Since beginning his professional teaching career in 1998, Jeff has worked with a wide range of music students in various capacities, including 5th grade beginning music lessons at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, 9-12th grade lessons as the band director at Port Washington High School, first-year college aural skills as a visiting lecturer at UW-Whitewater, and graduate-level form and analysis as an associate lecturer at UW-Madison. Jeff currently performs with the Madison Chamber Choir, the Madison Brass Band, and the Madison Area Community Orchestra.
As a teacher, Jim brings his education, experience and passion for music to connect with students at their own individual levels. At Madison Music Foundry we have a selection of great instructors who, combined, can teach a large variety of the many styles of guitar playing. Jim holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and has worked with all levels of Brass and Woodwind students since 1982.
With over 30 years of studio teaching experience, Jim prides himself on finding the right approach to guide any student in realizing their potential, on whatever their instrument of choice.
Shane started teaching himself guitar in 1997 and went on to receive a BFA in Guitar Performance from UW-Whitewater in 2005.
Lee believes that every person should get the opportunity to have a fulfilling relationship with music, whether it is casual or professional.
Chris also teaches lessons on topics such as Music Theory, Songwriting, Recording Software, Manuscript Software (Guitar Pro), and Gear. Many parents have commented on their child’s increase in confidence and renewed interest in music as a result of their participation. Adult participants have commented on the excitement they felt at finally getting on stage (or in some cases--back on stage) after wanting to for all these years. After we receive all the enrollment forms, we will contact you to schedule a time for your placement audition. Once students are placed into a band, we will contact you about scheduling a regular rehearsal (see dates for upcoming sessions). The Rock Workshop showcase usually takes place at the High Noon Saloon, a world-class music venue that regularly hosts touring national acts along with local talent. The exact time of each band's performance will be determined within a couple weeks of the gig. Note: Although there is an application deadline, we will audition students as we receive applications.
We call them "placement auditions" because the main point is to learn about your musical talents and interests in order to place you in an appropriate band. At the end of every session we send send out a questionnaire to get feedback from students and parents about what they liked and how to improve. Click here for articles about Rock Workshop, Madison Music Foundry, and Blast House Studios. Landon earned his Bachelors degree in Music Recording Technology from UW-Oshkosh and hastily moved to New York City to put it in practice. A UW-Madison School of Music graduate, Chris has 17 years experience as a drummer and percussionist. Beyond one-on-one instruction, Chris is also Associate Percussion Director at Kettle Moraine High School, focusing on orchestral and marching percussion. Chris seeks to cultivate his students' musical enthusiasm, whether they be kids picking up their first drumsticks, energetic teens unleashing their inner rock star, or adults looking to advance their percussive musicianship. There are frequently many activities happening at the Foundry in addition to lessons including rehearsals, band workshops and classes.
At Madison Music Foundry we believe that private music instruction works best when it is supplemented with extra learning opportunities. We have a limited supply of guitars, basses, keyboards, drums and amps at Madison Music Foundry for sale. Justine Keyes is an experienced private piano teacher, professional singer and the founder of Keyes Music Lessons. Gabriel began playing drums at the age of 9 when Santa brought him a drum set for Christmas. A Los Angeles native, Chris maintains an active performance schedule, juggling 5+ bands, working as a freelance musician with a variety of artists, playing in pits for local operas and musicals, and doing session work for independent artists and film scores. He draws particular musical inspiration from his 11 year-old, 8 year-old, and 6 year-old sons’ curiosities about musical craftsmanship and performance. Besides being a Madison-based professional, Jim has performed internationally, as well as at Carnegie Hall in New York City, and venues throughout the USA. In addition, he has worked with students on all instruments to improve their improvisational skills and working knowledge of Music Theory.
He has toured nationally with several rock bands, recorded seven albums and shared a stage with national touring acts Motorhead, Black Label Society, Corrosion of Conformity and Clutch. He boasts a studio of highly knowledgeable guitarists who have received scholarships to schools such as Berklee College of Music and who are performing professionally today.
He studied at Lakeshore Conservatory and at UW-Whitewater where he learned marketing skills which helped his alt-metal band Dead Fly Boy land a record deal with Sector II Records.
