Guttman is part of a USF research study investigating the effects of intense piano instruction on cognitive performance in adults and children.
Jennifer Bugos, assistant professor of music education, and Nathan Maxfield, a specialist in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, are collecting data that will provide information on the viability of musical training to assist with other brain functions. Participants in the study undergo cognitive, behavioral and memory testing before and after the program, as well as non-invasive electroencephalogram, or EEG testing, to measure brain activity. The research is being funded by a grant from the School of Music and the College of The Arts in an effort to secure more funding for future studies.
Key Classics is an organization to promoting classical music courses offering public Masterclasses with a leading performer working with advanced classical music students and young professionals.Intensive piano and chamber music courses are designed for advanced students and professional pianists, piano duos as well as duo piano-violin, duo piano-cello, piano trio.
Katia Veekmans-Cieszkowski will give each selected participant lessons on music of his choice, exploring the interpretive challenges in each work presented in her unique, visionary and all-encompassing style. After several months of lessons, for those who are interested in expanding their musical horizons and would like to collaborate with vocalists and other musicians, we recommend and offer the possibility of playing in a band. We warmly welcome children of pre-school and school age to attend piano lessons at Republika Rytmu. All lessons are individual in nature and are conducted by a teacher with all the appropriate musical and pedagogic qualifications. If required and asked to, we will gladly help students in selecting and buying an instrument.
The flexible approach taken at Republika Rytmu insures broad interaction and a personalised approach to each student.
REGINA SMENDZIANKA Stud­ied the piano in the Krakow Col­lege of Music under the guid­ance of Pro­fes­sor Hen­ryk Sztompka and she grad­u­ated Summa Cum Laude.
JAN KADLUBISKI After grad­u­at­ing from Fry­deryk Chopin Acad­emy of Music in his native War­saw Jan Kadlu­biski com­pleted his piano stud­ies in Vienna at the Akademie fur Musik und Darstel­lende Kunst (1961), in Italy and in Siena at the Accad­e­mia Musi­cale Chi­giana, where he was a pupil of Guido Agosti (1966–67-68). ANDRZEJ DUTKIEWICZ Grad­u­ate of the Fry­deryk Chopin Acad­emy of Music in piano and com­po­si­tion. NAN-HEE KIM was born in Daegu, Korea where her musi­cal train­ing started at the age of five. EWA IZYKOWSKA (soprano, mezzo-soprano) belongs to the group of the most out­stand­ing Pol­ish singers. MARIAN BORKOWSKI Com­poser, musi­col­o­gist, pianist, teacher, ani­ma­teur and orga­nizer of musi­cal life, was born in 1934 in Pabi­an­ice (Poland). SLAWOMIR TOMASIK stud­ied the vio­lin at the Fry­deryk Chopin Acad­emy of Music in War­saw in Jan Tawroczewicz’s and Krzysztof Jakowicz’s vio­lin classes. She and Maxfield plan to use data from the current cohort of students to build on information collected last year in a similar trial looking at cognitive and behavioral decision making, memory and stress levels. The participants will be allocated unrivalled practice facilities which will be available to them throughout the week.A final concert with course participants has been planned on Saturday 8th August.
We place equal emphasis on perfecting technique as on gaining proficiency in playing the piano.
This is an ideal opportunity to a€?jama€™ with other instruments such as the electric guitar, drums, bass guitar and saxophone among others.
Twice a year, our best students are invited to perform as a band in public on a professional music stage at the Blue Note club in Poznan. Other than learning how to play the piano, our lessons develop the childa€™s musical imagination and shape their sense of rhythm. During the course, students will not only become familiar with the anatomy of the instrument, but they will also learn how to use it to produce beautiful melodies as well as becoming familiar with written music.
All levels and standards are welcome, from beginners to those who have had previous experience. Students learn how to play both from sheet music as well as by ear and are taught to improvise. Only after reaching the age of 60 did the members of this unique band feel that music had given them a new purpose in life.
Even before she grad­u­ated, she had her debut on 28 March 1947 when she played Lud­wig van Beethoven’s piano con­certo in C-major.
