There are lots other games you can play using this printable keyboard, like the Spell-A-Keyboard game. Joy Morin is a piano teacher in Perrysburg, Ohio (United States) who enjoys keeping her teaching fresh with new ideas and resources. This entry was posted in games, music theory and tagged free, games, music, music theory, piano keyboard, piano teaching.
Hi Karen, Yes, I hold group classes each month (they are called Piano Parties) and I have a quite a few posts about them. It’s not like anyone is suggesting that I bust out “Grand Theft Auto” or “Dead Space” for him, but you don’t have to look far to find video games being pitched at we parents to play with our wee toddlers.
Last holiday season, VTech Electronics launched a Wii-like game console that comes complete with a motion-sensitive controller. Despite the fact I make a living playing video games, I’ve kept junior in the dark about my gaming habit. But there’s also the paranoid parent side of me that can’t help but worry that video games, somehow, will warp my beautiful boy’s brain — that he’ll become badly addicted to them, that they’ll distract him from important things like school, the great outdoors and a career as a successful whatever. You certainly won’t find agreement when it comes to the question, “How old is old enough to play video games?” At last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, educational psychologist and author Jane Healy grabbed attention and headlines by stating that children should not be allowed to play video games until they’re 7 years old to ensure that their brains develop normally. Shifrin says the AAP does not have an official policy regarding video game use by young children because the games and game machines are changing at such a rapid pace. Makeda Mays, director of education and research in Sesame Workshop’s Digital Media group, says the games are designed to help children learn letters, numbers and shapes in a fun way, while also learning a little something about the computer in front of them — that touching a key or moving the mouse makes something happen on the screen. But after trying out “Little Einsteins” — a game that teaches kids about music by having them move the controller — Oz decided the oversized cardboard box the V-Motion arrived in was way more fun. Thinking he was too young for the V-Motion, I popped a “Learn & Discover Home” game into the V.Smile Baby — an even simpler game machine with even larger buttons for even younger players. I’d pretty much given up on a future of gaming with my son, resigning myself instead to a future in which Oz rebels against my love of video games and thinks his mom is, like, totally uncool for having such a dorky hobby.
This casual computer game — suitable for kids but not exactly made for them — was one of 2007’s breakout hits. But after watching Oz play the game with his grandfather several days in a row, each time returning with the exuberant request, “Piggles, Poppy, Piggles!” — I don’t think it was the flashing lights and bouncing balls that hooked my son.  I think it was playing the game with his grandfather that kept him coming back. Oz laughed and giggled his way through each level, working with his granddad to line up each shot.

Perhaps with some time — and with the right game — one day I will have my little co-op partner after all. ALWAYS comment on-topic – your comment should be specifically relevant to the article itself. Do not spam comments – this includes re-posting the same comment repeatedly or promoting your own site or YouTube channel etc. Refrain from posting game story spoilers – please do not ruin game experiences for other members. Avoid ‘Hey Rockstar!’ posts – please remember that the comments section is intended as a place for the Social Club community to discuss the news and content posted with one another; it is not a place to demand or expect official responses from Rockstar. Some believe that, at 2 years old, my boy is plenty old enough to pick up a controller in his miniature hands and take his place as my pint-sized co-op partner. They’re also totally free, and — like all games aimed at the youngest humans — they’re designed to be as educational as they are fun. A friend got his hands on a “Pong” machine, and after that my parents bought my sisters and me an Intellivision and later upgraded it to a Nintendo Entertainment System. Don Shifrin, professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine and former committee chair for the American Academy of Pediatrics says, “There is no definitive answer. Instead, when parents ask him whether it’s OK for their children to play games, he asks them questions right back: How much time do you want them to spend playing games?
For example, if they touch the G key while playing “Elmo’s Keyboard-O-Rama,” the letter G pops up on screen along with a picture of grapes.
Alas, after a few minutes of poking at the keyboard, he was begging to go back to his favorite Sesame Street video instead.
Julia Fitzgerald, vice president of marketing for VTech, says the V-Motion was inspired by the Wii, but created to fit young player’s hands and cognitive abilities. But he quickly decided that pushing the brightly lit power button on and off was the part of the “game” he was most interested in.
With its bouncing pachinko-style balls, flashing lights and bombastic music, it’s a total toddler magnet. And Poppy — who usually claims video games are a waste of his time — was having just as much fun. I've had this up a while now, but I'd love for you to take a look at my entry, if you want to that is!

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Plus, he thinks I’m super cool because I own all the latest video games and because I kick major ass when we play “Halo 14” together. While visiting to watch a few of Oz’s favorite videos, I couldn’t help myself … I wanted to see what he thought of their games. With a large controller that responds to movement and a giant orange action button that can’t be missed, playing the V-Motion’s games is as intuitive as it gets. If you are a probationary commenter, generally you can expect that if your comment is on-topic, respectful, coherent and doesn’t violate any of our other Code of Conduct rules, it should appear within one business day’s time. Meanwhile, LeapFrog is selling a similar line of machines, including a handheld gaming system called the Leapster 2 (imagine a Nintendo DS mauled by a box of crayons). Adding to the parental perplexity: Many a respected organization has researched the affects modern media technology has on our children — television, video games, the Internet.
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