I would say that you don’t necessarily have to teach piano in the way that you were taught. Do you have any particular tips for connecting the ear training side of things with the instrumental technique? All photographs and text appearing in the web site are the exclusive property of RAJ MUSICALS. The DPS SCHOOL OF MUSIC is a Unit of DPS MUSIC ACADEMY which was started in June 2002 with the intention of providing facilities for quality music education.

The fun factor is brought in by improvisation, composition, and games, and I try to keep lessons relevant by using recently-published materials, pop songs, and ear training reference songs that the students have heard of. I’m sure you had a wonderful teacher (I certainly did), but each child is different and we live in a different generation now, so your students need updated teaching materials and a relevant approach.
They are so easy to recreate in class and don’t take much time, and my students love them!
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And put away books and sheet music sometimes so that the students can take charge of the music and compose something of their own! The school is situated in the serene surroundings of Saibabacolony, 5 Kms from Coimbatore Railway Station.

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