The ProLine PL100 Keyboard Stand is a metal x-stand without a clutch mechanism that could wear out over time. Publisher does not accept liability for incorrect spelling, printing errors (including prices), incorrect manufacturer's specifications or changes, or grammatical inaccuracies in any product included in the Music123 catalog or website. An adjustable keyboard stand is a very functional device that is required for holding the keyboard in place for the performers when they are performing.
The APEX AX-48 adjustable keyboard stand is the most recent keyboard accessory from Ultimate Support which adds a new design and a simpler touch of functionality to the conventional column-design keyboard stand style. With the APEX AX-48 adjustable keyboard stand, you will without doubt be safe from the dishonor of having cords and wires cluttered around different typical keyboard stands.
The modern appearance and design of this AX-46 adjustable ergonomic keyboard podium got its idea from its older sibling, the AX-90. Quik Lok Two Tier Z Keyboard Stand Standard This extra-wide, double-tier "Z" stand from Quik-Lok features a height-adjustable main tier and fully adjustable 2nd tier to hold up to 2 keyboards.
Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Recording and Live Sound equipment from A to Z!DrumZa brings you it all! ProLine's sturdy keyboard stands support medium to full-sized keyboards, as well as DJ gear and mixers.

Many churches, bands and individuals appreciate it’s ease of use, solid build, and portability.
At this time, production for the Freedom II has been halted as we seek new investors as well as options for manufacturing.
There are different types of stands made in unlike styles making use of different materials. The great thing on the AX-48 Pro is that the end caps have a piano hinge which flips up with the aim of giving ample storage space for the tri-bar arms in transport.
And because the AX-48 will be able to support two keyboards right away and has features which makes set up an easy thing, you are not just assured of style; you are also guaranteed that you have created a practical choice.
From top brand name manufacturers, most popular product lines of musical instruments and studio recording gear to custom made guitars and parts. With fully-welded contact points, you get maximum flexibility and support in any rehearsal or performance situation.
Not merely that, this height adjustable sit-stand keyboard stand trays has also cable channels which will keep your keyboard cords efficiently tucked away for the period of the use.
No other keyboard accessory is better and the Ultimate Support APEX AX-48 keyboard stand will care for you and the keys to a rugged and consistent fine-looking stand for the moments out into the spot light.

This new adding to the APEX family has kept the aesthetics and the quality but with an efficient column design features.
With more than 50000 products under one roof - DrumZa is your premium choice Musical Instruments and Pro Audio equipment Superstore!
You can also get metal folding adjustable keyboard tray that can be folded and are easy for storage and transportation. In case you have been the APEX regular yourself, then you will be very satisfied to find that regardless of its new appearance the AX-48 Pro is basically like its predecessors; this is identical original column style adjustable keyboard stand which can firmly hold two keyboards, the similar tri-bar system with customizable height, the same flexibility, and the same support legs.
With Ultimate Support latest addition to the APEX sequence of keyboard stands, you can play with style and stability now.

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