Today, my good friend Ignacio Jordi is visiting this blog, bringing with him his very interesting thoughts that always makes us think and gives us an opportunity to know more about ourselves. That cute and comic electric keyboard was my first one, the instrument that introduced me, and many people in my generation, to the delights of playing music. But the Casiotone PT-1 had one more feature, the one I want to focus on: it was monochannelled. Now you might say it was a limitation rather than a feature, but try and see it through the eyes of a kid who is approaching for the first time the world of music, of making music.
Obviously, you need no more than one hand to play a single note, so I could help myself with the other hand when I had to play something that was fast or tricky, and the result was always gratifying.
I did not know it at the time, but it turned out to be a perfectly natural introduction to music.
So the limitation imposed by the instrument kindly forced me to train myself in the basics of music; all my attention was focused on the melody, and the quality of sound. That way, when, later on, I moved to a new, more potent keyboard, which allowed simultaneous channels (I think they were four), I was ready for the new challenge ahead: simultaneity of notes. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Innocence, Learning, Life, Memories, Music, Opinion, Simplicity. I didn’t have an electronic keyboard, but about the age of four I had a little toy piano (probably not bigger than a Netbook) and it was fun to follow the songs in the radio playing one note at the time. This may be why I’ve never been very good at musical instruments, even though I love music. Thank you for your very interesting comments, Patricia, I’m glad you found the post interesting.

I once saw in a documentary a representation of a baby’s brain: it was like a forest in autumn, only a few naked branches, and all that space waiting to be filled! You requested for 0 quantity of stock but we have 0 quantity of stock available in this location. A picture of the insides of the unit with arrows pointing to the wires for the internal battery pack. A note on the printer motor indicates "23Apr82" so 1982 must be about the time when it was manifactured.
If you haven’t visited Nacho at his blog Zerebria, please take some time and stop by to read his timeless and very educative posts. In other words, it only allowed you to play one note at a time; no sound appeared when you pressed a second key unless you released the former first. Fascinated, I practiced every catchy tune I could think of, in the mood of someone who disassembles a toy to see what’s inside. He is the author of the Zerebria blog, where he offers tips and hints for personal development and conscious living, besides all kind of contemporary musings.
If we analyze how we learned many things, like in school, we see that all the material is divided into small bits, and only when those bits are learned, more of them that complement the first are added to the knowledge acquired.
I think all children should have access to a musical education… and I don’t mean what many teachers do to music, in my country at least!
Music is always a highly recommendable thing, even only as a listener (I’m listening to music as I write this ). BBIC shall solely be responsible for fulfilment of all the orders placed through the e-store including but not limited to invoicing, receipt of payment and delivery of the products to the customers.

Further features of the CTK-573 include stereo speakers, audio out, tune, transpose, metronome, 24-note polyphony , 100 single touch presets, fill-in, synchro start, General MIDI, and pedal input with assignable functions. The only variation factor I was allowed was the four different instrument sounds to play with. And melody is the skeleton of any musical education, the first thing that humans tried out when they intended to make pretty sounds.
The skilled spokesman records himself at home, with no people round, to see how he looks and sounds.
In addition, the learning function offers practicing both hands or left and right hand separately.
The child gets familiar with the bike using small supporting wheels before heading for the challenge of balance on only two…Sometimes I wonder if I would have learned music the way I did if my first keyboard had been one of those high-tech monsters around in our days.
I’m no specialist, maybe there are still monochanelled beauties out there, but the mainstream seems to be dominated by keyboards with zillions of instruments and virtually no channel limitation, where pressing the demo button bursts into a Sting song or a Wagner, loud as hell. Customer hereby to the fullest extent permissible, waives any and all claims that it may have against BBIC and its Representatives arising as a result of or in relation to the e-store or purchases made through the e-store including inter-alia claims relating to payment and delivery of the products.

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