Sie mussen JavaScript in Ihrem Browser aktivieren um alle Funktionen dieser Webseite nutzen zu konnen. Dieses Produkt wurde aus dem Sortiment genommen und kann daher nicht mehr bei uns bestellt werden. Das Yamaha PSR-E443 ist das ideale tragbare Keyboard fur den Keyboard-Einsteiger oder fortgeschrittenen Anfanger. Am Yamaha-Stand auf der Musikmesse 2014, war der Nachfolger des beliebten PSR-E433, das Yamaha PSR-E443 zu bewundern, das um zusatzliche Klange, Styles und Songs erweitert wurde. ANAHEIM (January 23, 2014) — Yamaha today introduced the PSR-E443 portable keyboard, which offers comprehensive tools for beginners as well as those ready to take to the stage, at the 2014 NAMM Show.
For learning or performance purposes, players can simply press the Portable Grand button to switch off all other effects to enjoy a stunningly rich and authentic piano tone. For more information about the Yamaha PSR-E443 portable keyboard visit the Yamaha booth at the 2014 NAMM Show in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Marquis Ballroom, running Jan. The PATTERN function puts a wealth of powerful loops and beats at your fingertips to instantly create dynamically varied music on the fly like a DJ, adjusting the Live Control Knobs for even more sound variation.
Two real-time control knobs allow you to filter and adjust your sound just like an analog synthesizer while the pitch bend wheel provides instant control of the pitch of the sound. The PSR-E433 has 731 high quality voices ranging from acoustic to electric instruments, featuring 5 Sweet! Mexican, Arabic, Indian, Brazilian and Chinese content has been added to styles for performing just about any type of music with an automatic accompaniment. Tap into instant inspiration with the Arpeggio function which has been improved for smoother playability.
Get off to a flying start - choose a song and the Music Database automatically selects the best accompaniment and voices for you to start playing immediately. Inserting a USB flash memory into the USB TO DEVICE terminal on the instrument lets you save and load your settings and songs. Tap into instant inspiration with the Arpeggio function which has been improved for smoother playability.

Auto-backing Mode Arabic, Indian and Chinese content has been added to Styles, Rhythm and Voices. 4 times more flash memory has been added to the PSR-E423 so you can play along with your favorites transferred from a PC. You can start immediately and easily playing with the best chosen accompaniments and voices only by selecting music category.
With a stunning variety of voices and styles, the PSR-E343 opens the door to a world of musical enjoyment. Gegenuber anderen Einsteigermodellen bietet das PSR-E443 viel mehr Sounds, Stile, Songs und andere Optionen.
The model's learning features include the Yamaha Portable Grand function and the built-in Yamaha Education Suite, which enable students to immediately begin teaching themselves piano on a portable instrument that can sound like a full-size grand piano. Players are able to filter and adjust sound like they would on an analog synthesizer to create dramatic sweeping effects, using the model's cross-fader, pattern retrigger functions and two real-time control knobs. 186 powerful new styles from different musical genres are on-board together with arpeggios and patterns. With these high-quality styles, you'll sound like you have a professional backing band behind you. Touch the Portable Grand button and all other features are cancelled, leaving you with a stunningly rich and authentic piano tone. There are two different waveforms that change depending on how hard you play the keyboard, this allows more expression on Voices such as overdriven or nylon guitar. With our high-quality Styles and Voices, you'll sound like you have a professional backing band behind you. The built-in tone generator handles virtually any MIDI song file--from commercially available music data to songs created on computer or other MIDI instruments.
Hone your technique with the onboard lessons, then when you're ready, connect to a portable music player and use the unique Melody Suppressor function to jump in and play right along. Those ready to perform for others can use the model's built-in accompaniment styles that will make them sound like full bands, as well as easy-to-use professional features such as AUX In, DJ pattern mode and assignable Live Control knobs that unlock a world of options for musical expression.

These easy-to-use professional features and cool design set this keyboard apart in its class. The 150 Arpeggio patterns adjust and morph around the notes and chords you play on the keyboard allowing for almost limitless creativity.
It provides an expanded150 patterns that automatically generate even more useful phrases that change depending on the notes and chords you play.
High quality Voices, from acoustic instruments to electric sounds, have been expanded to 700 varieties. Naturally, it plays back conventional GM song data, but it also is compatible with the enhanced XGlite format, ensuring high sound quality.
The sound is given the final boost by the built-in 2-way speaker system with bass enhancement.
New colors from different musical styles can be added with 150 different patterns and 40 arpeggio Voices. These easy-to-use professional features, along with its new black body, sent this keyboard apart from others in its class. In dieser stecken Loops und Beats, die Sie wie ein DJ in Echtzeit mixen konnen.AnschlusseNeben einem Anschluss fur ein Sustainpedal und einen Kopfhorer verfugt das Yamaha PSR-E443 auch uber einen AUX IN. Via USB konnen Sie so Keyboard und Computer miteinander verbinden und in Ihren digitalen Setup integrieren.
Speziell dafur hat Yamaha Apps entwickelt, mit denen Sie das Yamaha PSR-E443 bedienen konnen.

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