You can play any song or audio file directly from within the Quick Look windows of Mac OS X, and that means music can be played from Finder as well as Open and Save dialogs, or anywhere else you can use the Quick Look function. Once the audio is opened and playing you can also scrub around within the song, pause, or mute the audio, all of which makes it a great way to flip through audio documents. I mentioned this briefly when describing a problem when iTunes won’t play a song but it would play in Quick Look on the Mac, and realized that many people might now know that Quick Look can play songs and audio files too.
I use this frequently to see if I like a new song that was just downloaded from a music blog or elsewhere, since you can scrub through the song and determine if it’s up to your preferences or not.
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The trouble is that the implementation is half-baked, because if you try to switch to another application the audio stops playing. Anyway, if he cares to invest a little more, he’ll find PathFinder and TotalFinder (disclosure- I just bought it) which address some issues.
Also, as I posted on another comment, QuickLook *used* to keep playing, but Apple changed the rules. It works in every version of OS X that includes Quick Look so you’re good to go with basically any version.
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You can play stuff in the Finder by doing a Get Info on the audio file, and playing from the preview there. It’s like Apple is scared of making too many changes as it could force people to have to learn something new.
Finder is a particular piece of crap (at least in Leopard) – for one thing just about EVERY other operating system sorts folders (directories) to the top of the list, then puts files underneath, while Finder just mixes them all up.

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