Lang Lang: The most popular pianist on the planetBy Olivia Sterns, CNN Chinese classical pianist Lang Lang is known for playing with great bravado and a unique flair. He has performed at the Grammy Awards, China's 60th Anniversary in Tiananmen Square and headlined hundreds more concerts around the globe, demonstrating enormous skill and an emotional, physical response to the music in every performance. The latest episode of the American cartoon sees 10-year-old troublemaker Bart Simpson learning the piano.
Classical music is widely used as a calming force - from being played in public places to deter crime, to being broadcast to animals in zoos.
In this programme, we will teach you how to start off with traditional hymns, then move on to worship piano ballads and up-tempo praise repertoire. Click either on the video link above or the audio clip below to hear various examples of how praise worship piano can be played.For eg.
But now it seems Bart Simpson is the latest troublemaker to be prescribed classical music in an attempt to improve his behaviour. Pianists have a wide variety of styles and repertoire to choose from, including classical, jazz music and other popular music. Students learn lots of theory while learning classical music; however most of the students don’t prefer to depend on them while playing their pieces. Neither of them can be said harder than the other though there are some more complex classical riffs.
While piano patterns and comping will be taught to help you accompany a cell group or church band, we go beyond that to train you to be a competent solo pianist in forming creative melodic lines and reharmonising songs.

Bart is first offered lessons on the sliding-whistle, sitar, and the theremin - an electronic instrument controlled without being touched - but eventually settles for the piano after developing a crush on his attractive Russian teacher, played by American actress Jane Krakowski. Many people around the world play the piano, some tend to be really talented, some mediocre and some just fair. One of the most tedious and arduous tasks of playing classical piece is reading sheet music.
Rather they prefer to practice the music from sheets until they become perfect and it is set on their memory.
Church pianists, aspiring keyboardists, or anyone who is interested to expand their scope of playing modern praise and worship (eg. Here you generally play chords, chord progressions, learn intros, interludes, rhythmic patterns, etc.
Despite his obvious lack of musical ability, he fakes his way through a concert by miming along to a piano recording. The masters of piano music have played this beautiful musical instrument from a very young age. Pianists need to follow many guidelines while playing such music since they are mostly relied upon sight reading music. Often, we can find the use of complex chords in jazz which are not used in classical music.
It takes many years of practice and dedication to master the complex jazz and classical riffs.

There is NO need to play the melody since the worship leader is already singing the melody.
The 528th episode of The Simpsons, which aired in the USA on Sunday, featured music by Chopin as well as a cameo from the ghost of Beethoven . Most of the songs are created by legends such as Sebastian Bach, Bartok, Hadyn, Mozart and the like.
For people listening to classical music, the sound of extended chords like flat 13ths, 9ths, etc. Michael W Smith, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, etc.) and even classic hymns  will find this programme to be very relevant and applicable.
However, students of jazz will use this knowledge progressively than the students of classical music. It's clear that Lang Lang's incredible success story is very much a family affair, for which he feels fortunate. At home in China, young admirers of Lang Lang's talents mob him, asking for signatures and photos. Whatever his detractors say, With his stardom established, Lang Lang is now making it his mission to spread his love of classical music.

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