While Learn & Master Guitar is a fantastic DVD course for beginners and intermediate guitarists, I would NOT recommend it for anyone who has had significant formal guitar training, because it will most likely move too slowly. Disclosure: If you buy Learn & Master Guitar through a link on this page, I will earn a much-appreciated commission for taking the time to write this review. It is a step-by-step DVD course that walks even a complete beginner through everything from tuning & holding the guitar properly, to chords, to advanced scales and soloing. Bottom Line: Though it costs $249 $149, Learn and Master Guitar will do a great job replacing $15-$20 half-hour lessons, so you could easily save over $1,500 compared to a year of lessons.
Keep in mind that they are trying to take a beginner and get them up and running, and for that, I think L & M Guitar is a good program.
If you've tried Learn & Master Guitar, please take a moment to help other guitarists decide if it's a good choice for them!
Note: Your email address will NOT be published or used for anything other than confirmation! In summary, this course is excellent for beginners, and is a good way for intermediate guitarists like myself to improve their playing, learn new skills, and master the basics. They have a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so if you try it and find that it's not working for you, you can call them up, send it back, and get all of your money back. Also, if you're specifically looking to get really good at ONE style of guitar, this might not be the best way for you to do it. He has a degree in music, plays at Universities across the United States, and speaks and teaches at guitar workshops and churches around the World. He's a down-to-Earth guy, and he does a fantastic job breaking things down and moving slow enough for his students to grasp the concepts. As my abilities grew stronger, I kept running into problems like not understanding a key to solo within, missing notes in songs with a quicker tempo, and not being as creative as I'd hope to be when trying to write my own songs. I eventually decided to invest in my guitar playing to fix these problems, because I knew I needed to fill in these gaps with some 'legit' formal training.
While some of the lessons in the beginning moved too slowly for me because of how long I had been playing, I just fast-forwarded through them (definitely an advantage over private lessons). Though I should practice more than I do, I seriously believe that this course has helped me become a better guitarist, and overall I would recommended it to anyone who's just starting to learn guitar, or for any intermediate guitarists like myself, who want to improve their skills.
If you want to boost your skills as a guitarist (or simply start learning to play guitar), I'd recommend trying this course overall.
Being able to watch the lessons again, until you understand them, makes this course better than paying $15-$20 per 30-minute lesson, in my opinion.
The series includes 20 DVDs, 5 Jam CDs, over 100 pages of lesson resources and unlimited access to their online support community. By the time the student finishes all the lessons, they will be able to create their own style and play any genre or combination of genres they wish.
Additionally, you get 3-5 Jam CDs and over 100+ pages of supplemental material to go with the DVDs. I can think of no better comprehensive, instructive tool for budding songwriters than the Learn & Master series. However, with that said I don't think Learn and Master would be as beneficial to an experienced guitarist as a service such as JamPlay or GuitarTricks.
Dev, I keep coming back to your site so that I can continue to build motivation to learn how to play.
Hi Dev, I’m not a guitar player (yet) but your site is clean, precise, and right to the point. You mention a price of $250 and based on that I would agree with you about the cost of a static DVD library over the resources of the internet, however the cost for the 20-DVD set can be easily found on sale for as low as $164. I used this course to learn guitar as a beginner with zero knowledge on Music and the instrument.
Learn and Master Guitar provides a more comprehensive course that will take your playing to a more advanced level.
Here, Manic Guitar reviews a number of the leading guitar courses on the web of which we are fortunate to be an affiliate. Jamorama is our pick of the leading course for beginner to intermediate players, needing a strong foundation in the basics of the instrument.

