As all our instructors are top-notch pianists and teachers, you can be assured of receiving piano instruction that is second to none. At the London Piano Institute we cater for adults only and specialise in teaching adults how to play the piano using teaching methodologies specifically designed for adult learning. You can expect fast progress, excellent service and high-quality tuition throughout your piano learning journey with us. In addition to the above, you can attend and perform (non-compulsory) at our exciting student concerts and events.
The London Piano Institute is the quintessential piano learning centre for adults in the UK.
The monthly amount starts from only ?155 per month and varies depending upon the length of your lessons, and the instructor you are studying with. If you are only starting out, we would recommend studying with our assistant piano instructor.
No, we would recommend booking your piano course first to get started and your instructor will then help you to find a suitable piano from a piano store. We believe great pianists are made not born and you definitely have more talent than you currently think.
I’ve had awful memories of my piano lessons when I was young, will my instructor be harsh with me? Whether you wish to play for pleasure or to pass grades, I can help you learn this exciting and rewarding instrument.
My philosophy is that playing the piano or keyboard should be fun, but that the playing of music requires a sound theoretical underpinning. To help pupils enjoy making music and to encourage any inclination towards composition (i.e. I do enter some pupils for Associated Board piano or theory examinations, but only if they wish to take them and not until I consider them ready. As a music teacher I have 30 years’ experience, specialising in piano, theory and keyboard.
How do you pick the best music teacher in less time; and would you be better off choosing  school or home lessons?

Edwards contributes to Obama inaugural volumeExotic world opens up for Lawry who pursued dreams, and scholarshipsFree CPR training sessions are Jan. You are also welcome to start directly with our master piano instructor even if you are a beginner should that be your preference. A piano can be rented from as little as ?55 per month, and a digital piano with weighted keys can be purchased for only ?250. You can currently learn the piano with us on a one-to-one basis in the City of London or in Mayfair. You will never be shouted at and you will only be encouraged and motivated to help you reach the next level. Your lessons will be tailored around your current level and personal piano development goals.
Choose your own wording and I’ll post it to you, or email it so you can print it out secretly yourself. I am an experienced piano teacher who provides private piano lessons in Leeds for children, young people and adults.
Together, we will work out the best course of action so that you get the most out of your lessons.
Some pupils begin with knowledge of Treble Clef notes learnt through playing another instrument, but playing the piano requires a knowledge of the Bass Clef. As a musician I have performed in many different musical ensembles, including a symphony orchestra, windband, chamber orchestra, string quintet and theatre orchestra. I can offer a gift voucher for an introductory course of four piano or keyboard lessons for a special price of £45. You may use without enabling JavaScript, but certain functions may not be available. We require a minimum study period of 3 months, and a month notice in case you wish to stop your course. If you currently play the piano and you are looking to develop your piano technique, sound and interpretation to a much higher degree, we would highly recommend booking your piano course with our master piano instructor. We always recommend high-quality instruments, but the point is that there are options available for all budgets.

As a beginner, 15 minutes to 30 minutes is the minimum amount of time you should dedicate to personal practice on a daily basis, as attending your weekly lessons would not be enough for you to develop your piano skills.
We guarantee you that you will be able to play the piano, as long as you follow the instructions properly and practise at least 15-20 minutes everyday. If you’re nervous about your piano lessons, you have nothing to fear we are here develop your piano playing. A variety of musical interests are catered for and you can learn both classical and popular music.
Weekly attendance is normally expected at a mutually agreed time and lessons do not usually continue through school holiday periods.
Hopefully they practice because they want to, not because they should, as what they get out of lessons depends on what they put into the practice. I’ve worked with groups of children as part of my previous voluntary youth work and presented educational sessions in my previous employment at Stockport Museum and the Air Raid Shelters.
I normally set aside some time each lesson to go through some music theory unless the necessary theoretical knowledge is already in place. Pupils should have regular access to a piano or keyboard, preferably one with full-size keys.
Pupils taking piano exams should ideally have a piano or a keyboard with full-size, touch sensitive keys.
I have played the piano for over 35 years and hold a University of Leeds degree in Music and English. By taking action and starting your piano lessons, you will get to your goals so much faster. A plain notebook, provided by the pupil, in which I write what work has been covered and what work is expected for the next lesson.A star chart - my younger pupils earn stars for their effort and learning attitudes.
Due to the extent of my teaching commitments, it is unlikely that a missed lesson could be rescheduled within the same week, but I try to accommodate changes where I can.

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