In this series of free video and audio lessons, MusicRadar shows you how to play blues guitar in the style of the greats!From BB King to Eric Clapton, SRV to Jimi Hendrix, it's the perfect introduction to playing the blues.We've got full tab to go with every lesson - simply scroll through on the artist names in this viewer to access each lesson! New York City’s premier jazz venue got the blues last April when Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton performed together in Rose Theater at Frederick P. The band nimbly navigated a diverse set list that touched on different styles, from the four-on-the-floor swing of Louis Armstrong’s “Ice Cream” and the southern slow-drag of W.C. The one song not selected by Clapton for the show was his own “Layla,” which was requested by bassist Henriquez and arranged as a Crescent City dirge to tremendous results.
On this rich and informative session, Grammy-winning guitarist and acclaimed author Mark Hanson teaches you how to play compelling acoustic blues guitar arrangements using fingerstyle techniques. Chelsea Football Club is delighted to announce Michigan Stadium as the venue for our pre-season International Champions Cup match against Real Madrid on Saturday 30 July.
The stadium, home to the University of Michigan college teams and located in the city of Ann Arbor, is nicknamed 'The Big House' and is the largest in America with a capacity of 107,601. As we announced earlier this week, the Real Madrid fixture follows our meeting with Premier League rivals Liverpool at Pasadenaa€™s Rose Bowl Stadium three days earlier. The format will see 10 teams play three games and the club with the most points at the end of the tournament will be crowned champion. Each win in normal time will result in three points and a draw will go straight to a penalty shootout. All our summer tour matches will be live and exclusive on Chelsea TV in the UK and Ireland, with all the action and highlights available to view online around the world. It’s going to give you the skills to jam along with ukers and non-ukers and cut heads Karate Kid style. It looks absolutely brilliant and as a relative beginner it should keep me busy for quite a while.

TweetEarlier this week on my Facebook Page I asked what topic readers would like to see a video lesson on and reader wanted to learn how to play blues guitar chords using some jazz voicings. Guitarist’s such as T-Bone Walker, Gatemouth Brown, and Hollywood Fats were masters at using jazz chords in blues. The chart below shows all the chords played in the video over a 12 bar blues progression in the key of A. Of course there are many other jazz chords that sound great in a blues setting, but this lesson is to get you started on playing some jazz voicings.  I hope this lesson helps you learn how to play blues guitar chords. Check out any link below for the answers to my top 10 most frequently asked questions that I am asked by students, teachers, readers, and subscribers. This entry was posted by Jamie on 28 March, 2013 at 14:31, and is filed under Blues Guitar, Latest Lessons. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center for two sold-out shows dedicated to vintage blues. The DVD will also feature a bonus performance of the classic “Stagger Lee” from legendary bluesman Taj Mahal’s opening solo set for these special shows. You’ll learn beautiful and complex versions of Every Night When the Sun Goes In and Stick With Me Baby, an extended, bluesy guitar solo for the classic Amazing Grace, and Mark’s sprightly ragtime composition Riff Raff. You will learn to easily move around the entire guitar neck, expand your technique for both hands, and add several enjoyable tunes to your repertoire.
On Wednesday 3 August we will play AC Milan at the brand new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis and each of our matches will be shown exclusively live on Chelsea TV. The winning team in a shootout will receive two points and the losing team will receive one. I think I shall be trying to learn the uke myself now that I have found this excellent site.

Besides the dotted chunk a chunk rhythms, there are lush jazz voicings that you can apply to your slow blues guitar playing.
The chord lick below shows how you can do this by playing constant triplets on the A9 chord before sliding into a D9. The extraordinary collaboration, billed as Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton Play the Blues, paired these musical virtuosos with members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra as they brought to life a repertoire of songs selected by Clapton and arranged by Marsalis. As an added bonus, Mark is shown playing his highly regarded and much sought after arrangement of The Water is Wide. The reputation of the uke is pretty high right now, but there are still far too many people out there who don’t have a clue what it can do.
As mentioned in the video you can always slide a whole or half step below or above blues chords. I just want to ask one thing in the above example can I call the A9 chord as Db half diminshed?? Maybe give some video lessons, beginers advice or chord shapes or simply write about anything you want.
Let me know if this interests you as I am keen to include uke’s into my blog, especially as I am keen to learn to play one.

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