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A lot of musicians play by ear, which means they don't necessarily read the notes that they are playing but they listen and then find the notes on their guitar by experimentation. The top staff is called a treble clef and most instruments will play the notes on the treble clef.
If you are playing the guitar or piano you will want to play more than one note at a time to make a chord. If you want to make beautiful music on your guitar then it is important to learn the rules of music.
Your guitar has six strings and starting from the bottom string the open notes (where you do not placed your fingers on the fret) are E A D G B E.
The major scale starts with a whole step (c to c# is a half step, c# to d is a half step, and so c to d is called a whole step.
C C# D = 1 whole step, D D# E = 1 whole step, E F = a half step (note there is no black key between E and F), F F# G = 1 whole step, G G# A = 1 whole step, A A #B = 1 whole step, B C = a half step (note there is no black key between B C. For beginners, musical sheets may look really foreign, with all the notes and symbols printed in it. All the notes that will be on the upper staff are the notes above middle C and the bottom staff indicates all the notes below middle C. Moving on, once you are familiar with the notes and piano keys, another significant aspect in learning to read music sheets is the tempo of the of the song or the piece. This is a numerical fraction, located on a staff after the treble cleff and bass cleff to indicate the timing.

Learning how to read sheet music is essential for anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument. The purpose of this music game is to help beginner pianists learn how to read sheet music and remember the names for all the keys. Everyone likes to play popular music and wouldn't it be nice if you could read the musical notes that you hear? The bottom staf is called the bass staf and if you were playing the bass then you would play the notes on the second staf. It is said that mathmatics is the basis of all music and you will learn how notes are placed together to create musical harmonies. So a Major scale starting on any note consists of 2 whole steps, a half step, 3 whole steps and a half step. The staff is composed of horizontal lines where the notes and the symbols are usually written there are also the vertical lines called the bar which divides the staff into sections.
To play the C Major scale, start with the thumb, followed by the index finger then middle finger, then at F, the note is numbered once again so you have to tuck your thumb underneath and continue as it is written.
The numerator represents the number of beats per measure while denominator gives the note value for the beat.
There are still a lot more to learn, like other symbols, the dynamics and of course the technique but this is a good start. Learning the different clefs is the first step that will help you to read and understand piano sheet music. If you were to play the piano, the left hand would play the bass staf and the right hand would play the treble staf. We will continue our discussion on learning the guitar and learning the music theory that goes along with it in the next article. The good thing is, there are lots of ways to start understanding music notes from tutorial videos to reading how to articles like this one.

The presence of sharp before a note means that you have to raise a note by one half step while a flat requires you to go down by one half step. To go back to the middle C, follow the numbering and when you reach F, move the middle finger over the thumb and proceed until you press the middle C. A half step is the very next key, for example raising the middle C by one half step will land you on the black key beside it. To make sure that you are pressing the right keys, search videos about the key of C and listen if it sounds similar to what you are playing. The notes and rests have corresponding counts or beats.Time signature should also be followed. For beginners, it will be best to follow the numbering since these are intended to make playing easier while for experienced pianist, the finger positions are already suggestive. The material on this site is copyrighted to their respective owners and it is shared for educational purposes only. Notes with different time equivalents can be combined in one measure as long as it conforms with the time signature. Use "every good boy does fine " for the line notes and the word "face" to remember the space notes in the treble clef. For advanced pianists, the right hand or left hand can play either the notes on the upper or lower staff as the music sheets require but for beginners, it is enough to remember that the upper staff is for the right hand while as represented by the treble cleff, the symbol at the beginning of the upper staff while the lower staff is for the left hand, represented by the bass cleff instead.
After knowing the notes on the staff, the faster you memorize this, the faster you can concentrate on playing the music.

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