I would have included a lot more songs, since the soundtrack is just plainly incredible, but 20’s a good number and 19:43mins is already pushing it. This entry was posted in Music Performances and tagged Kingdom Hearts, Medley, piano, Square Enix, Video Game, Yoko Shimomura on August 18, 2006 by Sebastian Wolff. Hey man Your an amazing pianist, your one of my favorites because you have sheet music and i love playing all these songs, i do have quite a bit memorized, but you are way better, have you ever thought of playing xions theme i have some sheet music if you want it. I was wondering where you got the sheet music for Waltz of the damned because I really wanna learn how to play it bitte reply… danke for your time! Yoko Shimomura, al componer Dearly Beloved, no penso en convertirlo en el tema principal del titulo.

I'm a fan our you Youtube video on Kingdom Hearts Medley and I would like to download it. Aparece en las opciones del principio de los juegos, y en algunas situaciones y batallas en el transcurso de este. Esta compuesta por Yoko Shimomura, y solo fue interpretada en la version para piano, pero mas tarde se le hizo una version para orquesta, en la cual, el piano seguia siendo el protagonista. I will try to post it on youtube when I am finished, I will include credit to you after I’m finished! Im downloading the mp3 right now and i plan to cut it up into individual songs and put it on my ipod as an album.

I was wondering if there was mp3 for the first medley, i would love to be able to listen to it whenever i wanted.

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