This comprehensive Blues Piano Course starts by teaching you the blues form, how to play bluesy chords, two ways of playing a blues ‘shuffle,’ along with classic intros and endings. The song arrangement is packed with flashy blues riffs that you will learn to play in the context of the song.
Everything from tremolos, sliding notes, chord punches and blues turnarounds are clearly demonstrated. The advanced arrangement has some special surprises including a left hand stride bass pattern, and a minor Latin intro to take your playing to the next level!

Then we’ll gradually introduce more ragtime techniques including ‘rag rolls,’ arpeggios, ornamentation, and additional bass patterns. This video is primarily for intermediate to advanced players (players with at least 1-2 years of experience). Louis Blues,” along with many other blues techniques you can use to jam with other musicians. We will cover the left hand chord patterns, and add the right hand melody to start making music right away.

Beginners can still learn the basic chords and melody, but the left hand movement and two hand coordination will provide a challenge in this course.
Once we get into learning the song, we teach a beginner version, as well as a more challenging version for the intermediate and advanced players.

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