On a piano keyboard, the black keys are used to play sharp and flat notes, while the white keys are used to play naturals.
Together with KaraKEYoke Karaoke you can sing your favorite songs and also easy to learn to play the Piano, Musical Keyboard, MIDI keyboard. The program works with any MIDI Keyboard as well as Keyboard CASIO, Yamaha, Roland and others have MIDI output. KaraKEYoke software manages learning, shows the right keys on the screen and highlights them on the keyboard. You can select any track for training on the computer screen and it is immediately available for training. When it comes to the camera’s controller, get and unzip the proper archive for your computer OS (compatible with Windows and Mac OS platforms), run the available setup, and connect both devices via a USB cable (controller must be turned off).

It can be songs, melodies, exercises, pieces, etudes which are easy to find and download from the Internet.
After that you can load converted MIDI file to the Casio Musical Keyboard using SD memory card or USB connection. This indicates that the upgrade process has been initiated, and it will finish when the LED goes orange, and then turns off.
Also, check our website as often as possible to be aware when newer versions are available. When saying the name of the note out loud, you also say the accidental after the letter name. See if you can figure out which notes will be affected by the key signature and which ones will be affected by an accidental.

Then load converted MIDI file to the Casio Digital Keyboard using SD memory card or USB connection. The program allows you preview MIDI song and select MIDI channels for training separately for right and left hands.

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