Reading piano music and playing and learning piano notes just got a whole lot easier and more convenient, with the Learning to Play DVD course from Reading Keyboard Music. Merrilee Webb, the Instructor of Music who teaches on our Learning to Play DVD course, learned to play a piano using this method when she was just 5 years old. A regular piano teacher or tutor is wonderful, and our website provides references for teachers who know how to teach piano through the RKM method.
Our course also allows an individual the optimal opportunity for learning to play and read music on their own through a sixteen week course.
Learning to play a musical instrument has been linked to a whole slew of benefits in children. Along with our comprehensive DVDs, we have supporting learning to play piano online material that will make it easier for your child to learn piano notes and piano chords for beginners as well as learning to play beginning to advanced piano pieces. This includes workbooks, flash cards and a CD that supplements the DVD, ensuring that your child learns to play piano music notes, technique, rhythm and all other skills that pertain to playing the piano. If you’ve been wrestling with the idea of your child learning to play the piano, don’t wait another day. Your child will feel encouraged and excited while learning to play the piano competently through our simple RKM methods.  Our mission is that children and parents too, will walk away from our program with a feeling of love for playing piano music. You have nothing to lose with our piano lessons for kids, because our course comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee! I have dedicated my life towards helping singers around the world achieve their desired singing voice, through simple vocal exercises and warm-ups that can be done anytime throughout the day!
After over more than a decade of singing and teaching voice to my students, and launching my singing career in 2014, I have revolutionized the way I teach my singing students, and created a clear and simple way in which I can impart my knowledge to my singing students and teach them how to teach themselves to sing!
I was born in 1978, and I was a shy boy since young, always preferring to stay quiet and observe from the side, instead of sticking out and being the life of the party. It was only when I joined a local university, that I finally stepped out into the limelight and began my singing journey.
In fact, I not only began to sing while I was in the university, but I was performing regularly at various public events, and also began taking singing lessons at a private music school that was known for providing lessons to singing students with potential to be stars and artistes. I wanted to teach others to sing better, and I wanted to find out all I could about singing and how people can improve on their own singing. I began to teach singing in the year 2001, taking on more students year after year, and peaking with an average of 100-120 hours of lesson instruction to up to 30-40 students per month! I was given lessons in how to guide students during class, and how to teach the necessary scales and musical intervals that were necessary for good pitching. As a result of this great abyss in my singing education, I embarked on a lifelong quest to seek out the holy grail of singing education, and understand all I could about the human voice and how we can train ourselves for singing. My quest led me to take lessons with instructors hailing from many different singing schools of thought, but it was only after these 14 years of searching and experimenting, that I finally discovered that I had found a singing resource so powerful that I could spend the rest of my life learning and discovering about the voice.
And this is why I am confident that I am able to help you achieve your desired singing voice.
Over the past 14 years of teaching, I have accumulated vocal exercises and tips about singing that were of great use to my singing students. I have tried and tested many of the singing myths that have been going around and even become popular urban legends, and I have also acquired a deep understanding of how our human voice works, and how we can use this knowledge to train our own singing. Hit Higher Notes, Avoid Embarrassing Voice Breaks, And Achieve Vocal Mastery and Understanding ! The Ultimate Vocal Training System is a comprehensive online training system that will provide targeted solutions to vocal problems that you are facing, allowing you to sing higher in your vocal range, avoid sore throats or vocal swelling after a long night of singing, and avoid embarrassing vocal breaks or cracks in the range!
This comprehensive vocal training system is divided into a total of 10 Modules consisting of 80+ training videos and other pdf resources, covering topics like breath and voice production, vocal folds and how they work, voice projection and a simple trick that will give you more singing power, as well as pitching and aural awareness training too! Free lead sheets are an excellent way to not only stretch your music budget and your students' repertoire, but also to stretch their musical skills. What's so useful about a lead sheet?Using their understanding of chords and chording patterns, music students will learn how to take a simple melody and make a their own arrangement.
Other teachers agree on the usefulness of lead sheetsOne site I have really enjoyed reading and using resources from is Piano Music for Boys.

