Q: What happens when you team up a Grammy-winning piano instructor with one of the top music education companies in the market? Released in late 2007, Learn and Master Piano has quickly emerged as one of the most comprehensive learn-at-home piano courses currently available.
Learn and Master Piano is a good choice both for those who may never have played piano before as well as for those with some prior experience, but want to kick their skills up a notch. OFFER DETAILS: Right now Learn and Master Piano is currently holding their Spring Sale, where you can SAVE $100 OFF on their Learn and Master Piano course!
When learning a new instrument like the piano, it's very important that you learn from a qualified instructor that knows how to teach.
Learn and Master Piano covers many genres you may be interested in eventually playing, such as jazz, blues, classical, rock, country, modern pop, ragtime, and others. The Learn and Master Piano program is made up of several learning components - The DVDs, the play-along CDs, the workbook, and the online content.
The heart of the Learn and Master Piano curriculum are the professionally produced DVDs, 20 in all. One great feature of the DVD lessons is that they show a virtual keyboard which makes it very easy to see what is being played at any time. As you wona€™t always be playing along with the DVDs, the Learn and Master Piano lesson book is an important part of the course. On Learn and Master Pianoa€™s community site and forum you can ask questions pertaining to the different sessions and get answers from the forum staff, fellow piano students, and even Will Barrow himself! If you have customer service related questions, you can easily phone or email customer service at Legacy Learning Systems and usually get a response within 48 hours. A As mentioned above, members also have anytime access to a special membera€™s only forum, where you can post piano-related questions to qualified instructors or fellow piano students. Recently, a new version of Learn and Master Piano was recently unveiled, the student edition. When ordering Learn and Master Piano youa€™re limited to the major credit cards (They dona€™t currently accept PayPal or Google Checkout). Learn and Master Piano comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee, where if you want to return the course for any reason, you can get 100% of your money back. Even though it's the most expensive piano program reviewed on this site, we have to emphasize that Learn and Master Piano is the best value for your money. Disclaimer Notice: In the interest of full disclosure, we acknowledge that we accept review copies of all products we review and receive commission on some, but not all products we rate on this site.

We never have nor ever will accept paid reviews and strive to maintain an objective perspective at all times.
Reviews of Learn & Master Piano DVD Course????????????????????????????????????! ????:?????????15?? ???????????,??????4??????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ?????????,There are also workshop portions of each session that are meant to be used during the students daily practice time.
Learn Piano Tutorial Video Lessons: Learn How To Play Piano Chords By Ear or Keyboard With Rosa's FuPiano Master is a music game that lets you play while listening to the best classical music. Piano lessons on DVD for busy adults on chords, piano styles, praise & worship, keyboard arranging and lots more based on understanding. NEC’s piano faculty will give you the skills to develop your artistic potential to the fullest as a performer of works past, present, and future. Learn Notes with the Notes Workshop Learn the basic pitch and naming of notes, learn the masterstaff in less than a week, learn why intervals are so important in music.
Learn and Master Piano is professional-grade music education program that's consists of DVDs, a workbook, audio CDs, and some additional online content.
Keep in mind that while Learn and Master Piano was not designed specifically for children with small hands, kids 13 years and older should be able to use this course as intended. The course starts right you at the very beginning and quickly takes you into more advanced territory. Other features include the a€?Lesson Nuggetsa€? which point out important concepts or ideas that help broaden your understanding of the topic being discussed. The caliber of the teaching and learning material, as well as the production quality of Learn and Master Piano is unrivalled in most of todaya€™s piano courses.
All of the tracks were professionally recorded in a studio with top-notch musicians and sound amazing. The workbook was designed to parallel the DVD lessons and was organized by session so that you can easily find your place when practicing away from your computer or TV. This is a really great feature that ensures that you will never get lost if there is something you come across that you cana€™t quite understand. This edition contains everything that the regular course has, but adds an extra DVD for a parents or teacher to use, a two-year plan for working with the course, and a 68-page teacher's guide. If you are on a slightly tighter budget, they do give you the option to buy using a 3 equal payment plan, though there is a nominal administration fee. Lastly, we have no personal interest in any of the products we review, nor are we owned by any company whose products appear on this site. As a user of this course, let us know what you thought of it by writing a qualifying review and get yourself some cash!

Generally, the workshop times are around 20 minutes in length and help the student to practice the main points of the session. Usually, the sessions follow a general format of: Instruction, Guitar Tips and Tricks, Student Assignment, and a Workshop to put everything together. From the Instructor, Will Barrow: “Music learning is something that will enrich your child’s life for the entire lifetime. If youa€™ve found that learning piano from more traditional learning methods such as books, and online manuals arena€™t particularly well-suited to your learning style, youa€™ll probably love the Learn and Master Piano course which takes visual learning to a whole new level. It does have a rather steep learning curve which has the benefit of allowing you to start playing real music as soon as possible.
For some of the beginning songs you can choose the tempo, (slow, medium, fast) and when youa€™re ready you can even choose to rock out solo without the piano accompaniment. When we looked over the forums, we didna€™t spot a single thread that wasna€™t addressed by another community member.
This edition is a real smart choice for parents who may homeschool their kids, and want to teach them to play piano at home. There are many additional advantages that Learn and Master Piano holds over traditional piano lessons.
As an independently-owned product review website, we take great pride in providing honest, accurate, and useful information about all products and services discussed in our reviews. The course teaches you both to play by ear and to read music effectively, both important skills to have.
He has also toured, performed and recorded with the likes of Freda Payne, Wanda Jackson, Karen Parks, Suzy Bogguss, the Gatlin Brothers as well as many others. For example, if you didna€™t understand a particular topic, you can always run through the lesson as many times as you feel you need to. If you want to hear some samples of the high-quality soundtracks that are on the CDs, you can hear a few clips on their website. Also, you wona€™t have to feel the pressure to perform in front of a live teacher that expects you to be able to follow his lead.

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