My primary instrument is the guitar, and I clearly remember the moment when I had learned enough about music notation to walk past a keyboard, stop and smack my forehead in astonishment.
The piano corresponds directly and easily to music notation–1 key, 1 note on the staff. But, alas, there is bad news: due to the two hands involved in playing piano, you have to learn to read not one but two lines of music on two different clefs at the same time.
Often, piano music involves extremely different parts playing against each other in the left and right hands. Reading music for the piano is a massive subject, and I can’t do it justice here in this site, which is dedicated more generally to people who want to learn to read music independent of a specific instrument or musical style. However, I can point you to a great resource that not only helps you learn to read piano music but also gives you a thorough training in every aspect of making music on the piano.
The course is called Piano Wizard, and it is specifically designed to help total beginners take great strides in learning to play the piano. This is a customizable, interactive software program that's good for students of any age who want to teach themselves to read music. This software covers everything you need to know to get started understanding and appreciating music. Check out this award-winning and amazingly simple video game that teaches complete beginners how to play the piano and read music in minutes! This computer program works with both electronic keyboards and acoustic pianos to give you instant feedback as you play correct notes in a melody. This awesome resource comes with 165 lessons that cover basically everything: learning tablature, chord strumming, playing melodies and fingerpicking, and lots more. This isn't a course in how to read music; it's a live sandbox in which you can explore and create different music notation experiments and then hear how they sound. Acoustic guitar, brazilian funk, folk with a spiritual edge, Americana, Bluegrass or gospel, the songs on these albums will grab you and won’t let you go.
Ready to Read Music by Jay AlthouseFour sequential units of eight lessons & exercises on each, all designed to prepare you to read music. You Can Read Music by Amy ApplebyThis series provides you with pretty much all you need to know.

This is a great book & DVD combo that teaches the basic principles of reading music, rhythm, scales, intervals, and all the other goodies you need to learn. How to read guitar music notes for beginners, How to read guitar music notes for beginners. How to read guitar tablature - learning guitar, The following tutorial will help to explain to you the basic concept of how to read guitar tab. Making the world a better place - one guitar player at a time.If playing guitar were easy, everyone would do it. Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon will inevitably come to pass!-Paul J. Great explanation, I had acutally figured out some of this by experimentation, but the expalnation of how it works with each beat really helped put it all together. For what it's worth, Steve, these comments have been worth gold in my understanding of guitar notation. Lessonsontheweb - online piano lessons, online music, Lessonsontheweb piano academy get a great piano and music education online!.
Music theory - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. All other instrumentalists gnash their teeth in frustration when they realize how perfectly the piano goes with standard notation. Just when you thought learning to read music was hard, you have to learn to read two different lines of music where notes on the treble clef refer to one set of pitches while notes on the bass clef refer to a different set of pitches. Different rhythms and motifs intertwine with each other across musical passages in a piece.
Which leads us to the question: what’s the best way for you to learn to read music for the piano? Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a solid resource to help you learn how to play the piano and read music for the piano. It comes with a textbook that is a wonderful stand-alone resource and can clear up any questions as you use the program.
The multimedia approach taken by Music Ace Deluxe keeps things interesting as you learn and grow musically.

There’s more than 300 lessons and 70 instruction videos to help you progress quickly and easily. It's designed for composers & songwriters who need to create professional-quality sheet music, but if you're interested in a program that will grow with you as your knowledge and understanding grows, then this could be the one. Each package includes an easy step-by-step book and a one hour compact disc filled with useful exercises and professional arrangements. Where my guitar often has two or three different positions where I could play a particular note on the staff, any given note on the staff always and only refers to a specific key on the piano. Sound is created when a note or key is pressed down and then held for the required duration, to put it dryly. The keyboard’s map is recognized as the Grand Staff and you should be able to read it effortlessly as you go about your daily piano practice. If there is no TAB, you end up sometimes with stuff you simply can't imagine how to fit it onto the neck without breaking your fingers. Each symbol used to identify note pitches also holds key information as to the duration such as the quarter note which is responsible for one beat of the bar.Here is a piano note chart you can print out and practice with. That’s exactly what the best piano note diagram should do, inspire you to memorize the material as quickly as possible. Reading piano notes requires you to recognize the seven main tabs such as those of a C-major scale being made of the notes CDEFGAB. There are always a few little tricks you can use once you have a good hang of the music intervals that we covered in Day 3 of our free piano tutorial. Intervals of thirds can be read effortlessly because they go from one line note to another line note or from one space note to another. The right hand usually plays the notes of the top staff which usually hold the so-called treble clef. If you took the bass line with the stems down and looked at it by itself, you would have a perfect little bass line.These are literally two different layers of music that I am laying on top of each other in the music.

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