A regular listener to Piano Jazz, Walker brought along a few tunes she hadn’t heard performed on the show in a while. In an interview with McPartland, Walker talks about the non-profit organization that she founded, Jazz House Kids, an enrichment program to introduce inner-city kids to jazz.
We are a southwest Edmonton music school that develops, encourages and engages students in their creative talent. Register for our yearly membership where you will have access to various classes, packages, videos, tips and tricks as well as our Design Drop In packages. Adult ClassesAdult ClassesClasses are available in a variety of instruments as well as our vocal program.
I started private guitar lessons when I was seven years old, living in a small town in northern British Columbia.
I love all genres of music, and am always excited to be introduced to new artists and musical styles that I haven’t heard before.
When teaching, I like to focus less on broad curriculum and more on individual students’ needs. Brad Heintzman first discovered his love of music at the age of five when he started taking piano lessons. In the last 20 years Brad has taught piano, musical theatre classes and voice at The Citadel Theatre, Edmonton Musical Theatre, Victoria School and privately.
Brad’s two children are currently in their fourth year studying piano in the Suzuki program. Teacher training courses completed include Every Child Can, Violin Book 1, Piano Book 1 (Jane Reed), and 2 (Merlin Thompson), and Suzuki Principles in Action. Gail completed her Book 1 and 2 teacher training at the Idaho Suzuki Institute with Rae Kate Shen. Alla Rekhson studied music and received her Bachelor of Music degree from the music college of Gomel, Belarus, and her Master of Music degree in the Russian State Conservatory. Nancy Thornhill first started teaching Suzuki Piano in 1979 after attending a summer workshop at Queens University. From 1996 to 2008, she lived in Dubai in the Middle East where she taught music full time at an international school. In addition to teaching, Eleanor accompanies soloists, conducts and accompanies choirs, plays for her church and other occasions such as weddings. Ken Zeller began music training at age four and developed a love of learning music including piano, guitar, accordion, trumpet and percussion.
Jim Peterson, a Sideman, band leader, composer, arranger and music teacher with over 25 years experience playing reed instruments and guitar.
A multifaceted musician, Jim has collaborated with members of such bands as Paul Jackson with Herbie Hancock, John Evans with Tori Amos and Herb Hardestly with Fats Domino.
Though she attended Brown University with the full intent of becoming a lawyer, music remained prominent in her extracurricular life. She also tells McPartland about the slightly adversarial beginning to her relationship with the man who is now her husband, jazz bassist Christian McBride.

Her swing on that tune recalls Carmen McRae, an artist she cites as an important influence. We build long lasting relationships with our students training and guiding them through technique, repertoire and performance.
For the curious mind that has always dreamed about playing an instrument or singing classes but has not yet begun the journey. I continued taking lessons and playing in bands all the way through high school, then moved to Edmonton to attend Grant MacEwan.
I grew up with a lot of classic rock and blues, and I studied classical guitar for several years before entering the more jazz-based program at MacEwan. My goal is to inspire a life-long love of music in my students, and to teach them essential theory and technique in a way that’s still fun, accessible and relevant to their own musical tastes.
She studied Japanese pedagogy with Kataoka Sensei at many Institutes in the United States and Canada. His performance experience includes being the musical director with several community theatre groups such as Festival Place Players, Two One Way Tickets to Broadway, Edmonton Musical Theatre and ELOPE. She holds a Master of Music degree from McGill University and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Alberta, and also studied Jazz Piano at Grant MacEwan.
She studied music for 7 years at universities in Frankfurt, Salzburg (Mozarteum) and Basel (graduate studies), focusing on violin performance and teaching, obtaining two degrees. Look out for Regine in the River Valley, where she loves to walk, cross-country ski and take pictures. After graduating in 1986, she taught piano at the Gomel music college, the Israel Conservatory and the Suzuki Music Academy in Houston, Texas. In 1980, she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music Degree from the University of Ottawa and a Performance Degree in Trombone from the Quebec Conservatory of Music.
She established a flourishing private practice teaching Suzuki Piano lessons and played trombone with the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra and the Dubai Big Band.
She attained Grade 10 piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada and received her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Calgary. Other than music, she enjoys reading, ice-skating, golfing and spending time with her family. Our students are a wide range of ages and abilities from beginners to advance, pre-school, school age and adults.Whether you are looking to explore music for personal enjoyment or to develop a proficiency in an instrument or voice we can help you reach your goals.
As well for our students who want a regular program of learning our Discover lessons takes you through a structured curriculum tailored to age and ability.
I graduated from their music program in 2008 and have been writing and performing original music ever since. My own music ranges from heavy punk-infused rock to mellow acoustic folk, and everything in between. Clarice Moellering introduced her to the Suzuki method and Ruth received her first training through her. After working three years full-time with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra in Egypt, she joined the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra as a casual violinist.

Eleanor regularly attends the Suzuki summer institutes at Mount Royal College in Calgary and has participated in a workshop with Dr. Eleanor hopes to empower each student, build up the whole person and instill a life-long appreciation of music. He has a Diploma of Jazz Piano Performance from Grant MacEwan University, Royal Conservatory of Music Level Ten Piano and has completed teacher training in Suzuki Piano Books One through Seven as a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.
Graduates receive a Certificate of Achievement in Suzuki Piano Pedagogy and are prepared for a career in Suzuki piano instruction. Born and raised in the small town of Bonnyville, AB, I grew up in a very musical family with a wide variety of musical tastes, so I was always influenced by all sorts of  genres (R&B, Soul, Hiphop, Rock, Blues, Country and many more).
I was so excited about it, I decided to start working on a full-length album as well which will be released in the Fall of 2013. If your schedule doesn’t allow for a regular lesson time check out our Design Drop In packages where you can buy one to 10 lessons and use them within the year.
You will find courses that are short term as well as year round programs, or our Design Drop In Lessons. I’ve released several albums with various bands, toured the country, and I was even awarded a recording grant by the Edmonton Arts Council in 2011.
Doris Herrel, a teacher trainer of the Suzuki Association of the Americas who currently teaches at the University of St.
Music has always been such an important part of my life and teaching is my way of giving back to it. The next step in the musical quest features 10 months of further skill development and fun, with a focus on technique, repertoire and performance. Her teenage daughter attended Suzuki Charter School and plans to graduate from book 7 of the Suzuki piano repertoire in May 2016.
Marcos, Texas.She upgraded her Suzuki teaching level each year while living in Houston and began teaching with the method in 1998. Kataoka and has under gone teacher training at institutes in Chicago, Calgary, Idaho and Edmonton with many distinguished teacher trainers. She has also furthered her training through completing the first-ever online Suzuki Piano Volume 1 Pedagogy course, with Merlin Thompson. So, whether you want to play on a stage, or just sing in your car, I’m excited to get started with you! Regine learned a lot by observing those lessons and helping her daughter with her piano practice at home. Hindman currently maintains a busy studio of 45 students in south Edmonton (Lendrum area), and has been teaching traditional piano for over 20 years.

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