The London Piano Institute wants to remind potential clients that our space IS EXTREMELY LIMITED.
There are still some evening slots available, but all slots are filling up very fast – so HURRY to book your slot! If you are an adult Working in the City of London, then there is simply no better place to learn jazz piano than the London Piano Institute. Perhaps you come from classical background, but have a burning desire to learn jazz piano, this simply no better place to learn than the London Piano Institute.

Our head instructor Celine Gaurier-Joubert has over 30,000 hours of piano experience and counting. With this line I tried to transpose and invert a simple shape through each chord of the I-VI-ii-V progression. You can find my complete collection of Modern Jazz Line "How to Improvise" playlists below.
No matter what your level is, you can seriously improve your piano playing with the London Piano Institute.

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