When I transfer files from USB flash drive to HDD, my wireless combo (keyboard and mouse) freezes, making me not to work with them until the transfer ends. I have wireless keyboard and mouse, everytime I dust the computer and desk, they stop working. Just thought I would pass this on, especially since I think this is an issue that is really not necessarily dependent on the hardware type, and or the the HID drivers.
Here is what worked starting from an Unrecognized mouse and USB Device, this fixed it and stablized the USB Mouse configuration! I just thought I would share what seemed to work for me with you, as I had scoured the internet for a solution, tried it all and had no luck.
I had the same problem where my mouse and keyboard which were connected to USB port rather than PS2 port use to disconnect frequently for 6-7 seconds and then reconnect.(for over 4 months) and i lost all hope.
Hi, I have a problem with my Microsoft Confort 4500 mouse, it's a little different from yours, but I been searching for an answer for some time now and this is the only tread with a similar problem I ever find. It started a few months ago after a Windows update, so I tried formating my PC, but surprisingly the problem persisted even during the Win installation. I believe it is a HW issue, but I really like the feel of this mouse so maybe there is any way to fix it. I tried piano, soccer, swimming, tennis, theater, voice lessons, dance, set painting, photography, the literary magazine, student council, a book club, multiple little businesses, and more.
One day my teacher told my parents they should let me quit because I was so miserable playing the piano. Starting something is not a good enough reason to keep doing it if it’s the only reason. After seeing Pink perform aerial stunts in concert three times in one year, I became obsessed with learning aerial silks. Each week when it was time for class, though, I found myself having to psyche myself up to go. The truth was, the warehouse was freezing, I was terrified of heights, and it was really, really hard mentally (due to having to overcome my fear every moment of every class) and physically (due to having to climb two stories on a piece of silk).
Would I have continued to build the strength and gotten more and more over my fear of heights and perhaps started to enjoy it more?
Are there certain hard things that you don’t like and that you don’t have the option to stop doing?
Quitters know that if they don’t like something it’s taking up valuable real estate in their schedule that could be used for something they would really love. Thank you dear Kate for putting it so clearly what some don’t understand about Law of Attraction and stopping if it seems blocked or hard. I have burned myself out just because I get obsessed with completing what I start, no matter what. While I believe our determination to complete things or desire to try out new things depend on our energy-type, we all need support to use our talents in a balanced way. It took a large toll on me, but I recently officially quit being a school-teacher – before planned, and I salut myself for it!
I love how you flipped the script for those of us who stop what we started: Discernment, Freedom, Time, and focus on what we really value. Now for the past 5month since I started teaching it I have been getting really fatigues and getting colds and flus after almost every class. Getting a working mouse or keyboard is the best option but what if you need to do something urgently.
Increase both the sliders of Top Speed and Acceleration to the right for maximum speed and acceleration. I have myself used on-screen keyboard for more than a week and regarding the scenario when mouse don't work , I prefer shortcuts.

