Electric Bass – Private Lessons are available for Beginner to Intermediate skills to learn the basic scales and melody lines.
Harmonica – Beginner lessons age 6 and up, on the diatonic, ten hole harmonica in the key of C. Guitar Basics – Designed to create a strong foundation for guitar players, this class introduces all the basics to playing guitar including tuning, how to read chord chards, notation and TAB. Piano Class – This fun class will not only teach basic piano concepts, but also how to use the functions of the keyboard.
Musical Directions (Glee Club) – A group singing class for ages 6 and up to not only learn to sing great songs but also the fundamentals of singing which includes proper techniques for breath support and articulation while building confidence! String Class – This class is for beginners and will introduce the basic theory, technique and musicianship through fun and comprehensive group lessons. Music Explorers – Your little one will explore music in this fun group utilizing various percussion instruments, moving to music, singing, and other techniques to help your child age 3-5 grow musically and explore the diversity of music.  Come Explore with us! Did you know search northeast region facts for kids is one of the hottest topics in this category?
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Piano Lessons London are enthusiastic, patient, accomplished pianists with a vast teaching experience in piano, keyboard, music theory, music history, aural skills and ABRSM prep.Piano Lessons London put emphasis on making lessons enjoyable, relaxed and comfortable! Piano Lessons London providing the highest quality of music teaching across London and the surroundings.
For the best experience viewing this site you need the Flash Player installed and JavaScript enabled. Welcome to the Pianoforte Studio website!Feel free to browse the website to learn more about the studio. We all learn at different rates, so you want to make sure that the site that you decide to give your money to teaches at a speed that you feel comfortable with.  Many of these sites will have sample videos that you can view to get an idea of what their lessons are like so you know if they would be a good fit for you. You need to decide if you just want to learn to play the basic notes or chords of an instrument or if you want to just learn to play a song or two.  It is important that you find this out as well, so you are not disappointed with the actual lessons that you receive upon purchasing the courses.

My philosophy is that playing the piano or keyboard should be fun, but that the playing of music requires a sound theoretical underpinning. To help pupils enjoy making music and to encourage any inclination towards composition (i.e. I do enter some pupils for Associated Board piano or theory examinations, but only if they wish to take them and not until I consider them ready.
As a music teacher I have 30 years’ experience, specialising in piano, theory and keyboard.
Students will learn the parts of the violin and their functions, how to care for and maintain their instrument, fingering positions, bowing techniques, reading music and music symbols. Students focus on fundamentals of note reading, tone production, embouchure strength, hand position, and posture.
If you have any questions or comments or would like more information about piano lessons, you can contact Julia here. Some pupils begin with knowledge of Treble Clef notes learnt through playing another instrument, but playing the piano requires a knowledge of the Bass Clef.
As a musician I have performed in many different musical ensembles, including a symphony orchestra, windband, chamber orchestra, string quintet and theatre orchestra. I can offer a gift voucher for an introductory course of four piano or keyboard lessons for a special price of £45.
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We had taken this picture from the web we consider would be probably the most representative pictures for decorating living dining room l shaped. Current Students and Parents:Click on the "Login" page link to sign in to your student account.

Weekly attendance is normally expected at a mutually agreed time and lessons do not usually continue through school holiday periods. Hopefully they practice because they want to, not because they should, as what they get out of lessons depends on what they put into the practice. I’ve worked with groups of children as part of my previous voluntary youth work and presented educational sessions in my previous employment at Stockport Museum and the Air Raid Shelters. I normally set aside some time each lesson to go through some music theory unless the necessary theoretical knowledge is already in place. Pupils should have regular access to a piano or keyboard, preferably one with full-size keys. Pupils taking piano exams should ideally have a piano or a keyboard with full-size, touch sensitive keys.
I have played the piano for over 35 years and hold a University of Leeds degree in Music and English.
A plain notebook, provided by the pupil, in which I write what work has been covered and what work is expected for the next lesson.A star chart - my younger pupils earn stars for their effort and learning attitudes. Lessons are customized to each student’s ability and interest in a fun learning environment. Due to the extent of my teaching commitments, it is unlikely that a missed lesson could be rescheduled within the same week, but I try to accommodate changes where I can.

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