Experience a day in the life of Tori Vega in Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut for Nintendo DS. Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut for Nintendo DS is the first video game based on the hit Nickelodeon show starring Victoria Justice. After you get comfortable with the controls and characters, you will be able to get deeper into the game. For example, when you first enroll at the school Jade will tell you to find a wig from the costume box and bring it back to her.

Your character will be able to live out an entire year of school with Tori, Jade, Andre and the rest of the gang!
Like my character in the Rp me and you were gonna do, I've got severe anger issues and you made me mad so you can report me all you want.
Once you have selected the gender you can choose your hairstyle and color, your body shape, your skin color and your outfit! Collecting stars throughout the game will let you unlock new outfits.  You can change your outfit at any time by clicking on your character.

They will see it as a form of bullying and seeing as this is a kids site they most likely will not like your behavior.
So please, if you would like to get in trouble then be my guest. Cool you do that XD you started it.

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