Intro: 7 Steps to Learn How to Play PianoMany people who want to learn to play the piano are put off by the idea of spending long, boring hours learning music notes. Step 1: Getting Familiar with Your NotesMusic notes may seem strange now, but so did the letters of the alphabet when you first encountered them as a child. Step 2: Getting Familiar with the Piano KeysThe black keys are used to play what is known as sharp (#) and flat (b) notes and appear in groups of twos and threes. Step 5: Music Notes and TimingEach note indicates how much count it should receive (how long you should down the key).
Step 7: Review and PracticeRevise steps one to six and continue practicing until you can play Jingle Bells. The different note symbols mean different time lengths, so we need to specify a way of counting each of them.

Eighth notes are typically counted “1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and” in order to indicate the additional notes in between the background beats.
The audio file MP3 has me playing the notes on the piano in one stereo channel and me counting the rhythmic values in the other channel. If you are serious about learning to play the piano, the first thing you will need to do is put those negative thoughts behind and start with an open mind.
It does take time and yes, you have to learn the music notes, but it does not have to be boring, and it certainly does not have to take forever before you learn to play on your own. Your curiosity and the constant use of the written and spoken language around you have furnished your ability to read and not be scared of written words when you see them. They are the ABC of music, and with constant practice you will learn to sight read them just like you are sight reading this information now.

The show tune will be used to help you get the pitch of the notes as well as to learn the keys. Also, embedded directly in the eBooks, there are over 500 sound files that cut your learning time in half.My hubby bought me a pretty decent keyboard and I started playing it yesterday and it was so fun. I did twinkle first cuz it has lessons that you can do there and I did really well, very easy.
I wanna go to music school and take the piano lessons.Hi are u playing the piano using the notes?

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