Pentato Nic is a motorbike-riding cowboy who, with the help of his lizard friend Mr Blue Scales and various desert critters, loves to teach young folk to play guitar!
Gibson released their own easy-to-follow guitar lesson apps for beginner and advance learners. It helps users train their sense of hearing through guiding them in tuning each string to any key.
The internal microphone of the mobile phone is responsible for receiving the frequencies of each string when struck. Created by Guitar Jamz, Beginner Guitar Song app allows you to learn the basics in playing guitar.
The Steel Guitar app teaches you how to play the guitar and other titular instruments (6-string lap steel, 8-string “console steel,” 10-sting Nashville, and 10-string Texas).

With the help of his great hand-drawn characters and quirky stories, Vic leads parents and children through all the basics of rhythmn, notations, scales, chords and more.
If you’ve never touched the instrument, this is your time to start your guitar training using the app on your mobile device.
Your instrumental lessons also cover four unique tones per instrument: (1) brit (2) clean (3) tolex and (4) tweed.
With the Chords app on your mobile device, you’ll easily learn how to play each chord and familiarize yourself with the sound they make. Ideal for parents teaching children aged 5-8 in an entertaining and light-hearted way while progressing through a structured learning course. Before we used chord charts and music sheets to help us learn music and now learning to play the guitar along with other musical instruments are made easier with the help of music apps. Here are some guitar apps recommended for beginners that will help enrich your skills in playing the most loved instrument of all time.

Best of all users can get the app to choose automatically a particular BMP through Tap Tempo Metronome. This virtual guitar player allows users to strum and to fret on their mobile screen as they learn the songs.

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