Finally found the scales I have been looking for to help me get a better picture of how to play better! I do graphic design, some 3D work, and I'm currently working on a "soon" to be released 3D animated movie. To learn how to play other piano scales, such as major, minor,chromatic and pentatonic scales, visit our main piano scales page. My number one recommendation on this site for learning how to play the piano is Piano For All. Click here to learn about Piano For All. Have you ever tried emulating what famous musicians play only to find that you can barely make it past the first 3 notes? All melodies are derived from some of the basic musical scales – the best way to get better at any instrument is to practice scales! I teach piano in my spare time, and I find it quite irksome that there aren’t any nicely-engraved free scores for download online for basic exercises such as major and minor (both harmonic and melodic) scales. The first two covers major scales, and the final three cover the minor scales, which alternate between harmonic and melodic.

You are required to attribute (by linking to this page) should anyone ask or if you want to share this on your own website. I’m really s sax and woodwind player and sometime teacher but I do need bass clef and to find the scales in sequence, laid out simply and in just the way I like has saved a great deal of time and effort. I am starting to learn piano again after giving up during lessons for several months over 10 years ago. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube page to stay up to date with the many lessons I will be adding. Take the first five 16th notes (one beat plus one note), work them out at a manageable tempo. Web development is my main area of computer expertise but I always have some weird and fantastic projects being juggled around my schedule. For the most challenging sections of a passage, create exercises that will help you work out the techniques you need to execute the passage with ease.  Remember those warm-ups your music teacher made you do?  Things like whole tones and chromatic scales?  Even the experts warm up because they build and condition all the right muscles.
The sheet has no copyright or attribution text that might get in the way of professionalism when presenting to students.

The flat third, flat fifth and flat seventh notes of the scale are the blue notes of the scale. You want to go to the next down beat of each group of notes you work on so when you begin putting each group of notes together you have practiced an overlap.
The sheet is created using LilyPond, which is quite possibly the world’s best music engraving software. You may not even notice the change in speed from one metronome setting to the next, which is good!

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