Lightly place the tips of your fingers on the home keys as shown in the illustration below. If you or one of your colleagues need to learn how to type properly but are short on time, our 2 day intensive touch typing courses are just what you need!
Available at our London (Holborn) training centre, or in-house for groups of 6 or more, this intensive programme will have you typing faster and more accurately, really enhancing your productivity. It’s a fast way to learn how to type properly, and will give you everything you need to develop into a touch typist. Pitman Training has been helping two fingered typists to improve their technique for years, so you can be confident of making big strides in your ability. Just call our Course Advisors on 020 7025 4700 or email us and we’ll take care of everything.
Through a simple mechanism you’ll learn how to place your fingers in the right place to improve your typing. Our friendly, experienced keboard tutor will make the time fly by as you learn about the home keys, the importance of posture, how to stop looking at your fingers and the keyboard, and lots more. Popular with everyone from Office Juniors to Company Directors, you’ll be delighted at the improvements in your technique and productivity following this enjoyable training programme.

To find out more or make your booking, just call us on 020 7025 4700 and we’ll be happy to help. They’ll be able to tell you all about our courses and our fantastic payment plan options, as well as getting you started on a FREE course demo.
On the basis of type, the computer keyboards Classes cover a variety of topics, including computer basics to the Microsoft Office programs.
When using the SHIFT or CONTROL keys, it is easier to use the opposing hand from the letter (or command key) you will be pressing. Simply substitute the symbol on the color coded chart, as long as the letters are all in the correct place this should not be any cause for concern.
Our tutors will also help you with your posture so you are sitting correctly at the keyboard. Right hand pinkie finger on the ; (semi-colon) key and other fingers on the L, K and J keys.
For example, for uppercase A press and hold the right side SHIFT key with your RIGHT HAND pinkie finger, and press the A key with your LEFT HAND pinkie finger. If your keyboard has a completely different layout, you can select the correct type at the top of this page.

Some keyboards have helpful "bumps" on the F and J keys, to allow you to quickly position your fingers by feel.
Your thumbs are used in a similar way, you can use either RIGHT or LEFT thumb to press the SPACE BAR and ALT keys. The basic idea here is the special key and the regular A little while back I bought a Japanese keyboard to use with my laptop while docked. Not only does it have more keys than a standard US keyboard, but the layout installing Japanese You can grab yourself a copy of the program by visiting the rather basic Windows – just click Yes and this will be done for you. Whether you’re looking to make your keyboard better suited to your style of typing, or need to compensate for a poor Basic Computer Keyboard Layout WorksheetPosted By Jennifer S.

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