Our purpose is to provide useful information about the art of being a children's piano teacher for the benefit of teachers, parents and children.
Although we can't train you musically as a piano teacher, we assume that you already have enough of a proper musical education to offer your services to kids as a piano teacher, or are a parent who wants to introduce their children to the piano in a friendly way.
In this course you will find the piano games, tips, and musical techniques you will need to interest kids in the piano, in the real world today.
You will find us referring to a series of books called Piano by Number as well as many others, such as the fine books in the Bastien Series.
This curriculum is the result of years of daily effort and study wherein the authors, all master piano teachers, observed children attempting to learn the piano. Repetition must be disguised in some manner that counteracts the mind-numbing effect of rote practicing. Some issues require careful observation of the child to find a way to unlock their abilities further. In order to be an effective children's piano teacher, you'll need to be able to be rather theatrical.
Children's piano requires a balance between fun and work, and the ability to disguise work as fun whenever possible.
Let’s be honest, teaching boys anything can be a bit a bit of a struggle – not because they are evil creatures but because they are fun filled, high energy, adventure seekers. With The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo (Piano Music For Boys) we’ve created a resource that harnesses the power of a boy’s natural inclinations and uses it to motivate, inspire and ultimately produce fantastic piano players. Imagine the difference to your business if the boys you teach were telling their parents how much they love your lessons – and their parents were telling everyone else. In fact, we were so frustrated by it we decided to develop an innovative 21st century approach that would really reach boys and make teaching them piano a pleasure – for teacher and student. The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo (Piano Music For Boys) is our digital music book (well, actually 3 levelled books) that makes original piano pieces the backdrop to a thrilling and compelling comic adventure. We have used music that appeals to their high energy levels and sense of the dramatic with towering, thunderous rhythms, rapid tempo and a thoroughly modern sound. 9 original piano pieces per book written with intense boy appeal…that’s 9 original piano pieces x 3 books for 27 piano pieces in total… WOW! A resource that is fully re-printable and easily turned into as many hard copies as you like. As the product comes in digital form you never worry about losing them or damaging them.
Instant access to a product that will radically change the way you teach boys piano and the way they react to it. Boys are wonderful, many of them are very talented, and all of them deserve the best methods of teaching piano we can give them. Purchase and download The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo (Piano Music for Boys) today and get a resource that will improve the profits of your business, improve your lessons and most importantly improve boys’ experience of the piano. All kidding aside, recital season can be one of the busiest times in a piano teacher’s year. An important step in ensuring a successful recital is to secure enthusiastic participation from your piano students.
Required Reading #1: In this post we share the Top 12 reasons why every family in your studio should participate in your recital. Getting your piano students ready for a recital is a looooong project that can leave everyone feeling a bit burnt out. To keep motivation high and pieces polished, check out these posts.

Sometimes even the smallest addition or change to your regular recital routine can make a world of difference. Required Reading #3: If you’re ready to hop into something more involved to make for a memorable recital then check out this amazing resource of teacher-submitted recital ideas! All of those “little things” that you sweat over and spend time working on really DO matter! Required Reading #1: Wondering what to say when you have a captive audience and are ready to begin? Required Reading #2: Did you know that your spring recital is an ideal place to work on your retention and re-registration rates? Required Reading #3: The way in which you deal with students who have stage fright or performance anxiety is a very important detail that you may not have thought of preparing for! My recital is 4 weeks from Saturday and I’ve used some of your past ideas so I am looking forward to reading all of these this weekend to refresh my mind so my students will be in tip top shape!
Having your piano studio clients perceive you in this way is definitely something you want to avoid if you are looking to grow your studio, avoid common problems and headaches, and create a successful business.
Find out how Becky avoids common “piano teacher headaches”, how she learned the value in being adaptable, how she uses technology to boost her professionalism and more! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned piano teacher there are many great take-aways and reminders in this Podcast. If you’ve realized that you really do need to tune up your business practices, our piano teaching guide book is a great place to start! This is a can’t-miss episode for homeschooling parents who are interested in having their children learn piano. Be sure to check out my review of the curriculum at Psychowith6 that includes a video of my daughter playing and a giveaway for Unit 1’s materials (a $19 value)!
The influences and experiences of contemporary children are quite different from the age of John Thompson and John Schaum, famous American piano teachers who created print methods that endured for decades. Lessons were used as a living laboratory to see what children actually could do comfortably at the piano. Other issues simply require a new attitude on the part of the teacher, usually one of extreme patience. Many an impatient and impulsive piano teacher has destroyed a child's desire to play piano with a single, ill-considered criticism.
There is so much to learn from the piano that a clever teacher can start anywhere and still have the child come away from the lesson with some skill upon which another can be built.
Even if they show initial interest do you find their enthusiasm wears thin and they soon stop attending lessons? Not to mention the satisfaction you would get from seeing the real potential of your male students reached. Having operated a music school of 350 enrolled students and 14 teachers, we know all about the frustrations of getting the best out of boys learning piano. If boys and their parents do not start telling you how great your lessons are, left right and center – we give you back your full purchase price. Once he started playing the songs, his younger brother couldn’t wait to play them, either. Read the posts belonging to each category and you’ll be on your way to a brilliant recital!

Whether or not you make recitals mandatory, you’ll want to be sure that both students and parents understand the benefits that arise from piano recital participation. If you have a lot of teens in your studio and you want to ensure their enthusiasm, check out this post on making recitals fun for teenagers.
Whether you want to completely overhaul your piano recital and turn it into an huge event or you just want to add a little something extra, check out the great ideas below. We’ve opened our IdeaSwap to share all of the creative recital ideas teachers have submitted to us over the past years. This post shares 10 ways you can actually use your recital as a way to retain students and ensure a healthy re-registration rate for the fall. So exciting that you’re prepping for your first recital ?? We hope that this post is helpful as you plan. One thing I noticed a lot of last recital was several audience members on their smartphones during the recital. If so, you are familiar with the struggle faced by many piano teachers; where your business is actually perceived as a hobby. I read much more quickly and efficiently than a podcast could ever be, and, though I wish I time for them, I really don’t. What we provide is psychological training in how to effectively deal with children's personalities and enhance their ability to absorb the art of the piano regardless of their abilities.
It is better to laugh at the mistake, take note of it for further study, but not let the child feel bad about it. We are so confident that The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo (Piano Music For Boys) will change that, we promise you your money back if you don’t hear it at least once a week once you revolutionize your teaching methods with our product.
They quickly learned each and every piece of music in the down-loadable early elementary level music, and have been asking for the next installment. The hand positions are easy but not static, there is enough repetition to facilitate learning, and the music writing is exciting, fun, and full of neat ideas that the students love. I find that the pieces are just easy enough that the student feels successful, but just hard enough that they are learning new material.
I mean, what regular person doesn’t know how to plan a massively successful party for large groups of children and all of their friends and family? My students have already improved on their note reading and especially in their musicality. Beginners of all ages will learn the notes on the entire keyboard, how to form the most important scales and chords, all the basic rhythms, and how to play expressively with feeling. They are thrilled to use the pedal, and they have asked to work on the next level of difficulty (of the same pieces) to tide them over until the next installment is complete. Suddenly, musical themes and dynamics have much more meaning when attached to a Villain and a Hero. Exercises and finger aerobics reinforce technique as you follow along with music right on your screen.
The interactive song player lets you see how the music should be played, change tempos, adjust audio levels, and record your performance!

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