He wants students to get the most out of lessons whether they are beginning students with no or few musical skills, already versed in music theory, currently performing musicians, or itching to do something with that guitar that's been sitting around gathering dust in the corner. Students have remarked on how Rock Workshop provides them with a very different experience than they get from school and often find that they can express themselves more creatively through this program. However, the fee cannot be refunded if the student withdraws after the enrollment form is submitted.
Rehearsals are two hours and take place each weekday Monday-Friday (the final rehearsal on the last Friday will be at Madison Music Foundry). However, the more you know, the better player you'll be, so you may want to ask your instructor about them.
We'll either tell you the chords (guitarists and bassists), play a style on bass (drummers), or just play a simple chord progression on guitar or piano (singers) and will ask you to play or sing along.
We know anything with the word "audition" sounds nerve wracking but Rock Workshop is a different kind of organization. He finds that his professional experience gives him unique insight into coaching musicians hungry to make music.
In 2008 he attended the Madison Media Institutes Sound engineering program and graduated with a 4.0. He worked at Legacy Recording Studios in Manhattan while it was the largest studio on the east coast and has worked directly with David Gilmour and Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Wynton Marsalis, Trey Anastasio, Ice- T, Lloyd Banks, and many others. He shares his passion for drumming with students of all ages and skill levels, teaching everything from rock, jazz, progressive, blues, funk, and Latin.
Additionally, Chris is a drum circle facilitator for VSA Wisconsin, and also coaches Rock Workshop. His individually tailored lesson plans empower students to achieve their goals while expanding their understanding of the limitless possibilities of drums' musical expression.

This creates a vibrant community where music students are often crossing paths with professional musicians..
Plus we treat our instructors well by giving them full control over their lesson studios and by charging them very low rates for lesson studio space.
He began playing guitar at 10½ years old, and at 11, he was already sitting in with his father’s classic rock band. Brandon spent 2 years at the University of Redlands as a music education major, teaching violin both privately and in the classroom. Since then, he has studied drums and percussion extensively, graduating from Musician's Institute with a degree in Percussion in 2009. With her over 10 years of experience as a strings teacher, Jordan has taught students of all ages.
Upon graduating high school, she received the senior award from the MTAC Certificate of Merit.
She also teaches at several local High Schools throughout the year for concert season and marching season and works as a guest clinician and adjudicator for a number of local High Schools.
Chris earned his Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz Studies from the prestigious Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California. Ms Lloyd has begun teaching at MAM and is now accepting students and is looking forward to developing her program of "Explore Voice, Natural Dynamic Production" EVNDP.
And today it permeates practically every genre including classical, jazz, blues, folk, country and R&B. Equally at home playing Rock, Jazz, and Fusion styles, he especially enjoys helping rock guitarists make the transition to playing in their school jazz ensemble. Shane has taught electric and acoustic guitar full time in the southern Wisconsin region since 2002. However he still enjoys breaking concepts down to the basics for students as young as 6 years old. Each curriculum is personalized so students can reach their own goals as quickly as possible. He is versed in multiple styles and wants students to feel comfortable with themselves and work at a pace that's right for them. Bands rehearse and write originals with an instructor at Madison Music Foundry, record twice at Blast House Studios, and play a gig at the High Noon Saloon.
Seven of those weeks are two-hour rehearsals (the other two weeks are recording sessions--see below). All the bands’ songs are placed on a CD which is handed out at the gig* (though students will get a CD-R immediately after their recording session).
So it is highly recommended to apply sooner than later in order to increase your chances of placement. This is meant to get a feel for how you learn new material--something you'll be doing a lot of in Rock Workshop.
By working with a wide array of musical styles from Hip Hop to Metal to Country he has been able to hone his craft and passion of Sound.
We’ve come to realize that being good to our instructors means we get the best talent, and the biggest winners are our students.
Otherwise, students enrolled in lessons at the Foundry get a 15% discount on musical instruments from our partner Full Compass! Tieg graduated "Student of the Year" from Musicians Institute at the age of 17 and was awarded the highest honors attainable at the school. There she received the Berklee Achievement Scholarship for her original compositions and involvement in the community, and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Music. In 2011 he was the associate concertmaster for the University of Redlands Symphony Orchestra.