Learn and Master Guitar provides a more intensive course, able to take students to a higher level of mastery.
We only review products that have a genuine money back guarantee and our review criteria is quite stringent with only leading products making the grade. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention. While it's not as helpful for everyone as in-person instruction, it's a great way to save money in the long run, especially for anyone just getting started learning to play guitar.
You won't pay a penny more for the course, but a portion of the proceeds go to funding this 100% ad-free site (and my music collection), so thanks for your support and have fun learning guitar! I taught myself, picked up skills from friends, and figured out songs with guitar tabs for over 10 years, but I had trouble with far too many techniques and writing my own songs. Some people feel that there's nothing that can replace a private instructor, but I believe that being able to re-watch the lessons and practice whenever you want, at your own pace, helps you to absorb the material better, which can be far more valuable than traditional lessons. This starts from zero and teaches you exactly what you need to know to really learn to play guitar. If you are a more advanced player and have a good working knowledge of theory and know the fretboard, the program will disappoint you. Has a very nice workbook that goes through each phase of the CD and also a link to download another 180 page workbook that goes a little more in-depth as well.
They have a large online community where you can post questions and such, which some get answered by Steve Krenz himself. I would consider myself a noob even though I have been playing around with my guitars for a couple years. Steve does a nice job of mixing up the genres throughout the course, and the exercises cover many styles as well. He plays with Grammy-winning artists, has recorded for large promotional campaigns & commercials, and regularly does studio recording with popular musicians and platinum-selling bands.
Though I'm a big believer in action over theory, there is a reason the theory is typically taught first: it helps to lay a solid foundation so you can find your style, and build upon it. I was nervous about it at first, but when the high-quality binder came in the mail, I was impressed!
That said, I found myself learning little things that I didn't expect, and couldn't believe that such basic skills were missing from all the years I had been playing! Don't forget to come back and submit your own review once you've tried it out so we can continue helping our fellow guitarists choose the best lessons for them. It has what you need to lay a solid foundation, or fill in the gaps if you've been playing for a while like I had. As a guitar course critic, I received a complimentary review copy of this product, and I am compensated for any purchases made through this page to cover associated costs, and for the time and energy invested in my thorough evaluation of this DVD guitar course. This review will explain the ins and out of how the series works as well as my personal take on it. The basic Learn and Master program has the same amount of lesson material as the expanded version. I would say, on average, a little over half of that time is spent on instruction, the other 15 or so minutes are spent explaining theory, different tips and explaining the “homework” for the next lesson. As I said before, it's self-paced, so completion time relies on the amount of time the student spends practicing. Yes, their online community is great however I found the most efficient way to fix this problem is to practice alongside my laptop. While Learn and Master is still cheaper than taking 1-2 years of private guitar lessons, I still believe it is a bit steep in price. The program is also great for professional musicians striving to be their best and improve their game.Herky Williams, ASCAP (The American Society of Composers)The interface is in your face! There is always more to learn, so I am not saying an experienced guitarist would gain nothing from the course. I know it's hard to compete with online because this is a DVD product, but some little things would have gone a long way.

A friend of mines said that I have long fingers and he thinks that I would be good playing a guitar. Jamorama comes with over 12 months worth of lessons, over 140 video lessons and 26 jam tracks. This course is recommended if you are looking for a more comprehensive course that can take your playing to the next level. Along with regular practice, investing in one of these online guitar courses is one of the best things you can do to develop a strong basis in the instrument. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. You will develop knowledge and skills in theory, music reading, technique, variety of styles, etc.
When you actually dig up the sheet music for the songs in the program, you will find what they taught you to be no where near enough. I purchased the extended version of 20 DVD's, workbook (which has some written tests also) and is packaged in a glossy case that holds all of it. It's a great way to lay a foundation, and find out if you might like a specific style you might never have thought of (I didn't realize how much I liked to play Blues guitar until I started learning the scales, for example).
You want a product or service that will offer the same value as private lessons, but at a reasonable cost. Learn and Master Guitar is a comprehensive DVD series produced by Gibson Guitars.
Should you decide to sign up with one through one of my links I will receive a commission for bringing said company the business. Steve Krenz does an excellent job putting the lessons together in an easy to follow format. Lessons also include "Homework" for the guitarist to complete before moving on to the next lesson. The expanded version, however, contains an additional 10 workshop DVDs that teach you more songs, exercises and further explains concepts taught in the core 10 DVDs. As the name implies, this section of the lesson covers music theory and how it can be applied to the respective lesson. What’s better is that even though these genre’s are covered with examples and songs, the course prepares the guitarist for much more. You can read my reviews of JamPlay and GuitarTricks Here and decide if the difference is worth it to you. It’s easy to follow for both a young player like my 12 year old son or a more experienced one like my studio buddies.Noe Gold, Founding editor of Guitar World MagazineThis is by far the best guitar learning program I have ever encountered. One of the strong points of the course is its emphasis on developing your playing with a backing, be it other musicians or jam tracks, an essential component to effectively learning modern guitar styles.
Generally what I have found is instructors want a regular client they can schedule at the same time every week. Here guitarists can go to discuss issues with lesson content, progress reports and much more. This, after a years time, is only a 10-15% cost increase from L&M, however you get the instant chat feature and better control over exactly what you learn. I have tried quite a few "learn guitar" programs that also give you a progressive and varied learning format. Additionally, I believe this course would serve any Beginner or Intermediate guitarist extremely well. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions I may not have answered in the space below. I hope you can find that motivation some day soon, and I’ll be right here when you do! The course includes material on most popular styles from acoustic to rock, funk, blues and jazz. Additionally, there is a good coverage of both rhythm and lead guitar with basic to advanced chords as well as scales, electric lead guitar techniques and alot more.

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