Also if you like to keep things keyboard only give launchy a try, alt + space brings up it’s launching menu and a few more letters gives you the most relavant applications on your pc!
I ran into a bit of a problem with my new Keyboard Video Monitor (KVM) switch this week, with an interesting solution. Now for the snag… The KVM switch uses a USB mouse and keyboard, and then one USB cable leads to the PC. Now for the solution… My hunch was that this was related to some kind of power saving function on my computer, and that ended up being exactly the problem. So if you’re using a KVM switch and your mouse and keyboard stop working, check out the power settings under device manager. Feel free to send me a message, or you can join my mailing list, and I can tell you what's happening.
The only thing I can think of is that sometimes updates may break the HID USB Hubs and HID compliant device drivers, or some service is interfering with the load order. And thank you for your answers, it was other peoples experiences with these issues that gave me a hunch that this might work. So starting on Tuesday January 7th within our school district we are starting to see mice & keyboards (USB) intermittently stop working. 99% of the time I start my machine the left button only works after I log off then log in back, sometimes the left button acts as the middle one, almost every time it can be fixed by just loggin off then on again, it rarely requires a reboot, but it is really annoying.
The summer we got married I got in the best shape of my life and was ready to rock the aerials. No need to suffer because a new hobby, area of study, fill-in-the-blank isn’t floating your boat like you thought it would. Today was the day I have scheduled to make a 30 day push in a field of study that I was not put on this earth to do. I also agree that if we listened to our intuition more there would be a lot less depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. I am a perpetual starter as well, which I view mostly positively as it’s a sign of curiosity and passion for life experiences! You have described exactly how terrible I feel before, during and after an abs and butt workout, and how exhilirated I feel not before, but during and after a hip-hop or dance-hall class!
Windows come with an on-screen keyboard that you can click on and it acts as if you have pressed those keys from your keyboard. You can change them as per your need but their maximum value doesn't make the mouse pointer moves fast.
If my keyboard stops working, all I have to do is open up the run dialog box and type… wait… what?
I opened up Device Manager on my computer (via Computer Management) and found the "USB Root Hub" devices. They can work for an hour, sometimes less, sometimes more, and they just, bam, stop working for no reason.
Do I actually need to do a proper uninstall of the chipset drivers or will doing a install over the existing installation be okay.
Uninstalling all USB drivers in the Device Manger and then clicking Check for hardware chages, worked but only for a little while.
I cant tell you exactly why this works, I just know that today I gave my USB, Mouse and Synaptics Touchpad a SERIOUS gaming workout, complete with frequent boots and device removal today and I have had ZERO problems for a straight 8 hours or more!!
Our users are logging off and logging back on and they will work for some time and then stop again. Not enough to have made being miserable for several hours a week for my entire childhood worth it. But I discovered so many other things that I loved right from the get-go with the freed up time that who really cares if I would have learned to love piano eventually?

But the reality is I was having to drag my ass there, and after class I didn’t feel the rush that I often feel when I do something despite feeling resistant to it.
But the moment I start, I feel amazing and afterward I almost always feel more alive (unless I bombed, which happens to the best of us but luckily not most of the time). I don’t have the option to stop waking up in the middle of the night with our baby, even though it’s hard and I don’t like it. Doing things you don’t like isn’t doing you any favors, and it’s not doing the rest of us any favors either. I am someone who has SO many pursuits that I spread myself as thin as rice paper over all of them and missing the depth I crave. Personally, quitting had a lot to do with discouragement at home, insecurity, and lack of persistence.
I LOVE THE PROGRAM and all the people but in the last week I realized that I am in the wrong section.
We are not going to use any third party application but just windows built in tools to achieve the goal.
When I’m not working in my office in downtown Worcester or at a client site, I work from my home office.
This is very convenient for a laptop, as it means just plugging in a power cord, one USB cable, and a video cable. The keyboard and mouse work fine while updating the BIOS, but once the Windows installer ran they stop working. There is still power being sent to them the mouse is still getting the laser, keyboard still shows numlock.
And it's been 2 months i haven't faced that issue and really happy to share the solution which could be applied by many users. So I just do it (and find ways to like it more, like reminding myself how fleeting the time is that she’s going to be so small and need us so much). I do wish I hadn’t been such a quitter as a child (and had more encouragement), because I would be able to do cool things now that I can’t! I forced myself to finish law school even though I absolutely hated every minute of it and was miserable. I like to vary where I work throughout the week, as I feel it stimulates new ideas and keeps my mind fresh. I guess the computer was turning off the power to the USB port after it didn’t get a signal from the KVM for a while.
After several minutes, I’d hear the sound from the desktop of hardware disconnecting, and then when I switched back to the desktop, the mouse and keyboard would not work.
Perhaps this is something that could be improved in the KVM, or perhaps this is simply how you’re supposed to fix the problem.
No one is giving out awards for suffering through something you hate, or even mildly dislike.
No matter what I tried, I could not get the mouse and keyboard to work when I switched back to the desktop.
So I had the thought last week of buying a KVM switch so I could use the same keyboard, monitor, and mouse with my laptop when I’m working from home. So put your keyboard and mouse in USB 2.0 slots from the beginning and it will save you time. It is a learning process but I am now able to stop myself from stubbornly and blindly going on with anything, and instead to first ask myself what this will bring me.

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