Then for 3 years Gabriel lived in Tokyo, working full time as a drummer at Tokyo Disneyland.
Madison learned how to read music from her dad and when she became too advanced for him to continue teaching her, she started taking piano lessons from a professional jazz pianist named Arlette McCoy Budwig. She is a recent college graduate from California State University Northridge where she received her Bachelor's of Music degree in String Performance while studying under Michael Ferril.
She has been teaching classical piano privately since 2008 and is a member of Music Teacher's Association of California.
Thanks to a generous university grant, Chris was fortunate enough to attend USC to study privately under the mentorship of one of the most sought-after west coast bassists, Darek "Oles" Oleszkiewicz.
For several years, she taught 6th - 8th grade music at Ghana International School in Accra. He has also contributed articles to Best Music for Young Band (2005), an anthology of beginning band music.
Jim focuses on strength development, breathing and relaxation to meet the physical requirements of performing. He teaches all ages and levels, from complete beginners to accomplished musicians looking to take their technique to the next level. While in college, Louka joined Richard Davis' Black Music Ensemble and began playing throughout the Madison music scene. The more relaxed you are, the better sense we'll get of what the right band for you is. Know Boundaries also has received seven Madison Area Music Awards including Best Unique Artist and Best Urban Album. He likes to work in a professional yet relaxed environment, which is obtained through careful planning specific to each sessions needs. Since graduating he has recorded for films and television ads which have aired to over 135 million people on more than 700 stations around the world. In 2010, Hannah moved to Los Angeles where she now works as a teacher, performer, and session singer. More recently Brandon has performed with groups such as the Tulare County Symphony, Fresno Grand Opera, and the Young Musicians Foundation Debut Orchestra. As a result of those lessons, Madison grew fond of jazz piano; she studied with Arlette for 5 years. Lam received her Bachelor's degree in Music with an emphasis in piano and organ performance from Whittier College in 2013. She substitutes regularly with the Redlands Symphony in Redlands and with the California Philharmonic in Los Angeles. He has two degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a bachelors in jazz piano performance and masters in classical piano performance. Specializing in rock, metal, southern rock and blues, Shane is well versed in a variety of styles and caters his curriculum to his students' interests and goals.

Since then he has toured internationally (Europe, Japan, Guam) with numerous groups including Ben Sidran and Natty Nation, and he helped found the New Breed Quintet which has hosted an open jazz jam since 2000.
His teaching philosophy was created through the combination of starting out as a self-taught guitar player, and ending up as a trained musician. Madison Music Foundry provides all the amps, drums, keyboards, microphones and speakers needed for rehearsals. Dave was also individually nominated by the Madison Area Music Awards for best guitarist in 2009.
A list of clients include, The Projection People, Smokes, Lost Souls, 3 6 Mafia, Tribal Call, and The Abominable No Men. She has recorded professionally, including recording backup vocals for Brandy and Chaka Khan.
As a performer, he has toured the United States and Canada playing in front of thousands of people with major label recording artists. Since moving back to Los Angeles, he has continued to play with different bands including Rhythm Monks and The Active Set. Madison then moved on to study at Pasadena City College for 3 years under the direction of David Arnay, who was also a professional jazz pianist and instructor at USC. She can be found on YouTube as the violinist to many singer-songwriters including Jake Coco and Tiffany Alvord.
During her time at Whittier, she was very active in the music department by participating in several ensembles. Major performance venues include The Los Angeles Arboretum, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and Carnegie Hall in New York.
Chris is featured regularly as a guest artist with the Metropolitan Master Chorale under the baton of Glenn Carlos; he has also worked as a rhythm section coach, improvisation teacher and guest clinician for jazz students at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Amy will also be performing locally and is available for events and weddings.Please call Madison Academy of Music at 203-645-7777, or Amy at 502-609-4992 for more information.
She prefers to use student-centered teaching styles intended to develop each student's unique talents and overall confidence.
Students learn music theory, technique, improvisation and how to read music, all the while playing the songs and styles they love.
