Yamaha PSR-F50 t?p trung vao vi?c phat tri?n nh?ng ch?c nang co b?n va don gi?n nh?t cho ngu?i dung.
120 am s?c va 114 giai di?u d? d? b?n th? hi?n phong phu nh?ng b?n nh?c m?t cach d?y sang t?o.
B? khu?ch d?i 2.5 watt dem d?n cho b?n m?t am lu?ng m?nh m?, giup cho b?n t?n hu?ng am thanh m?t cach trung th?c. Trong tru?ng h?p cup di?n b?n cung khong ph?i lo l?ng vi PSR-F50 co th? ho?t d?ng nh? vao nang lu?ng pin.
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The PSR-F50 is compact, lightweight body, and features 120 voices and 114 rhythms from all over the world which also includes 8 Indian Voices and 10 Indian Styles.

The keyboard has provision to use with batteries and also sports a Duo Mode where the keyboard can be split into two allowing two people to play the same intrument together. The PSR-F50 was basically designed with functionality that is both straightforward and user-friendly. Ngoai ti?ng piano, keyboard va nh?ng nh?c c? c? di?n, dan con tich h?p am s?c c?a cac nh?c c? truy?n th?ng tren kh?p th? gi?i. We have incorporated INDIAN Voices and Styles to add to the creativity and repertoire of the Indian Musician. YAPSR50 Ny 995 kr 1 195 kr -200 kr Bestallningsvara skickas inom 4-9 dagarVarning: Sista varan i lager! Trots sitt kompakta, latta kropp, PSR-F50 forpackningar i en normalstor tangentbord tillsammans med 120 ljud och 114 rytmer fran hela varlden.

Vad mer, ar detta instrument idealisk for ett brett spektrum av olika spelscenarion, inte bara ar det bra for nyborjare och studenter, men du kan ocksa driva den med batterier for utomhus musikframtradanden.
Detta kan vara mycket anvandbart nar du framtrader eller behover den mojligheten vid undervisning.

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