He began his career as a con­cert pianist by win­ning the Inter­na­tional Piano Com­pe­ti­tion (Inter­na­tional Youth Fes­ti­val) in War­saw in 1955. He also received the DMA degree from The East­man School of Music and a Ful­bright Schol­ar­ship in 1976. An all-round musi­cian of great expe­ri­ence, he stud­ied with Carme Flexas in Tar­rag­ona, with Miquel Farre in Barcelona and with Mario Cur­cio in Lon­don.
She grad­u­ated from Fry­deryk Chopin Acad­emy of Music in War­saw where she stud­ied singing under Prof.
He stud­ied com­po­si­tion with Kaz­imierz Siko­rski and piano with Jan Ekier and Natalia Hornowska at the Acad­emy of Music in War­saw (1959–1965; Mas­ter of Arts in 1965).

He grad­u­ated from the State Col­lege of Music (now the Acad­emy of Music) in Krakow in 1962 where he stud­ied the cello under Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor Zofia Adamska.
Her inspirational teaching and her ability to guide students, to train them to the highest level and to encourage them in their musical development, are widely known and respected. This modern building features a concert hall and ample practice facilities.Enjoy lessons with explore both French and Russian traditions. This is a unique opportunity to have real hands-on experience of professional concert equipment. While attend­ing Seoul National Uni­ver­sity, she stud­ied with pro­fes­sor Sun-Yul Kim, grad­u­at­ing with magna cum laude. Win­ner of var­i­ous com­pe­ti­tions, in 1984 he received his Diplome Superieur d’Execution in the cat­e­gory of “pre­mier nomme” at the Ecole Nor­male de Musique de Paris. He then went on to study cham­ber music at Musikhochschule, Koln (Ger­many) in the Amadeus Quar­tet class.
We are the only school in Poznan to offer the opportunity to learn the fine details of amplification, sound selection as well as the collaboration of acoustics with the remaining musicians during concert. Breathing and relaxation exercises are taught and the lessons are tailored to the level of the studenta€™s abilities.
In 1948 Regina Smendzianka shined as the ascend­ing star on the fir­ma­ment of young Pol­ish piano play­ers when she won the first prize at the National Chopin Com­pe­ti­tion in 1948. He has made con­cer­tos and recital appear­ances also in Aus­tria, in Italy in France, Switzer­land, Ger­many, for­mer Yugoslavia in Hun­gary, The Czech Repub­lic, Great Britain, the United States, China and Thai­land. Dutkiewicz has gained crit­i­cal acclaim for his per­for­mance of stan­dard piano reper­toire, espe­cially for his inter­pre­ta­tion of Chopin’s and Szymanowski’s music. For her Mas­ters and Doc­tor of Musi­cal Arts degrees, she stud­ied with pro­fes­sor William Brown­ing at the Amer­i­can Con­ser­va­tory of Music in Chicago from the year of 1973 till 1979. He has worked with var­i­ous artists and his search for new reper­to­ries has led him to play with con­tem­po­rary music groups such as Barcelona 216, Solis­tas de Iber­cam­era and the Orques­tra de Cam­bra Teatre Lli­ure, per­form­ing through­out Europe.
He con­tin­ued his stud­ies with the renowned Pol­ish vio­lin­ist and teacher Tadeusz Wronski and also attended mas­ter classes taught by Andre Gertler at the Brus­sels Con­ser­va­tory. More information about the a€?The Republika Rytmu Stagea€? can be found at a€?Play In A Band!a€?.
This prize was her pass to the Fourth Inter­na­tional Fry­deryk Chopin Com­pe­ti­tion in War­saw where she was one of the prize-winners. Jan Kadlu­biski was invited to lec­ture and give mas­ter classes in Switzer­land , the United States, 2002), in Great Britain and China. A prizewin­ner in the Inter­na­tional Com­pe­ti­tion for Per­for­mance of Con­tem­po­rary Music in Rot­ter­dam (1970), he con­tin­ues to gain inter­na­tional atten­tion for his per­for­mance of con­tem­po­rary works and has recorded for Pol­ish Radio and TV, Muza record­ings, as well as for Ger­man Sonoton, Pro-Nova and Philips and Amer­i­can Gas­paro Records.
Under the latter’s guid­ance he grad­u­ated with hon­ours from the Karol Szy­manowski Music Acad­emy in Katow­ice.
