rock piano styles with us.

On a regular basis you will benefit from student contest and get-togethers when you can meet other like-minded professionals who play the piano for their pleasure!
In these prestigious evening parties, you can have an opportunity to perform in a non-judgemental setting and discover the glory of music while enjoying a glass of champagne! Many good pianist will attest to the fact that most of them took their earliest music lessons in their childhood.
The piano lessons we offer kids are also important in helping them to improve their concentration levels.
Develop children’s natural creative abilities, confidence, social skill and communication. Letting us give your child piano lessons will help them appreciate music as they get to understand the whole concept of music and some of them may even get into the business of music composition in the future.
You will enjoy professional, pleasant lessons in an exciting setting with an unparalleled view of the City. When you take London piano lessons, from our skilled, relaxed, professional instructors, you can rest assured you will never be hit with a ruler or made to practice your scales until you are in tears! We want you to enjoy playing the piano, so we’ll focus on your musical goals and desires.
London piano lessons are the modern, sensible, highly beneficial alternative to forms of recreation busy adults have turned to in the past. Perfect if you are looking for piano lessons E1, EC1, piano lessons EC2, piano lessons in EC3, EC4 piano lessons. Students will learn the parts of the violin and their functions, how to care for and maintain their instrument, fingering positions, bowing techniques, reading music and music symbols. Students focus on fundamentals of note reading, tone production, embouchure strength, hand position, and posture. Scientists say that children who are exposed to music, or those who play an instrument, do better in school than those who don’t. Once you get better at it, Opportunities will arise for you to share your newly learned skill with your family and friends. Piano lessons for kids because the benefits that are accrued usually go beyond the scope of music itself. Apart from helping your kids with improved motor skills that bring about a good hand and eye coordination, they get to improve their writing skills and for the older ones they perfect the art completely as they will have mastered motor skills. The main reason for this is that these lessons require a good amount of focus in order for there to be progress, especially considering the fact that kids must think about each hand separately. Such kids have their minds deeply engaged leading to deeper understanding of not only music but many other issues in life as well.
As classical pianists, we strive to provide you with the very best in piano instruction along with an enriching and exhilarating experience.

We understand that you work hard for your money in your day-to-day life, and when you step through our doors, you anticipate a happy experience.
Soon you’ll be playing the songs you love and sharing your newfound talent with friends and family members. When you learn to play the piano, you add a dimension of class, creativity and musical accomplishment to your life that can benefit you in body, mind and spirit.
Never mind if it’s just a simple piece, believe me you’ll never forget the first piece you’ve mastered. Recent research suggests exposure to music may benefit a child’s reading age, IQ and the development of certain parts of the brain. It is a fact that when your kid learns to play music and especially piano, they engage both hemispheres of the brain and many of the lessons that are imparted in the mind are carried all the way to adulthood and throughout one’s lifetime.
We take our time to teach your kids sheet music which requires a great deal of concentration which then must be immediately translated into music and at the same time add the correct tempo and rhythm. Even if your child doesn’t grow up to become a concert pianist the lessons they learn will finally help them become well rounded persons with multiple interests thus helping to develop and mature their personalities. It’s this combination of excellent instruction and respect for the fact that you are a busy adult with many responsibilities on your shoulders that has earned us a fine reputation for offering challenging, entertaining, creative and effective piano instruction. That’s why we strive to provide you with the very best piano instruction experience in all of Europe. Your accomplishments and successes at the keyboard will surely carry over into your daily life to help you face everyday challenges with confidence and improved self-esteem.
The sense of relaxation, improved mental acuity and sheer accomplishment you will experience will surprise you. You are one more step closer to achieving your goal and that is certainly something to be proud of. Playing a musical instrument opens up a lot of good possibilities that will surely enrich your life.
There are very few lessons that can match the benefits of taking piano lessons as far as your kids are concerned.
This level of concentration is an important virtue that is required in order for kids to do well even in academics.
Enjoy Piano Courses For Adults today and get in touch to learn more about how you can benefit from expert London piano lessons. Lessons are customized to each student’s ability and interest in a fun learning environment.

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