If you aspire to learn to play cocktail piano and would like to follow along with us, this page continues where we left off here. Okay, since you are reading this, that means you've followed along nicely and have implemented what we've covered.
This whole concept of really mastering that melody like you never have before and then gradually making more of it is something I cover in a special video presentation.
Along with everything we've mentioned, by all means fully accept yourself and your present playing status and learn to really appreciate yourself and your efforts. Piano Lessons In Sarasota N Tamiami Jun 03, 16 03:39 PMPiano lessons in Sarasota, Florida that are fun, inspiring, and result-oriented!
999-1079 Jun 03, 16 03:10 PMSarasota piano lessons that are fun, inspiring, and result-oriented! Santa Cruz, California, is best known for its majestic redwood forests and world-class surfing spots.
Gordon and Char Mayer, and Aaron Keim, are best known as Mya-Moe, custom ukulele makers, but they are also renowned cocktail connoisseurs. If, after reading that short article, you find that we are in agreement as to what cocktail piano is, then we can explore the many cocktail piano techniques that will be conducive to your realizing your potential in this incredibly interesting art form. 3) Once you've done this, be completely honest with yourself when answering this question: "Did that melody sing when you played it?"Really, did it? When you played that melody, did it sound like it was being projected by you like you know it like you know it like you know it?
Give yourself several opportunities to play that melody while you continue to listen and observe.
Continue the process until you feel like you are in total command of the melody of that song.
Letters of Note – Place to read and post letters, postcards and faxes to fascinate and dazzle the masses. After I find out the email is a hoax I like to send the Snopes link to the person who sent me the email. Specifically, you have a melody that you are feeling especially confident about when it comes to playing it on that piano or keyboard of yours. But since the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz launched a four-string revolution 14 years ago, it’s also become a destination for ukulele players from Kona to Kingston.
Ukulele magazine asked them to share their favorite summer libations and they have given us two delicious rye whiskey drinks.

Since you want to learn to play cocktail piano, it seems that it would be appropriate to acknowledge this, the reason being that if your idea of what cocktail piano and my idea of what it is are different, then we need to discuss how are perspectives differ in relation to what you specifically want to learn. It can either be a song that you aspire to learn and have never played before OR it can be a song that you have played and would like to take your confidence with that song to higher levels. Remember, we're approaching this in steps so please bear with me as we journey through this together. Compare how you played that melody to what it would sound like if it was actually being sung by a professional vocalist. If there are lots of "stumbles" as you play through it, slow it down and concentrate more on the musicality of what you're playing rather than the speed of it. You're in such command that you could present it in different ways to the listener, modifying dynamics and even note values, while still maintaining rhythm, however slow that might be.
We'll be playing that melody with the right hand and the chord tones that we add with the left hand. For example, if you can easily play a triad like C Major and smoothly move it to another chord, etc., then perhaps you'll feel confident experimenting with breaking that chord up a bit.
You can "layer" one concept on top of another and, before long, you can be impressing yourself and those listening.
If you've taken advantage of any of the video sessions referred to above, then have a ball with using some of what you are learning. Although the club meets only once a month at a local restaurant, local ukers regularly congregate at various venues around town.
Tune up your uke, invest in a good bottle of rye, and sing the old two-chord bluegrass standard “Rye Whiskey” while you sample them both. If you take the latter choice because you are familiar with a song that you would like to improve upon, that just may be your ticket to gaining maximum benefit from your initial experience here.
Increasing your tempo is always easier to do with a segment of music that you have absolute command of. When you are at a point of playing that melody with a high level of confidence, we will explore how to enhance it with some harmonic techniques or even walking bass lines to give it more support. The motion of the figures and how they look ready to leap off the page through my computer screen and onto my keyboard.
This is our approach for now, of course, as many more creative possibilities await us down the path of this fantastic adventure.
I'm encouraging you to not be in a hurry and to devote lots of time to feeling confident with whatever level you are at.

The largest group gathers for a rousing sing-along every Saturday morning on the beach at the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor, on the azure shores of the Monterey Bay.
Top up the glass with chilled ginger ale, add your favorite swizzle stick, and serve immediately. Check out the lesson below and you will understand why I now want to learn to play the guitar. I would like you to take a look at this video excerpt (it's from my "1-2-3 Cocktail Piano" series). Consider this: What part of a tune is heard the most prominently when performed by either a soloist or a group? You are learning how to play cocktail piano in a manner that will have you knowing what "confidence at the piano" can really feel like. While watching and listening to those examples, please devote some special attention on how the melody, being played with the right hand, is kept of utmost importance and the left hand supports that melody by "splashing" some chord tones in the lower register of the piano keyboard.
Or, instead, did it sound like someone struggling through a melody as if it was just being learned? Notice that the left hand technique might change a little here and there but, while all that's going on, the right hand's melody line is not compromised.
You see, when you play confidently at one level, the next level naturally makes itself available to you. If your knowledge of chords is limited to triads, that's just fine, we can use what you know. You want to have command of your melody as if your fingers on those keys were a vocalist's mouth near a microphone. By the way, approaching the melody this way will have a huge impact on the quality of your piano improvisations.
If you can admit, for example, that you have a lot to learn about 7th chords, then you're open to improvement because you are willing to see the truth of it.

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