In 1992, his debut con­cert in the Iber­cam­era series of Barcelona was unan­i­mously praised by the press. In the years 1966–1968, thanks to a French Gov­ern­ment grant, he con­tin­ued post­grad­u­ate stud­ies in com­po­si­tion with Nadia Boulanger and Olivier Mes­si­aen at the Paris Con­ser­va­tory and Amer­i­can Con­ser­va­tory in Fontainebleau and with Ian­nis Xenakis at the Ecole Pra­tique des Hautes Etudes, and in musi­col­ogy under Jacques Chail­ley and Barry S. He has won sev­eral awards and dis­tinc­tions at national and inter­na­tional com­pe­ti­tions (Lublin, Katow­ice, Wroclaw, Han­nover).
As far as the geog­ra­phy of Regina Smendzianka’s con­cert tours is con­cerned, one would have to list every coun­try in Europe and many coun­tries through­out the world. The Min­istry of Cul­ture has hon­ored him a spe­cial diploma for pro­mot­ing con­tem­po­rary Pol­ish music abroad.
He has per­formed as soloist with the OBC de Barcelona, the Orques­tra Sim­fonica del Val­les, the Fil­har­mo­nia de Cam­bra de Barcelona, the Orques­tra Sim­fonica Emporda-Llenguadoc-Rossello and the Orquesta de la Ciu­dad de Granada, among oth­ers, per­form­ing the con­cer­tos of Clara Schu­mann, Mozart, Shostakovich, Poulenc, Gersh­win, Albeniz, Brahms, Grieg, etc. Sla­womir Tomasik has per­formed as a soloist and in cham­ber ensem­bles in Poland, Aus­tria, Fin­land, France, Japan, South Korea, Nor­way, Switzer­land, Rus­sia and Ukraine.
Pro­fes­sor of piano per­for­mance at the Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­sity of Music in Warsaw. Widely known for his appear­ances at col­lege sym­posia and mas­ter classes which empha­size the inter­pre­ta­tion of the twen­ti­eth cen­tury music, Prof. For the past twenty five years Ster­czynski has been appear­ing in con­certs as a soloist and a cham­ber music player.
He has played under the direc­tion of con­duc­tors such as Bern­hard Gueller, Sal­vador Bro­tons, Ernest Martinez-Izquierdo and Josep Pons. Simul­ta­ne­ously, he stud­ied phi­los­o­phy with Jean Hyp­po­lite and Jules Vuillemin at the Sor­bonne and the Col­lege de France. He has played with many sym­phony orches­tras and co-operated with many dis­tin­guished cham­ber pianists. Dutkiewicz has lec­tured and given recitals in Europe and in over fifty Amer­i­can uni­ver­si­ties and sum­mer fes­ti­vals, includ­ing the Cleve­land Orches­tra, Blos­som Fes­ti­val, the Amer­i­can Franz Liszt Soci­ety Fes­ti­val and the National Music Camp at Inter­lochen, Michi­gan.

Her per­for­mances include recitals in Chicago, San­ti­ago (Chile), and War­saw as well as in many cities of home­land.
He par­tic­i­pated in the Inter­na­tional Courses of New Music in Darm­stadt (1972, 1974) and in the courses given by Gyorgy Ligeti, Ian­nis Xenakis, Karl­heinz Stock­hausen and Franco Dona­toni at the Accad­e­mia Musi­cale Chi­giana in Siena (1973, 1975; Diploma di Mer­ito). He has recorded for Leas­trem (Lon­don), Ton­star, Pol­ish Radio, Dux, Jap­oland (Japan), Pol­skie Nagra­nia — Muza. Another impor­tant field of Pro­fes­sor Regina Smendzianka’s activ­i­ties is her con­tri­bu­tion as a mem­ber of the juries of national and inter­na­tional piano com­pe­ti­tions. He has par­tic­i­pated in inter­na­tional music fes­ti­vals includ­ing Duszniki, Lock­en­hous and La Chaisse-Dieu.
She also appeared as a soloist for many orches­tras such as Daegu sym­phony orches­tra and St. Since 2006 he has been on tour in Spain (more than 50 per­for­mances have been given so far) with the actress Vicky Pena in a Kurt Weill recital.
He has also made many library record­ings for Pol­ish Radio and Tele­vi­sion and also French, South Korean and Ger­man tele­vi­sions.
