People want to learn how to play chords in order to be able to play any song they desire easily. There are several methods available to learn how to play the piano, and how to approach learning chords.
Play a C minor chord in root position by lowering the third interval by a half-step, playing the black key between the D and E. Chords are combinations of three or more notes from a scale that form the harmony of a song when played together. Chord Chart Finder shows you the chords on the keyboard and on the bass and treble clef music staff.
For those of you who play guitar, it is very useful for you to know piano chords as well as guitar chords. To find the notes for any major chord, choose the major scale with the same letter name and use scale notes 1, 3, and 5.
If we take the first note C and the third note E and the fifth note G and play them together we have the C major chord. The graphic below shows how the C chord looks on the staff first in Root Position, second in First Inversion, and lastly in Second Inversion.
The symbols above the chords are called Chord Symbols and tell the keyboard player or any musician what chord is to be played underneath the melody or soloist. If you understand the formula for the major chords and and have practiced a few, you are ready to move on. As always if there is anything you need help with just use the form below to contact me, your Personal Piano Professor and I will be glad to help. Learn more about chord inversions and how to make use of them in your playing and writing by clicking the link below. Best Home Study for "Ear Players"After checking out dozens of home study courses that teach you to play by ear and focus on chord progressions I am convinced that the folks at Hear and Play have the best, most well rounded program available for just about all styles of music from Gospel to Jazz. Contact meIf you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for future lessons feel free to Contact Me.
I need your help!If you enjoyed this article please click the Facebook Like button and help me continue to provide these free lessons. You won't just be satisfied -- you'll be THRILLED!Does Duane guarantee your success at piano playing? All the Major Chords" chord chart to help you understand chords and get started using them.

For a C Major scale, you'll play every white key one at a time, starting on C, working your way up to the next C.
The notes on the lines are EGBDF, or "Every Good Boy Does Fine." The note below the staff with a line through it is Middle C.
Once you're familiar with what notes on the staff belong to what key, you can then figure out what notes to play for any given chord. Once you've figured that out, refer to your method books and associate what you've played with the notes on the staff. Experiment by added fourth and fifth notes to the triads to see what sounds you come up with.
This will not only solve all your chord problems, but it will also speed up your sight-reading!
Guitar chords are really the same as piano chords -- the guitar tabs (guitar tablature) looks different, but it's really just a picture of where your hands should go on the frets. Because I've found a resourcethat'll uncover tons of contemporary gospel secrets from one ofthe baddest gospel musicians in the industry today, Mr. But I told myself right then and there that I would learn to play the piano so well that no one would ever laugh at me again. Chords are really a shortcut to understanding and playing music without all the formal training.
And you can do it much easier and faster because you understand what you are seeing -- chords and parts of chords and chords stretched out into a string of individual notes (called "arpeggios") and chord progressions -- one chord flowing into another. So if you are a beginner, or a rusty intermediate, or you took piano lessons as a kid but want to make sure you don't miss anything, this is the course for you. He can't, because he doesn't know your motivation, your time available, your family situation, your persistence -- etc, etc. There are two major groups of keys: one made up of three white keys with two black keys in between each, the other made up of four white keys with three black keys in between each.
If you're using an 88-key piano, Middle C is the 40th note from the lowest note, or the fourth C from the bottom.
The notes in the spaces spell the word "FACE." The note below the staff, just under the bottom line, is a D. Usually piano music doesn't have "piano tabs", but most piano music uses chord symbols such as Fm7, G6, Eb9, and so on. All Duane's other courses specialize in this or that, but this is THE BASIC COURSE -- the CRASH COURSE -- you'll get a complete, correct start at the piano.

You KNOW what you're getting when you study with the author of over 500 piano books and courses! You'll learn musical form, transposition, modulation, improvisation, and a host of other musical truths! The more you learn, the more you will understand, and the more you'll want to review something that was taught earlier!
So DON'T order this for your children UNLESS you plan to take the course to and stay a little ahead of them.
Thus, the stepping sequence of the major scale is, moving from the first note of C:, whole (D), whole (E), half (F), whole (G), whole (A) whole (B) half (C). But the notes in a guitar chord are exactly the same as in a piano chord, so musicians who double on both guitar and piano have an advantage.
And if you watch these piano lesson videos week after week for a solid year, you will be astounded at how much you can learn in a year and how many different songs and styles and chords you can play! Thus, two whole steps, one half, three whole, and one half step is the stepping sequence for a major scale.
This chord finder will help you find any kind of chord -- so called "jazz chords", "Christian guitar chords", "rock chords", "praise & worship chords" -- music chords of all types from augmented to diminished to 7ths to 13ths.
And Duane explains and demonstrates everything so thoroughly -- plus you have the book he's teaching from right there in front of you -- that you would have to try hardnot to learn! But here you get the full session with Duane playing each song and explaining in detail -- using slow-motion and close-ups to make it crystal-clear. And don't forget that a piano chord is exactly the same as a keyboard chord -- no difference at all. It functions like a chord dictionary -- a chord locator -- a chord finder -- and leads you to all the inversions of piano chords. I would encourage any guitar players to learn not only guitar tablature -- guitar chords, but also piano chords so that the connection between the two types becomes clear. Maybe someday, but meanwhile, enjoy all these wonderful piano chords!) The only kind of chord the chart doesn't cover are "slash chords" "altered chords" and "poly-chords", because these are basically infinite.

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