As a teacher he is eager to open students up to the world of music by teaching them to play and understand the music that they love. Assistant engineering credits with Tapes n' Tapes, Screeching Weasel, Myles Neilsen, Daniel and the Lion, and The Blueheels.
She has also performed in numerous live musical theater stage productions in supporting and lead roles.
He has been in 2 music videos which were in heavy rotation on MTV and made appearances on the Nickelodeon shows "All That" and "U Pick Live".
Gabriel has taught many students over the past few years and has an amazing approach to teaching both adults and kids of all ages - some even as young as 3 years old! She was part of the jazz band and big band and performed several shows with them while attending PCC.
She was a violinist in the string ensemble, ringer in the handbells ensemble, pianist in the jazz & blues ensemble, and an alto in the college choir and chamber singers. Shannon has won numerous awards and has performed with many professional musicians including flutists Sara Andon, Paul Fried, Eileen Holt, and Valarie King; jazz bassist Zach Matthews, jazz trumpeter Carl Saunders (who has performed with Frank Sinatra), Grammy nominated vocalist, Michele Weir, the acclaimed Donald Brinegar Singers and the San Diego North Coast Singers children's choir. Past students have successfully auditioned into school jazz ensembles, toured in bands, signed record deals, and gone on to start their own private lesson studios. Beginning as a self-taught player has given him a unique insight into the roadblocks that beginning students encounter, training as a classical guitarist has given him the education to help student avoid those very same roadblocks on their own journey with music. Dustin Has produced two full length albums, Kitty Rhombus-Lips and Arms, and Whim, Po , and Emili. Her love for musical theater drew her to New York City, where she was accepted into and attended NYU's prestigious musical theater program. Gabriel is proficient in drum set, cajon, djembe, pandeiro, surdo, repinique, and other world percussion instruments. Lam was a music talent scholarship recipient for four years and received the Whittier College Honor for Outstanding Performance in Music three years in a row during her time at Whittier College. As a musician who finds himself in many different types of performance scenarios in many different genres - from jazz and Afro-Cuban to pop, rock and funk - Chris is excited to help students acquire the basic, essential tools they need to be comfortable, competent, and flexible musicians as they discover their own unique musical path. It is his primary goal that students leave their lessons possessing the kind of musical knowledge that will allow them to explore any avenue of music that they want with confidence, and the technique as a guitarist to explore that avenue fully. She is currently the lead singer for a 10-piece band which tours in and around the Los Angeles area, with band members who have performed with Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire, Santana, and Gloria Estefan, just to name a few. As a classical violinist, Jordan was the concert mistress of the Palmdale Playhouse Youth and Community Orchestras for 4 consecutive semesters, and the assistant concert mistress for the CSUN Symphony. Other than teaching piano, she is a piano accompanist for the Whittier High School choir and a music teacher for First United Methodist Church of Whittier's music & arts program for disadvantaged children.
She is a member of the Music Teacher's Association of California and is a guest judge for their esteemed program, Certificate of Merit. Justine graduated high school with honors at the age of 17 and went on to attend college as a music major.
After spending time on the road as a musician, Brandon has come to believe that music has a certain way of communicating with people in ways that words can’t.
She is in a band currently called "Color Me Home" with Rachel Lindley and does gigs on the side as a "piano man". She currently plays with the prestigious YMF Debut Orchestra under the direction of Roger Kalia, Joey Newman, and even John Williams. He finds enjoyment not only in performing, but also teaching, and being able to lead his students to find their own passion for music as well. Along with her love for music, Lam also has a great passion for teaching children and is currently pursuing her master's in education and multiple-subject credentials at the University of Southern California. Justine has been teaching private music lessons to children for over 9 years and has taught over 100 students.
Brandon received his Bachelor's of Music degree in String Performance, is a member of the CSUN Symphony Orchestra, and is currently pursuing his M.M. Throughout her teaching career, she has become more and more invested in ensuring that children can get a great music education from an early age, as well as giving adults the opportunity to get the music education they always wanted. She has assembled an amazing team of music teachers with the goal that anyone can receive the music education that they want and deserve.

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