Pro­fes­sor Regina Smendzianka is an active mem­ber of many asso­ci­a­tions and soci­eties. His music is pub­lished by Sonoton Pro Nova, Authors Agency, Pol­ish Music Pub­lish­ers (PWM), Neil Kijos in the USA and Eumang Chunchu, S. For the Selene label the pianist has recorded Chopin’s works (all Waltzes, all Noc­turnes, all Polon­aises, Con­certo in F minor, Sonata in B flat minor, vari­a­tions and minia­tures), also works of Tchaikovsky, Bach-Busoni, Brahms-Busoni, Liszt, Reger and Szy­manowski. Recently he has pre­sented the first per­for­mance of his own work: X-Ray, Radi­ografia d’un paisatge inte­rior (X-Ray of an Inte­rior Land­scape), which incor­po­rates a video pro­jec­tion.
His stu­dents and grad­u­ates have won over 250 awards and hon­ourable men­tions at national and inter­na­tional com­posers’ competitions. Her book How to Play Chopin an Attempt of Answer was pub­lished in many coun­tries, recently in China. She also gave numer­ous duo-concerts in many cities around the world such at Oxford, Chicago, St. Among his record­ings should be men­tioned the CDs of piano music by Ger­hard together with some of Grana­dos’ Goyescas, the Clar­inet Sonatas by Bern­stein, Bro­tons and Poulenc with Josep Fuster, a piano recital which includes works by Vines, Poulenc and Mousorgsky’s Pic­tures at an Exhi­bi­tion, and the Binomis CD (2008) with the Cobla Sant Jordi Ciu­tat de Barcelona and a num­ber of other dis­tin­guished pianists. Regina Smendzianka is a great friend of young peo­ple for whom she estab­lished her “Regina Smendzianka Foun­da­tion” in 1987.
Beside his con­cer­tiz­ing activ­i­ties, Jordi Camell is intensely involved with teach­ing. He is cur­rently Pro­fes­sor of Piano and Direc­tor of the Depart­ment of Clas­si­cal and Con­tem­po­rary Music at the Escola Supe­rior de Musica de Catalunya (ESMUC). Dur­ing her career she per­formed in the world’s most pres­ti­gious opera the­atres and con­cert halls like La Scala, Musikverein, Carnegie Hall, and she was tour­ing around Europe, Amer­i­cas, Philip­pines and Rus­sia. She was the chair­woman for the First, the Sec­ond & third Inter­na­tional Piano Com­pe­ti­tion in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
In 2000, she started her world-wide tour with two solo recitals: From Baroque to Jazz and Songs of Chopin and Paderewski. He has attended many fes­ti­vals includ­ing the Mas­ters of the Pol­ish Vio­lin and Stars Pro­mote (with his for­mer stu­dents). Since 2000 she began to share her expe­ri­ence with young stu­dents at Uni­ver­sity in Olsten, Poland, Pol­ish Acad­emy of Sci­ences in War­saw, and she become a vice Direc­tor of Keimyung F.
He has edu­cated more than 100 cel­lists, many of whom have won both, national and inter­na­tional com­pe­ti­tions, who are now orches­tra lead­ers, con­cert­mas­ters and renowned soloists and teach­ers at home and abroad. Since 2004, she is asked to par­tic­i­pate in many inter­na­tional opera work­shops, sem­i­nars, courses and fes­ti­vals, like, Schlern Music Fes­ti­val in Italy, Mas­ter Class at the Texas Chris­t­ian Uni­ver­sity, Mas­ter Class at the Catholic Uni­ver­sity in Daegu, S. He was vice-president then pres­i­dent of the Cen­tral Qual­i­fy­ing Com­mis­sion for Pro­fes­sional Spe­cial­i­sa­tion Degrees at the Cen­tre for Artis­tic Edu­ca­tion at the Min­istry of Cul­ture and Art (1990–1999). Korea, From Chopin to Gorecki Fes­ti­val at the Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­sity of Music in War­saw. As of 2003 he has been an expert on qual­i­fy­ing com­mis­sions or exam­i­na­tion boards for teachers. She holds PHD degree and is pro­fes­sor at the Fry­deryk Chopin Uni­ver­sity of Music in War­saw, Poland.

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