What KINDS of lead sheets?In addition to using older, public domain songs, one kind of lead sheet I've had a lot of success with among my students is contemporary Christian lead sheets such as "Be Unto Your Name," "Shout to the Lord," "Give Thanks," etc. With very young beginners, I like to start with the "pinch" chord (which is actually a G7, and not just a G chord) and the "baby" or "little F" chord. What about the IV (four) chord?Now it is time to change songs, because Mary Had a Little Lamb only uses two chords. These are only a few ideas, the beginnings of where you can go with these free lead sheets. Please note that all comments are moderated, and will not appear until I have approved them.
With membership, you have access to 6 levels of music education taught by Miss Karri through web video lessons.
You also have access to all of the downloadable activity pages (in PDF format) that accompany each lesson plus online extras such as coloring pages, story books, and song books. Surprisingly, the KinderBach™ Online Piano Lesson Membership is pretty budget friendly - definitely less expensive than private lessons. Miss Karri creatively instructs children through the use of likeable characters, Frisco and his Piano Pals.
Other entertaining characters that tell stories, play games, and reinforce concepts are the Beat Bugs, Football Fingers, Bruno, Miss Diddle, Jake (a real Golden Retriever), and more. Well, my daughter didn't waste any time getting started since she is really eager to learn how to play the piano!
Because of my daughter's age (she's 8), she's been able to move at a pretty fast pace. During Level 1, I had her watch each lesson in its entirety and complete most of the activity pages even though much of the material is better suited to younger children. Once we moved on to Level 2, I let her skip much of the repeated instruction and coloring activities.
Before I close, I would like to point out that every so often, we had issues with sound quality and video quality.
If you'd like to learn more about how this program works at home, you can watch a short video on the website.
Brandi is the wife of the one and only Ragamuffinwriter and home school mom to three precious children.
Brandi Raae is a place for her to store her thoughts, archive her family's life, share her faith, reminisce days gone by, compile yummy recipes, review amazing products, and write about all things homeschool. Walt Disney Images - Princess Belle Snow White Disney Princesses 13 Princesses 2015 redesign Modern Day Princesses Ariel siting Belle rapunzel's nude look Disney Princess Toddlers Princesses and their Prince Walt Disney Images - Cinderella (New Look) Disney Princess All Disney Princess Walt Disney Fan Art - Queen Elsa Walt Disney Fan Art - Disney Ladies All together!
Learning the piano provides a host of benefits, from increased confidence and self esteem to a higher IQ and better grades. This is beneficial for individuals who prefer to learn the piano around their own schedule.  This option was also designed to help those whose budget may not allow for private piano lessons for kids. In truth, piano sight reading for children would have a positive affect on all areas of their life. I can see with great clarity how my students are singing, what they are doing with their voice, and I can guide them with great exactness with regards to the singing exercises they need specifically to achieve their desired singing voice. It amazes me all the time to know that my singing education continues, and that I can continue to learn, and also continue to teach everyone who wants to learn more about singing. But those ones aren't free, are they?Of course, those ones are NOT free lead sheets, being under copyright.
Let's change to "Twinkle" to demonstrate the use of the IV chord (which will be "F" if we play it in the key of C, as I usually do with beginners). Also, IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR MUSIC THAT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, YOUR REQUEST WILL BE IGNORED. If you're like me and don't have the skills to teach them yourself or the funds to hire a piano teacher, stay tuned to hear all about KinderBach™! This is the place where you can download lesson plan books, teacher aid books, student books, and audio MP3s for the first 5 levels.

Before each session starts, you can click on the printer icon and print the activity page needed for that particular session. She'd had her brother's old keyboard in her room for a few months but asked me to take it out before Christmas to make room for other things. I wanted to make sure we didn't miss any foundational instruction that she'd need down the road. Repetition and coloring are great for little ones, but I could tell it was frustrating my daughter. I've never really paid any attention to which notes were where on a piano, but I can tell you that even I will never forget where the notes are after watching Miss Karri teach.
She likes story time when Miss Karri introduces new characters, the Beat Bugs, and especially the opportunity to play the piano. Sometimes, I had to turn up the volume all the way in order to hear Miss Karri clearly, and when I enlarged the videos to full screen, they appeared a little blurry. But I was never given any training with regards to the mechanics of the human voice, or how to train it specifically to achieve a desired result. Whether for guitar or piano, music lead sheets are simply the melody of a song, with chord symbols added above the notes. Along with games that stretch and reinforce understanding of music theory, they suggest giving the kids lead sheets (and if you can, free lead sheets!). My daughter and I received a six month subscription for The KinderBach™ Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner. Through child friendly characters, Miss Karri teaches basic concepts such as music vocabulary, music theory, physical technique, note reading, rhythm, singing, and music composition. So, that's a total of 60 weeks and 240 sessions which gives children about 22 hours of instruction! Most of the time, the supplies are simple, everyday items such as crayons and rhythm instruments. She didn't have a way to learn how to play the piano yet, so the keyboard was just taking up space and collecting dust. I even stopped printing most of the worksheets and instead pulled them up on my laptop so the activity page and video lesson were side by side.
My daughter is 8 and in third grade, and even though she's a beginner piano player, she really needs something a bit more challenging to keep her interested. The right hand (of a piano player) plays the melody while the left hand plays a chord in the left hand. Starting very simply, students will gradually hone their arranging skills and feel "cut loose" from the written page. You can conveniently watch these lessons on your computer, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, or Android Tablet.
Plus, it boosts confidence and makes them feel like they are really accomplishing something! This is an entirely different way to play piano, and will gradually lead to playing by ear (which I personally believe every adept musician ought to be able to do). If you are only using the program for one child like me, you can conveniently print student worksheets from the student book as you work through the lessons.
Rhythm instruments don't have to be anything fancy just so long as your child can use something to keep a beat.
Some of them have guitar tabs for the melody as well.Further down, below the song links, see my performance suggestions if you need ideas for how to use my free lead sheets.
And now I have it set up in my room which is currently where she is taking her online piano lessons.

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