Logitech iPad keyboards : Logitech unveiled the Keys-To-Go, a slender stand-alone Bluetooth keyboard for any Apple iPad tablet that can fit anywhere and go everywhere, so you’re never at a loss for words.
The new Logitech Keys-To-Go is a standalone ultra-portable keyboard that is thin, light and durable to make it the perfect partner for on-the-go typing.
The Logitech Ultrathin is a thin and light magnetic clip-on keyboard cover for your iPad Air 2.
Belkin iPad Air keyboards : Belkin International, the market leader for tablet accessories, announced availability of its new keyboards for the iPad Air 2, the award-winning QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard and the QODE Ultimate Keyboard. Designed for users who want both a protective case and a keyboard, but not always at the same time, the QODE Ultimate Pro features a detachable back case that makes it simple to remove from the keyboard. Belkin completely redesigned the keyboard layout of the QODE Ultimate Pro, making it the first iPad keyboard case on the market with the same number of keys as a laptop keyboard for increased functionality. The QODE Ultimate Pro’s Bluetooth Smart Keyboard seamlessly pairs up to two devices at once and features a smart-sensing technology that automatically turns the keyboard on when the iPad Air is docked and off when closed, even when used as a standalone keyboard.
Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case for Apple iPad Pro tablet : Logitech proudly announced the Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case for iPad Pro, developed closely with Apple to leverage the new Smart Connector. The intuitive keyboard layout and full-size keys makes typing easy, and helps you take full advantage of the iPad Pro’s expansive workspace and new iOS 9 features. Rumors have been swirling about Apple’s plans for a larger iPad for quite a while, but at the September 2015 event the real deal was finally rolled out. The devices even look fairly similar, especially when you match both up with their respective detachable keyboards.
Unlike the design, there’s a clear difference between the screens on the two devices. While both the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 3 offer a 10-point multi-touch display with stylus support, Apple has added some special features specifically for stylus users. Without clear information on the RAM in the iPad Pro, or concrete information about its processor, it’s hard to determine which device will come out ahead on performance. The Surface Pro 3, on the other hand, offers your choice of Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processors, but they’re all dual-core chips, and none of them have a base clock of over 2GHz. Apple has made some changes to iOS specifically for the iPad Pro, improving multi-tasking functionality, as well as adding in specific software options to some applications. If the high-end convertible tablet is a market that appeals to you, the good news is you’re no longer stuck picking whatever flavor of Surface fits your budget.
Logitech has also updated its current line-up of protective iPad cases with integrated keyboards - including the Logitech Type+ and the Logitech Ultrathin - to be compatible with the new Apple iPad Air 2. At just 6.1 mm and 180 grams, it’s simple to tuck into your purse, briefcase or coat pocket without taking up precious space or weighing you down.

It leverages the popular thin and light, two-sided protective case from its predecessor, and has a recently-optimized Bluetooth keyboard that is designed to replicate the typing experience of your laptop, so you can smoothly transition from one device to another without losing speed or accuracy. The cover protects the screen of your tablet when you’re on the go and is constructed from high-grade aluminum material that perfectly matches the iPad Air 2; it is the other half of your iPad Air 2.
The case portion is compatible with the Apple Smart Cover for full dual-sided protection when the keyboard isn’t in use. Belkin also increased the width of the keycap shape and improved key pitch for a faster, more accurate and more comfortable typing experience. As a result, Logitech will bring to market the first ever third-party keyboard compatible with the iPad Pro Smart Connector, eliminating the need to power on, set up or charge the keyboard - it is always ready when you are. The case offers thin and lightweight protection, and the tightly-woven premium fabric helps resist accidental bumps, scratches and spills. The new iPad Pro is the largest and most advanced tablet Apple has ever produced and faces stiff competition from the likes of Microsoft’s Surface line. The physical size and weight difference between the two is minimal, despite how strongly Apple will stress that .2 inch thickness advantage. Outside of looks, which are a personal preference, the Surface 3 has a MicroSD slot for extra storage or file transferring, but otherwise the two are almost identical. Pressing the stylus to the screen doubles the polling rate and touch accuracy, allowing you to write naturally and comfortably. Apple claims the new 64-bit A9X CPU is 1.8 times faster than the previous A8X chip, with twice the memory bandwidth and storage performance. That surely places the Surface Pro 3 in the 80 percent of portables that the A9X chip beats out, even if you go with the highest-end chip available, the i7-4650U. On paper, the Surface Pro 3 may end up with an advantage here or there, but iPad Pro’s focus on graphics, and its slimmer operating system, will make a difference.
The Surface Pro 3 has the benefit of the doubt when it comes to operating system, since it runs full Windows 10 Pro, a time-tested, fully featured OS.
Both the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 3 offer detachable keyboards and styluses, both as separate purchases on top of the starting price. The iPad Pro is a competitive and relevant offering from Apple — one that may help revitalize a shrinking tablet market. To ensure a comfortable typing experience, its keys give you the tactile feedback you’re used to on your laptop, but are fused into a water-repellant FabricSkin covering that helps protect the keyboard from spills and dirt - so no crumbs get stuck in your keys and liquids wipe right off.
When in the typing position, the iPad screen magnetically attaches directly above the keyboard, keeping the screen right at your fingertips for easy navigation.
Plus, the keyboard has a battery life that can go up to two years, and the batteries can easily be replaced when needed.

Thanks to its detachable case, the QODE Ultimate Pro also features both portrait or landscape modes for more viewing options than traditional clamshell keyboard cases.
A first for the QODE keyboard line, the Ultimate Pro features a backlit keyboard with three brightness levels for easier typing in darkness or low light. Because the keyboard is powered by the iPad Pro, you never have to think about charging your keyboard again. So how does Apple’s latest and greatest stack up against Microsoft’s very own hardware?
The 1440p display in the Surface Pro 3 is already strikingly high definition, with a 216 PPI rating, but the iPad Pro’s retina display boasts a boosted 265 PPI. The brand also claimed the chip is faster than 80 percent of portable PCs in terms of performance, and if that’s even close to true the iPad Pro will be impressively quick.
Each of the products’ Bluetooth keyboards have well-spaced keys to provide an exceptional typing experience.
The adjustable magnetic slot lets you tilt your iPad similar to a laptop screen for the perfect typing angle. Designed to work exclusively with the new Smart Connector, the CREATE keyboard automatically powers on and pairs with your iPad Pro when placed in the typing position - no Bluetooth pairing needed. Whether that actually makes a noticeable difference remains to be seen, but Apple has a long history of excellent displays. The demo explains that the iPad Pro is capable of editing three 4K video streams at once as well, which isn’t something most PC notebooks and 2-in-1s can claim.
The Logitech keyboard is compatible with all generations of the iPad and iPad mini and is available in three colors - black, red and teal - for a suggested retail price of $69.99. In addition, the auto-wake and auto-sleep feature turns your iPad off when you close the case and wakes it when you open the case, so your iPad is ready anytime you need it.
The Logitech Ultrathin for iPad Air 2 is available in Space Grey and Silver for a suggested retail price of $89.99.
The Logitech Type+ is available in Black, Dark Blue, Bright Red, Bright Green, Electric Blue or Violet for a suggested retail price of $99.99.

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