Here below you'll find a recommendation of my favourite piano bench (Because it is so comfortable!). It's important to feel comfortable while playing and to have a chair that fits the flexibility your body requires while playing the piano. It insures that the you'll be seated at the proper height to maintain the correct hand position.
I've tried installing a new OS with all the HP530 drivers installed, but still doesn't work.

Having the correct posture helps us preventing our body from damage and stress that might occur while sitting through these long hours, practicing. I noticed dat when I turn on onscreen keyboard, my Shift keys worked fine and if I press d caps lock on d OSK, d light activates. I have not tried a new keyboard, maybe I'll try using a USB keyboard and see if that will work.
Just recently the keyboard worked just fine, I don't know why, and after I restarted my system, the keyboard no longer works.

Ask once a friend to throw your hand from the piano when you play and if it will fly away easily it means you're doing well at keeping your wrist loose.

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